Marten in the car: 5 efficient methods for marten defense in the car

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The marten is subject to hunting laws in germany. this means that catching or even killing a marten is only allowed with a permit and will otherwise be punished.

The marten is a carnivore and predator. Martens are not dangerous to humans, but they can cause considerable damage to vehicles, which can result in lead to dangerous situations can. Even though it is said that many marten species do this, this behavior is unique to the stone marten.

But already as a single marten species they direct annual damage of up to 60 million euros on and damage so more than 200000 car owners. In this case, the owner is often left with the costs, because not every insurance policy covers this damage. Not to mention the possible consequences that can be caused by bitten brake lines or burning insulation materials can be created.

precaution with a marten deterrent is the best protection. For this, we answer the following questions in our guide on heimwerker.De the most important questions and clarify about the most efficient methods of marten defense on.

1. Why do martens bite hoses??

marten car cable

Martens often use hoses, cables and insulation material to build a nest.

The assumption that the smell of rubber and cable sheathing really attract the marten is obvious. However, this is not the case. Rather, the engine compartment of a car offers a good and often warm shelter for animals. Martens particularly like to use this.

In the process, they may try to building a nest from insulation materials and thereby damage and distribute it.

Furthermore martens possess a pronounced territorial behavior, what particularly endangers commuter vehicles. If a marten marks the engine compartment as its territory and another marten elsewhere also finds this engine compartment interesting, they defend their territory with wild biting attacks even without opposing animals.

Cables and hoses are particularly susceptible to biting. This aggressive territorial behavior is particularly pronounced during the mating season.

Notice: the mating season of stone martens is in june to august. Here you should pay particular attention to marten damage in the car.

2. marten bites: possible consequences of a marten attack

tracks like these should prompt you to look for possible marten damage in your car.

martens do not selectively choose their "opponents" in the engine compartment, so they can fall victim to anything that can be bitten – primarily cables, wires, hoses and insulation material.

Particularly dangerous are their very fine and pointed teeth, so that damage is seldom immediately recognizable and its consequences can lead to accidents in road traffic.

2.1. Bitten coolant hoses

Leaky coolant hoses don’t have to show up as a puddle under the car.

Often the cooling water only leaks out when a heating leads to overpressure. Engine overheating and breakdowns are the consequences.

2.2. Damaged cables and wires

Damaged cables and wires in addition to malfunctions, in the worst case, can lead to a short circuit and fire in the engine compartment. A prior detection of the damage is rarely possible.

2.3. gnawed brake lines

It is very dangerous when brake lines be bitten. Without pressure there is no loss of fluid and the damage is not visible.

In operation, however, the brake loses its effect, as no brake pressure can be built up in a leaking hose. Possible accidents can hardly be avoided.

Notice: besides the risk of accidents and breakdowns, martens also sometimes cause enormous costs. If, for example, an axle boot is damaged, this can result in high repair costs, which are rarely covered by insurance.

3. marten deterrent for cars: 5 types of targeted precautions for marten defense

Martens are very shy animals that tend to avoid potential dangers.

Breakdowns and damage caused by accidents are usually covered by the insurance policy or the liability insurance, but in most cases the vehicle owner is left to pay for the repairs.

Therefore Prevention is better than paying afterwards. There are many ways to protect against marten attacks, but each marten is an individual animal and cannot be calculated.

However, one note beforehand: even if the simple use of a marten trap appears tempting, the use of these is promised only to persons with an appropriate authorization.

3.1. Blocking the access of martens

Where the marten can’t get in, it can’t damage anything. It is therefore helpful fencing off open entrances with wire mesh. Although this is rarely possible over the entire surface of the car, martens are also very shy and therefore new large devices act as a deterrent for a certain period of time.

It must be remembered, however, that such modifications and conversions mean interfering with the vehicle and are therefore are often only available on a flexible basis.

3.2. Professional engine bulkheading

Modern engines are now so tightly fitted in the vehicle that there is hardly any space or openings left. Some vehicle manufacturers offer cars with integrated marten protection by additionally closing last openings with bristles or perforated plates.

3.3. marten repellent through ultrasound

High voltage in the car can deter martens without harming them.

Like many other animals, martens react to high-pitched sounds in the ultrasonic range. With sufficient sound pressure and from a closer distance, these sounds have a painful effect and can effectively drive martens away.

However, a complete distribution of sounds with high power is rarely achieved without disturbing passers-by in the surrounding area. Here a higher financial expenditure and a professional installation are worthwhile.

3.4. current for the expulsion of martens

Probably the most effective variant is the use of harmless high voltage.

As in the case of a pasture fence, electric shocks are emitted via two contact surfaces, which are perceived as painful, but are neither lethal nor cause injury.

The installation and positioning of the contact surfaces should be well thought out and professionally executed become.

The advantages and disadvantages the method:


  • Most effective method
  • Marten does no harm

  • installation must be carried out by professionals

3.5. Marten expulsion by scent spray

Just as certain odors attract animals, they can also have a repellent effect. With the right and long-lasting scent, martens will be kept away permanently.

However, when buying such scented sprays for the car, it is difficult to see how effective this works. In addition to your own tests, you should also pay attention to customer reviews on the internet.

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