Innovations in autocad 2022

Since the 23. March 2021 the new autocad 2022 will be available. This is accompanied by new features including further functionalities and improvements in the design software. This blog post explains what these are.

For several years now, autodesk autocad has been available as ONE software, including seven industry-specific toolsets. These are also included in the current version, but autocad includes many more features.

Three main components of autocad 2022

If you want to describe autocad 2022 in three key points, these can be chosen:

  1. CAD automation thanks to toolsets
  2. Seamless connections through apps and cloud storage connectivity
  3. Continuous improvements and innovations

CAD automation thanks to industry-specific toolsets

autocad’s integrated toolsets allow you to access industry-specific features that help you work more efficiently than ever before. Recent studies have shown an average productivity gain of up to 63% for autocad tasks completed using the specialized toolsets.

In previous blog posts we have already discussed the functions and advantages of the architecture toolset, the mechanical toolset and the electrical toolset. In addition, the MEP toolset, the plant 3D toolset, the map 3D toolset and the raster design toolset are available.

The seven toolsets of autocad 2022

These provide the following capabilities:

  • Access libraries of over 750.000 symbols, shares and detail components
  • Automate floor plans, sections, elevations and more
  • Easily create details and views from 3D models and generate lists and tables
  • Creating rule-based workflows

Seamless connections with apps

autocad web and mobile apps allow you to edit drawings anytime, anywhere. The apps offer the opportunity to continue working with the latest files while you are out in the field, at home or on the road. They are given the following capabilities:

  • View, edit, markup and share drawings from virtually any device
  • make assessments and changes on the spot for real-time feedback and collaboration
  • Easily add blocks, manipulate layers and measurements from anywhere
  • Access current work files in autocad and cloud storage

AutoCAD 2022 devices

The autocad web app Runs in a web browser with no software installation required. It provides the ability to quickly create and edit the latest drawings from any computer.

In addition to the web app, you can use the autocad mobile app Extend your workflow from the office to the jobsite and everywhere in between. it contains the most important autocad desktop tools and functions. This allows you to add laser measurements to DWG files and use the familiar autocad commands. Get precise drawing capabilities with the app’s advanced touch technology.

Continuous improvement and innovation

New innovative features and enhancements added to autocad 2022. We have summarized all the new features for you at a glance.

This feature is designed to improve collaboration between team members and streamline the review process. Check a drawing in autocad in a safe way and give feedback without changing the existing drawing.

share lets you send controlled copies of drawings to your team and colleagues. Access can be defined for those who can only view designs and for those who should edit them.

The feature count automates counting tasks and thus reduces errors. Counting can be done by layer or scale. Your data can be exported to a dynamic table for fast updates.

Improve productivity and reduce work steps by publishing your CAD drawing sheets as pdfs from autocad to autodesk docs. Access your DWG files in autodesk docs anywhere with the autocad web app.

View and edit two drawings simultaneously in fully functional windows side by side or on multiple monitors. There is no need to open another instance of autocad.

Faster and more customizable installations reduce the time it takes to set up your software. you can even work in autocad while the software is being installed. Experience faster performance, even for plotting and 3D graphics.

Autocad LT 2022

With autocad LT 2022, you get the same innovative new features as autocad, plus best-in-class 2D drafting software for precision and speed. In addition, autocad LT includes the web and mobile apps so you can use the power of autocad anywhere, anytime.

More useful tips about the software

Check out the latest collection of popular tips for saving time in autocad, featuring contributions from professionals and everyday users. The easy to understand E-book "34 tips every autocad user should know"offers practical advice to help you increase productivity and get the most out of autocad.

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