Motive board foil car comic tattoo for wall& furniture

Living rooms and working areas can be decoratively set in scene. IFOHA furniture& wall tattoos made of high quality blackboard foil are also practical everyday helpers. Individually manufactured to your desired size, all motifs made of blackboard film can be applied to all smooth surfaces such as walls, refrigerators, doors and other pieces of furniture. In the video below you will learn how this can be done easily and you can write and clean the motif board with liquid chalk and school crayon. (below you will find suitable chalk markers for blackboard foil under "accessories".)

IFOHA motif board film

  • CNC cut to size at no extra cost
  • Is available online in more than 100 variants
  • Adheres to all smooth surfaces indoors and outdoors
  • Decorative everyday helper for schools, kindergartens, offices, gastronomy and at home
  • Can be written on with chalk and liquid chalk and wiped off dry
  • Is free from shadows or ghosting even with prolonged use
  • Has an extremely scratch-resistant and matte surface
  • Can be easily glued wet and dry (see video below)
  • Flame retardant according to German flame retardant standard DIN 4102 / B1
  • Classified according to the standard for toy safety DIN EN 71- 3
  • Is durable up to 5 years outdoors with vertical outdoor exposure

Video "attaching and describing motif panel film.

Board film with guaranteed quality

our motifs made of blackboard foil are branded products made in germany and not asian or imported cheap goods. High durability and extremely long life are the hallmarks of this scratch-resistant chalkboard film. even after repeated and permanent inscriptions, no chalk residues, so-called "ghost writing" or unsightly "shadows" will be left behind. That’s why our blackboard film is also ideal for frequently changing lettering in the catering trade, at the POS, in training and seminar rooms, offices or in private households such as kitchens and children’s rooms.

Our film is versatile

IFOHA’s self-adhesive panel film is suitable for indoor and weather-protected outdoor applications. Special adhesive technology ensures long-lasting adhesion to all smooth and dust-free surfaces. If you are unsure of adhesion due to a special surface, we will be happy to send you a free film sample for testing.

Your motif board film made to your desired size free of charge
we cut your board foil motif exactly to size by computer-controlled CNC at no extra cost. Each motif is designed in such a way that there are no distortions when entering dimensions. width and height change proportionally no matter in which input field you click on "accept proportional dimension suggestion".

TIP: we recommend to clean the surface thoroughly before gluing and, if necessary, to apply the adhesive. To degrease with our special cleaner.

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