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HOCHGLANZ von hand is your reliable partner when it comes to professional vehicle preparation before the leased object is returned. with an intensive interior and exterior care we make your car fit for the handover and ensure that you will not experience any unpleasant surprises during the inspection. call now and avoid high additional payment costs of several hundred euros.

leasing reconditioning saves you money.

If a leased vehicle is used over a longer period of time, it is not uncommon to see clear signs of use. typical signs of wear and tear are dents, dings, scratches, damage to alloy wheels and dashboard, detached leather on gear knob and worn loading edges.

Small traces of use are normal. However, if the inspector notices a very negative condition, he will look particularly closely during the inspection to find further defects – and that can be expensive. A new gear knob alone can cost up to an additional 100 euros, depending on the model.

If the vehicle makes a good impression both inside and out, this indicates that the car has been treated conscientiously and with care. In this case, the inspector is more likely to conclude that the technical condition is also in order. Therefore, use our professional leasing preparation now and save yourself costly trouble with the vehicle owner.

Leasing reconditioning – our services

HOCHGLANZ von hand takes over the complete interior and exterior care of your vehicle. For the exterior, this includes thorough cleaning of the paint, windows, underbody, engine compartment and rims. We correct minor scratches by means of polishing and subsequent sealing.

Afterwards it goes to a conscientious interior care. Faded plastics inside the car get their color back, bad odors are removed with an ionizer, carpets are cleaned with spray cleaners and leather applications are re-pigmented.

Here you can see some examples of our work before and after reconditioning:

Photo of a car rim after leasing reconditioning

Your advantages with HOCHGLANZ von hand

At HOCHGLANZ von hand we have many years of experience with vehicle reconditioning of all kinds. You will not only benefit from a high quality result and a smooth handover of your leased vehicle, but also from other advantages:

  • Favorable prices
  • Fast order processing in 3 to 24 hours
  • Avoid cost-intensive subsequent payments to lessors

Use professional lease reconditioning in berlin now

Your leasing contract is about to expire and your vehicle is not in the best condition anymore? Then turn now to HOCHGLANZ by hand in berlin. We carry out professional cleaning of the interior and exterior of the vehicle, so that you do not have to pay any expensive additional charges when you return the vehicle. Call now and make an appointment.

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