Marten repellent comparison 2022

Bite marks on spark plug cables and car hoses? Here a marten will have been at work. the animals cause millions of damages in german cars every year – but the expulsion is relatively simple. A marten repellent can easily be stowed under the hood and chases the animals away with ultrasonic or harmless electric shocks from it.

If you want to keep the martens away not only from the inside of a particular car, but also from the inside of the car itself, you need to find the right product keep away from workshop or garage would like, is worth a corresponding device, which is attached to the wall. To find out which models are suitable, simply refer to our product table.

Marderschreck recommendations

ISOTRONIC marten repellent

Gardigo solar animal repellent

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Buying advice: how to find the right product in our marten repellent comparison 2022

  • With a marten repellent keep martens away and thus avoid expensive damage to your car.
  • There is the marderschreck with ultrasound, with high voltage as well as a combination of both, whereby a marten repellent with ultrasound and high voltage most effective, but is also the most expensive.
  • With a marten repellent dangerous situations can be avoided when driving a car and accidents are avoided.

marten repellent test

If you see them in pictures or in the wild, most people say: "oh how cute".

But the cute little martens have it all wrong, when it comes to causing major damage to the car. The repairs can sometimes be not only very expensive, unnoticed they become a danger that can be life-threatening.

To keep the martens where they belong – in their natural environment – and not between cables and pipes in the engine compartment, you can keep the animals away from your car with the help of a marten deterrent, and thus avoid that your cables are bitten in the car. marten sprays are usually ineffective, as the animal quickly gets used to the new smell.

But which is the best marten deterrent to keep the to keep small rodents at a distance? To help you find the right marten repellent for your car, we have carried out a marten repellent comparison 2021 / 2022 in this buyer’s guide a summary of the most important purchasing criteria.

1. How to avoid marten damage to the car?

Particularly in rural areas, the apparently cute martens can be found roaming around, not infrequently doing their mischief in the engine compartment. The warm engine interior and dhe tasty rubber engine hoses provide an absolute feel-good atmosphere, seems to magically attract the martens.

For you as a car owner this is not only annoying, it can also be very expensive and dangerous if the marten bites spark plug cables and car hoses or tears out insulation material. A damage not to be underestimated occurs. In this case, the only option is to go to a car repair shop, which will have to repair the damage at great expense.

As soon as you notice marten tracks, you should check your car for possible damage. If you notice the damage while you are driving, you should stop as soon as possible. We recommend to immediately contact the roadside assistance service that will take care of your matter. If the damage involves the oil line and you notice oil on the road, you should alert the fire department.

marten repellent test

Martens can cause considerable damage to the car.

The most common types of damage to the car include bites on ignition cables, coolant hoses, windshield wiper hoses, bellows and rubber sleeves, power lines, insulation mats for noise and heat insulation and hoses for the engine control unit. Damage to the coolant hose is particularly dangerous. This can cause overheating, which in turn can cause engine damage.

Damage to rubber sleeves is also not to be underestimated. Damage to the drivetrain, axles and steering can result. In the worst case, there will be an accident due to the marten damage.

Even bites on the ignition cable can have serious consequences. They prevent the engine from starting. Damage to the catalytic converter is common the consequence. Bitten electrical cables lead to cable fires in the worst case scenario.

To avoid the damage and danger, we recommend a marten repellent for the car. With the help of the marten repellent for your car you keep the rodents away.

If you park near your house, keep martens out of your garden with your marten repellent as well. because as soon as the marten is in the garden, he is also quickly in the house. If the marten is in the attic, you will also need a marten repellent.

2. What types of marten repellent are there?

marten repellent test

Pay attention to the indicators in your car if you fear marten damage.

there are three different types of marten repellent devices. All three have both advantages and disadvantages. The basic distinction lies in the way the marten is to be disturbed. The types of marten repellent work with ultrasound or electric shocks. some marten repellent models have an additional flashing light function to scare off martens.

The marten repellent with ultrasound works, as the name suggests, with ultrasound. The sound travels in a frequency range that cannot be heard by humans. A marten, on the other hand, hears these frequencies clearly and finds them extremely unpleasant and is therefore kept away from the car.

The marten protection with high voltage drives away the animals, similar to the cow grazing system with electric shocks. When touching the contact plates, the marten receives an electric shock and then leaves the area.

A very effective way to repel martens is to use a device that combines ultrasound and electric shocks. these models include an electronic control system, several metal plates and an ultrasonic component.

some marderschrecks are also equipped with a motion detector or a circuit diagram.

  • Frequency range that cannot be heard by humans, martens find this very unpleasant and drive them away.
  • High quality devices change stands the frequency range, so that the animals can not get used to a certain frequency.
  • In the case of cheap products, some frequency ranges can be heard by people, especially babies and small children, which in extreme cases can lead to damage to the hearing.
  • Marderschreck is suitable also for the house.
  • Consists of several contact plate and a control unit.
  • In the engine compartment the contact plates are attached exactly at the places which are to be protected.
  • As soon as the marten touches the contact plates, it receives an electric shock.
  • When the engine is switched off, the marten repellent activates automatically, provided you have chosen a high quality device.
  • Offers protection from martens through ultrasound and high voltage.
  • Consists of an ultrasonic component and an electronic control system and metal plates.
  • Contact plates are attached to the places that are to be protected.
  • The entire system aktivates as soon as the engine is switched off. As soon as the engine is switched on, the system deactivates itself again.
  • If, despite ultrasound, the marten does get in should the marten get into the engine compartment, an electric shock will drive the marten away.
  • With the combination of high voltage and ultrasound, this variant offers almost 100 percent protection against marten damage.

To make your purchase decision easier, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of the combined version of the marten repellent with ultrasound and high voltage:


  • Very effective.
  • Offers double security through marderschreck ultrasonic component and high voltage.
  • Automatic activation of the system as soon as the engine is switched off.
  • Almost 100 percent protection against marten damage.

  • Relatively expensive to eliminate.
  • With cheap devices, the ultrasound can damage the hearing of the person.

3. Buying advice: what points do you need to pay attention to when buying?

In order for you to buy the most suitable marten repellent for you, we have put together a buying guide for you.

3.1. Legal regulations must be observed

marten deterrent harassment

Some products produce a very unpleasant beeping sound.

First of all, you must make sure that your device complies with the legal provisions and is approved. Especially cheap products often do not meet the standard.

If the beep of an ultrasonic device can be heard by humans, the device does not comply with the legal requirements. For neighbors and especially babies and small children, the marten repellent becomes a nuisance and they may even suffer from hearing damage.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you buy equipment that complies with the legal requirements. Otherwise there may be legal consequences.

A marten repellent with high voltage must also comply with the CE standard. It should have a low power consumption.

3.2. Quality must be right

marten scare frequency

Your marten repellent should be able to change frequency.

The quality goes hand in hand with the legal requirements. the frequencies of a cheap marten repellent can often be heard by humans as well. The noise is not only unpleasant, it also damages the hearing.

A cheap marderschreck is also very often characterized by a non-changing frequency of the ultrasonic sound. A marten gets used to a certain frequency after a certain time, so that the device is then useless for you.

A more expensive device with constantly changing frequencies keeps the rodent away for a long time, because the animal has no chance to get used to the frequency.

3.3. How each type of marten repellent convinces

marten repellent test marten trap

Marten traps should not be used to get rid of a marten.

With the marten scare with ultrasound you drive away the marten with very high frequencies. Provided that the sounds are not perceptible to the human ear, and the device produces constantly changing frequencies, we can highly recommend this type to you. A marten repellent with ultrasound is also comparatively inexpensive.

Also the marten repellent with electroshock usually works well. Some critics and animal rights activists have the following opinion, it is cruelty to animals to attach a marten repellent with high voltage to your car. Proponents of the marten trap with electric shock counter that it is also not conducive to the healthy lifestyle of the animal, if it feeds on plastic and plastic cables. For the protection of the human being from car accidents it is also extremely important, prevent marten damage.

Attention: to catch a marten, we can not recommend to you. On the one hand, the marten will return to your car after release and on the other hand, the animal is unnecessarily tortured by marten traps, because they are very narrow and the marten has hardly any space in them.

The combined solution, in which the marten repellent is equipped with both ultrasound and high voltage, offers the best protection against marten damage, but is also the most expensive variant. Nevertheless, we advise you to use this type of combination for maximum safety.

4. Is there a marten repellent test from the stiftung warentest??

So far, the foundation warentest has not yet conducted a marderschreck test. Therefore, we can not recommend a marten repellent test winner at this point. But the organization has einDuCtIon of vaLUable advIceS for cuStomers. In addition, you can look around on the Internet for various other marderschreck tests.

According to customer opinions, the landi marten repellent as well as the kemo marten repellent are among the high quality examples. But also other brands and manufacturers can convince:

  • VOSS
  • Carpoint
  • Kemo
The marten damage – a single case?

Per year there are approx. 233.000 marten attacks in germany. About the ADAC are 16.000 marten mishaps handled. At least one in 200 cars has marten damage.

If the stiftung warentest will carry out a marderschreck test for marten protection in the future, the the factors quality, functionality and legal regulations are particularly important. A marderschreck-test would also take into account the factors of safety and price-performance ratio.

5. What questions and answers about the marten repellent are helpful?

5.1. On point – how does a marten repellent work??

The functionality of the marten scare for the car depends on the model. With an ultrasonic marten repellent sounds are emitted, which are not perceptible for humans, which are but makes martens absolutely uncomfortable, so that they look the other way.

Other marten repellent products work with electric current and emit a shock as soon as the marten enters the networked area.

5.2. How much power does a marten repellent need??

A marderschreck consumes fortunately relatively little power. The sound generator is only stimulated more strongly in pulses. This increases its current flow to approximately 130 ma. Otherwise it is far below.

The marderschreck steals only a little power from the car battery. Dhe battery-powered marten repellent is also a sensible option if you want to save electricity or conserve your car battery.

5.3. How to install a marten repellent?

It is not difficult at all to connect the marderschreck correctly. Open your hood and take a good look first, which places in the engine compartment need to be protected.

Attention: before you install the marten trap in your car, you must remember to take out the safety device of the marten trap. Otherwise you risk an electric shock.

connect marten repellent correctly

When installing the marderschreck is to be careful.

If you have chosen a device with ultrasound, or the combination of ultrasound and high voltage, you must when installing the device, make sure it is placed correctly.

Ultrasound behaves in its propagation similar to light. Thus, objects can create shadows that prevent the glaring sound from reaching every area. Therefore, make sure to orient your ultrasonic device so that all parts at risk can be sonicated.

As far as the electric marten repellent is concerned, it is very important to place the contact plates in the right place. Martens often climb over tires and wheel housings to where they don’t belong: in the engine compartment. we therefore recommend you to place some of the contact plates here. The electric fence should be placed in such a way that you protect car parts that are particularly vulnerable to marten damage.

Gardigo marten-free set of 2
Gardigo Marten Free Set of 2
currently available from 37,90 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay offer
effective range approx. 40 m²
opening angle K. A.
How long is the mobile marten deterrent gardio marten-free effective? It depends on the quality of the batteries. with high quality batteries the mobile marderschreck gardio marten-free ca. Be used in continuous operation for half a year. After that, the batteries are simply replaced and the marderschreck is active again.
DFNT marten repellent
DFNT Mar­the­scare
currently available from 24,90 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay-offer
effective range 40 m²
opening angle K.A.
Is the DFNT marten deterrent suitable for all cars and vehicles? the marten repellent comparison shows that the DFNT marten repellent is an effective device for repelling martens. This gadget is suitable for all car brands and sounds in all engine compartments in endless loop. This will help you prevent damage to cables caused by mader bites and save you high repair costs.
Gardigo marten-free mobile
Gardigo Marten Free Mobile
currently available from 19,90 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay offer
effective range 40 m²
opening angle K. A.
What is the range of the marten repellent gardigo marten-free mobile in closed rooms?? Customers who have had experience with the gardigo marten repellent appreciate the high range of operation. Compared to conventional products, the gardigo marten-free mobile has a high range of approx. 40 m² in closed rooms.
VON HAMELN® marten repellent
FROM HAMELN® Mar­the­scare
currently available from 25,99 €
» go to amazon offer" to the ebay offer
effective range for the entire engine compartment
opening angle K. A.
Do the sounds of the marten scare VON HAMELN® disturb the pets?? If you buy the VON HAMELN® marderschreck, neither your pets will be disturbed by the high frequency sounds, nor you yourself, because these sounds are hardly perceptible. The marten has a very sensitive hearing and these sounds are unpleasant for him. This will drive away the marten.
Mardersicher "mardersicher ultra"
Mar­the­si­cher 'Mar­the­si­cher Ultra'
currently available from 76,81 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay-offer
effective range for the entire engine compartment
opening angle 170 °
is the installation of the marten repellent "mardersicher ultra"? very difficult for a layman? If you want to use the "mardersicher ultra" buy marderschreck, the installation will be no problem for you even with little technical knowledge. This marten repellent is mounted directly in the engine compartment and connected to the battery of the vehicle. The installation time is usually about 30 minutes. in the instruction manual it is explained step by step exactly how the installation is to proceed.
Gardigo solar animal repellent
Gardigo solar animal­ver­trei­ber
currently available from 24,90 €
» to the amazon offer to the ebay offer
effective range 200 m²
opening angle 90 °
in which area does the gardigo solar animal repeller work?? If you decide to buy this marten repellent, you can keep an area of about 200 m² free of martens. This is a comparatively large area of action of the gardigo solar animal repeller. Other devices often only allow a quarter of the range of the gardigo solar animal repellent.

Did the editors also select manufacturers for the marten repellent comparison, who have cheaper products in their program??

in our marten repellent comparison you will find premium and mid-range manufacturers as well as manufacturers with a product range for price-conscious customers. of the 8 manufacturers represented, one is sure to have the right offer for you! More information"

Which marten repellent from our marten repellent product comparison is especially recommended for customers who attach importance to a favorable price??

Customers who value a favorable price are best advised to buy a cheaper model in our marten repellent comparison (from approx. 17 euro ) or to the price-performance winner gardigo solar animal expeller from our comparison at a price of 24.90 euro . More information"

what rating did buyers give the customer favorite from our marderschreck comparison??

the customer favorite from our marten repellent comparison, the mardersicher "mardersicher ultra" , received 4.6 out of 5 stars from previous customers. More information"

Are ratings given by the editors in the marderschreck comparison??

For better orientation, the editorial staff assigns ratings to the products included in the marten repellent comparison. One of the models received the top rating "VERY GOOD and therefore stands out: the mardersicher "mardersicher ultra" . More information"

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