New car insurance rates: berliners pay the most

new regional statistics show: nowhere is car insurance as expensive as in the capital city. What you can do about it.

Accident vehicles: The damage balance varies widely in Germany

sometimes a house number decides over 142 euros a year. In landsberger allee in berlin it is like this. Depending on where you live, you pay different premiums for car insurance. Insurance premiums for one and the same driver and one and the same car vary between 783 and 925 euros a year, the comparison portal check 24 has calculated. Six different premiums are available from axa insurance for the landsberger allee alone, for example. How much you pay depends on your house number.

It depends on the damage

What sounds crazy has a reason: for insurers, it’s important how many claims happen in a region. The more there are, the more expensive the premiums in liability, fully comprehensive and partially comprehensive insurance become. Once a year, the German Insurance Association (GDV) divides the 400 or so registration districts in germany into regional classes.

The better the local damage record, the lower the regional class and the cheaper the insurance. There are twelve regional classes for liability insurance, which pays for damage to the other party in an accident, nine for fully comprehensive insurance, which pays for damage to your own car, and 16 for partially comprehensive insurance, which offers a lower level of insurance cover than fully comprehensive insurance. Depending on whether it is liability or comprehensive insurance, a motorist can be classified in different regional classes.

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New rates for nine million

According to the new regional statistics published on tuesday, the premiums for nine million motorists will change. 4.5 million pay less, 4.8 million pay more. The changed rates will apply immediately to new contracts and from 1. January 2021 for existing policies. Those who receive a premium increase have a special right of termination.

Where it’s cheap and where it’s expensive

Brandenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania have particularly good claims records. The best value in liability insurance is achieved by the Prignitz region in Brandenburg, where claims are 30 percent below the national average. The situation is different in Bavaria and the big cities.

berlin is a particularly expensive place to live. In liability insurance, the capital city has "the worst claims record as in previous years," reports the association. On the spree, claims are more than a third higher than the national average.
Berliners also have to dig deep into their pockets for fully comprehensive insurance, while partially comprehensive insurance is even more expensive elsewhere. This applies, for example, to the ostallgau region in bavaria, which has the worst score nationwide with regional class 14. No registration district has currently reached the even higher regional classes 15 and 16. Berliners could save a lot by registering their car in a less expensive district – for example, with relatives in the prignitz region of germany.

While the insurance association lumps the entire berlin city area together, insurance companies differentiate further. This affects not only Berlin and landsberger allee, but also other major cities. In frankfurter strabe in cologne, the difference between the various zip code areas is 145 euros, in hamburg it is 118, and in essen up to 110 euros, check 24 has determined.

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Suvs are more expensive than small cars

The regional classes are an important component of the insurance premium, the car type a second one. Suvs are more expensive than small cars, every year the GDV issues a type class statistic in which every model is classified. The new statistics will probably be published in september.

How you can save

In addition to the registration district and the car model, personal characteristics also play a role. This includes the no-claims discount for accident-free insurance years. Discounts are also available if the car is parked in a garage rather than on the street. Homeowners generally often get off cheaper, especially if they also have homeowners insurance with the same insurer.

Fewer drivers also pay less for insurance, and there are also favorable offers for certain occupational groups such as civil servants or farmers. And even those who have a bahncard or a monthly bus and train pass can get discounts. The idea behind this is that such drivers leave their cars behind more often than others. Even those who limit the number of drivers can save on insurance premiums.

Which insurance is necessary?

Every motorist needs liability insurance, it is compulsory. Comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, is only worthwhile for newer, more expensive cars.
Fully comprehensive insurance is recommended for new cars in the first three to five years, after that a cheaper partially comprehensive insurance is more sensible. This covers damage caused by storms, accidents with deer and theft. A fully comprehensive insurance policy also covers damage caused by self-inflicted accidents and vandalism.

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