Li xiang one: plug-in hybrid suv with three motors and 700 km range

Plug-in hybrid SUV li xiang one from china bargain with three motors

the chinese li xiang one is a hybrid SUV with all-wheel drive, 700 km range, 326 hp and a wide display landscape in the futuristic cockpit – and at a bargain price, too. Relative.

Do you know it already? No, it’s not just a joke, it’s a full-blown SUV from china. The li xiang one is there for the starting bid of around 48.000 euros at the dealer and for that you get a whole lot of car. The car, which is more than five meters long, can be ordered as a six- or seven-seater. A third row of seats is always on board, a middle seat in the second row optional. But the really exciting thing here is the hybrid drive system.

Li Xiang One SUV Plug-In Hybrid China Three Cylinder

Power of three hearts

While the plug-in vehicles on the european market meander around a purely electric range of more or less 50 kilometers, the one manages 180 kilometers according to the NEDC measurement. This is due to the relatively large ternary lithium battery (40.5 kwh), which drives another quite powerful permanent magnet synchronous machine (100 kw / 136 hp) on the front axle and an even more powerful one (140 kw / 190 hp) on the rear axle. The electric power is combined with a 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine, which is also on board as a range extender to charge the battery.

This results not only in variable all-wheel drive, but also in a system output of 326 hp and 530 newton meters of maximum torque. It takes just 6.5 seconds for the 2.300 kilo heavy SUV from zero to one hundred need. The maximum range is given as 700 kilometers, and the maximum speed is around 170 km/h. When the car is plugged into a fast charger, it draws up to 60 kW of energy. It can go from 20 to 80 percent charge in 30 minutes. Those who use alternating current with 7 kw must wait six hours from zero to 100 percent.

Li Xiang One SUV Plug-in hybrid China Three-cylinder engine

In the cockpit, a conglomerate of four screens dominates the landscape. In addition to navigation and instruments, the screens also play back movies, stream music and audio books, or serve to control the three climate zones. The infotainment system is to be operated from all seats, including by voice control. By the way, the first two rows of seats are heated, and the nappa leather seats in the front can be ventilated if necessary. the interior is available in three colors; white, black or light brown. For the exterior, there is a choice of six paint colors from baby blue to gray metallic.the li xiang receives updates "over the air.

Active and passive safety

State-of-the-art assistance systems are the order of the day. Emergency brake assist, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and lane departure warning, parking pilot, trailer assist and 360-degree camera are installed in the one. The sensor system is made up of various cameras, ultrasound and millimeter-wave radar. In addition, there is hill start and descent assistance. Passive safety is provided by a structure made of high-strength steels and aluminum, the battery is in a separate aluminum alloy and is flanked by protective beams. Because the hybrid SUV could be used to cover long distances, it also offers a high level of travel comfort. Chassis, steering and throttle response are electronically controlled and can be driven in the sport or comfort setup.

As you can see, you get a whole lot of technology for your comparatively modest investment of less than 50 euros.000 euros. On top of that, li xiang offers a five-year warranty, free 24-hour roadside assistance and 20 gigabytes of mobile data per month on the 4G network. In Germany, it feels like you’re already at around 50 with such a data package.000 euros.


sure, the range extender concept is no secret in the auto industry. In this country, however, this drive configuration is an exotic one. The li xiang one is an interesting car with plenty of features at a comparatively low price of 48.000 euro. Unfortunately not for us in germany.

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