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In our online catalog you will find all types of monitors for car and headrest you can integrate into your vehicle is the model that is. We have the best equipment on the market, with the best quality and guaranteed so that you can equip yourself.

You have doubts? Here we explain it in more detail

Buy online car monitors

In our online catalog you will find all types of monitors for car and headrest you can integrate in your vehicle is the model that is. We have the best devices on the market, with the best quality and guaranteed so you can equip yourself with monitors car you will drive and travel much more comfortable and safe.

In audioledcar we are specialists in all types of devices with which equip and improve the performance of your vehicle, that’s why we have the best online catalog for the screens of parking for cars , headrest monitors and rent the best prices online.

What is a monitor for the car?

monitors for cars are an extra that you can add to make your vehicle travel much more fun and enjoyable for your passengers. Whether they are children or adults that is monitored, keep them entertained for hours long trips in the car. Thanks to this monitor, you can play the content you want at ease and great complications.

What kind of monitors for cars there are?

Fortunately the market for devices and extras for vehicles is becoming more and more diversified. This is due to the variety of monitors for vehicles that we can find to install our vehicles in a simple way. We find:

– screens for the headrest : it is a device that is placed in the headrests of the seats, thanks to the possibility of coverage. This leads to an integrated screen whose size may vary depending on the model.

– monitor roof to the car : it is a device that you can install on the roof of our car. Works with a remote control, with which you can open or fold the screen when you stop using it.

– monitor car dashboard : as the name suggests, install it on the front, next to the area of the steering and the steering wheel. It serves to park much easier.

Where can I buy a screen with the quality?

In audioledcar we have the best different screens and monitors for cars at the best prices. We are experts in special devices to install in the car and improve its performance. In addition, we have the best warranty and technical service, to solve all your questions and problems.

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In this category we find all the options available for our car to be a cinema on wheels.

Thank you to our employees who entertain children and the elderly, the iran, their favorite movies.

Once again, we are confident in the brand corvy, a leader in the industry with an unsurpassed quality.

What vehicles can I mount the screens and monitors?

In this particular case, the products of the brand corvy are universal, allowing installation in any vehicle, have the years they have and look forward to becoming it.

One of the advantages of monitors is the integration; they are designed for total integration into the vehicle, so we are not breaking the original aesthetic as they seem to come standard.

Which model of monitor should I choose?

One of the advantages of the brand corvy, is with its extensive catalog, so we will always find a product that meets all our needs.

Since monitors ceiling until the headrest monitors, passing conventional monitors, we should only remember that the needs we have, and choose them accordingly.

What are the differences between a monitor roof and a headrest?

The difference is the more remarkable is the location for the monitor in the vehicle. You can choose the model we like the monitor on the ceiling, which is easier to install, since we are about to facilitate pass the wiring, but the headrest are a little more difficult to install, due to spend the wiring is more complicated.

Otherwise, the operation of the device is the same, in each area we have the functions of the same type of files they play, inch and other technical specifications.

What kind of file can I play?

Monitored corvy, most of which include a variety of options, they tend to have a DVD player, USB port and SD card reader, so that we can play almost any video file type, as well as music and photos.

Other options to some of the headrest monitors is the possibility of FM radio built-in speakers, also video games with remote control with the joystick, so we will have an entertainment center-perfect for long trips.

What other types of screens there are?

In this category, in addition to DVD players, you can also find screens with RCA input.

These screens can connect any video device with RCA, dvd, video game consoles, cameras, are ideal for implementing cameras up to post or surveillance cameras.

We offer you several options, screens, auxiliary base or screens that can be installed in the rearview mirror inside the vehicle.

What is a cinch connector?

It is a video connector, widely used in the world of media, which comes to replace the old jack, and is the progenitor of the HDMI connector.

Its name comes from the electronics company radio corporation of america, which was the predecessor of this design in 40 years.

In summary, with this range we have a variety of video players CD / DVD player and any device with cinch input, without doubt, an essential addition today, our car is well equipped with the latest on the market.

As always you will remember that the service technician audioledcar will be happy to help you with questions that may arise.

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