New formula 1 cars and winter tests 2021/2022 : how to watch the ferrari car launch live

the new formula 1 season starts again with the presentation of the new race cars. F1 fans can be there live. Find out here how and when you can see the launches of the new 2021/2022 formula 1 cars live – including all the dates for the test drives.

From February 15, the new Formula 1 cars will be presented. (Photo)'


As in every year, the formula 1-teams present their new race cars in spring. After that they are checked in the so-called winter tests on heart and kidneys. In this overview we tell you all the dates for the presentation of the F1 models and first details about this year’s race cars.

New formula 1 cars 2021/2022:race car presentation from 15. February

In the 2021/22 formula 1 season, the rules regarding formula 1 models will remain relatively stable. Unlike the year before, the chassis of the 2020 generation of cars have even been discontinued by token system, except for two jokers. But power units and aerodynamics may continue to be developed before the start of the racing season. formula 1 fans can expect some changes in the 2021 formula 1 race cars, motorsport experts predict.

Formula 1 race car presentation 2021 to watch live streaming

The racing team alpine has already on 14. january showed the livery of his car. From 15. february first mclaren unveils its new bolide, live from woking, starting at 8 p.m. After that, the formula 1 racing cars will be built by ferrari, mercedes, red bull, alpha tauri and co. Presented to the public. The exact time and where you can see the launches in the livestream, you will find out here.

formula 1 race car presentation 2021: presentation dates of the new F1 models at a glance

team date location/broadcast
mclaren monday, 15. February woking, online (from 8 p.m.)
alphatauri friday, 19. February online
alfa romeo monday, 22. February warsaw, poland
red bull tuesday,23. February online
mercedes tuesday, 2. March online
alpine tuesday, 2. March online
aston martin wednesday, 3. March online (from 4 p.m.)
alpine friday, 5. March online
ferrari wednesday, 10. March online,skysport.De,sky sport app
haas friday, 12. March online

2021 formula 1 race car presentation by mercedes, mclaren, ferrari and co.what will be the name of the new models?

Rumors are already circulating about what the F1 teams have in store for the future. These could be the names of the formula 1 race cars:

Mercedes: the leading formula 1 world champion mercedes remains true to itself. The cars will then be called W12. As team boss toto wolff revealed in advance, valtteri bottas will again pull up in a black race car. But further information about the cars is still top secret.

Red bull: the new cars of max verstappen and sergio perez will probably be called “RB16B wear. It is likely to be a more advanced version of their 2020 bolide.

Mclaren: the racing team mclaren will build the "MCL35M" put on the track. The M in the designation stands for mercedes. this year mclaren will use the mercedes powertrains because the partnership with renault has expired.

Aston martin: as experts suggest, the race cars of sebastian vettel and lance stroll will probably bear the name of their team.

Alpine: with the "A521" car alpine to compete in formula 1 race. the first interim livery was shown in the online presentation: the F1 race car is painted black and the hood is adorned with the french national flag.

Ferrari: ferrari team boss mattia binotto revealed that the race cars of charles leclerc and carlos sainz will be called "SF21" will have. Ferrari announced to present its cars only at the winter tests and not in a separate presentation.

Alphatauri: the new race cars of pierre gasly and yuki tsunoda will probably be marked with the abbreviation "AT02" presented.

Alfa romeo: the team remains true to itself and continues its car numbering with the marking C41.

Haas: haas’ new car could pay homage to debutants mick schumacher and nikita masepin. As the portal "formula1.De" revealed that the cars could be called "VF-21" bear what translates as "very first" means.

Williams: williams again designates its new race car with the initials of team founder frank williams. The bolide is probably under the name "43B" drive up. We can’t wait to see what nicholas latifi and george russell’s car will look like.

formula 1 test drives: formula 1 winter tests 2021 with all dates up to date

After the presentation of the formula 1 racing cars, the next event is coming up immediately. Due to the coronavirus crisis, the season schedule of formula 1 was changed. That is why the test runs are taking place later than planned. From the 12. By 14. march 2021 winter tests will be held in sakhir, bahrain. Unfortunately, Formula 1 fans can only look forward to three test drives this season instead of the usual four. The Formula 1 season starts on the 26th. March also in bahrain.

Mick schumacher opens haas test drives in bahrain

Mick schumacher will complete the first official test kilometers in the new car of the haas formula 1 team. The racing team, headquartered in kannapolis, north carolina, announced on Monday that the 21-year-old debutant will drive the VF-21 at the bahrain international circuit next friday. In the afternoon, his russian teammate nikita masepin – also a newcomer in the motorsport-royal class – behind the wheel.

The main thing is to feel even more comfortable in the car, said mick schumacher in an interview with the team. The seat, the seating position, how the car feels on the track and working with the team – mick schumacher has a lot to do in just three days of testing on the sakhir desert circuit. "I’m looking forward to it and finding out what we need to be ready for the first race.", he said.


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