Industry solutions

As a reliable partner of the automotive industry and its suppliers, VETTER cranes support in-house logistics at a wide variety of locations, ensure security of supply, and thus contribute to optimizing process chains. In dialogue with our customers and partners, we develop the right solution for every production process: whether mobile slewing cranes (travelling cranes), workplace cranes or sophisticated PROFI gantry cranes for linking production islands – our many years of manufacturing experience ensure high quality and fast amortization.


kemper machine factory

Machine factory kemper

Industry solutions

30 travelling cranes on the assembly line for harvesting attachments

Industry solutions

each workstation has its own mobile jib crane

Industry solutions

MOBILUS travelling crane in final harvesting assembly

When the crane system in a production plant has to be particularly flexible, the MOBILUS traveling crane is the right application. This was also the case at the agricultural machinery manufacturer kemper in stadtlohn, Germany. More than 30 mobile cranes are now in use there.

With around 250 employees, the Munsterland-based company kemper develops and produces harvesting attachments for agricultural machinery, which are sold from there all over the world. Since the restructuring of the production in 2006, the harvesting attachments run over an assembly line according to the modern principle of the "demand flow concept".
The employees and the workplaces are so flexible that the different harvesting attachments can be produced in any model mix depending on the order.

Such flexibility is also made possible by suitable workplace lifting equipment, in this case MOBILUS mobile slewing jib cranes from VETTER krantechnik. After kemper used the first mobile slewing jib cranes from VETTER, the advantages were quickly recognized: the traveling cranes have their foundation integrated in the crane base and can be quickly moved to the locations where the employees need them with the help of a forklift truck. Unlike stationary slewing cranes, the crane comes to the workplace, not the other way around. this workplace model has been so successful that kemper has since put more than 30 such traveling cranes into operation. They are primarily located on the final assembly line and in the assembly boxes for special equipment, but also in the welding booths. Basically, they are suitable for almost all workplaces in production.

Michael nolte, head of maintenance at kemper in stadtlohn, has been convinced of the efficiency of this method for years: "we have a large number of individual workplaces whose space requirements are constantly changing. A flexible and mobile crane that we can quickly relocate and use is the ideal solution for us. The time needed to move the cranes is easily recouped by the efficient production processes that this allows us to achieve."

The MOBILUS travelling crane is equipped with load capacities from 125 to 1.000 kg and outreaches from 2 to 5 m available and can also be customized according to the customer’s needs in terms of lifting equipment. The mobile slewing crane is also available with a trolley on the crane base. Herewith the complete crane can be moved without the help of a forklift truck.

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