Hurricane “nadia” – storm surge causes cars to flood and ships to wreck

The hurricane 'Nadia' in Hamburg

The "nadia" low pressure system has Hamburg firmly in its grip. there was a shipping accident on the elbe during the storm. Several cars have also gone down.

Hamburg – hurricane "nadia" hits hamburg with full force. The fire department hamburg had already around 18 o’clock on 29. January 2022, more than 100 missions completed. The German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) has also been deployed in the city of Hamburg. a massive storm surge has also been announced. Storm also rages in Lower Saxony and Bremen.

BSH again warns of storm surge in hamburg: wind slowly decreases

The federal office of navigation and hydrography on sunday morning, 30. January 2022, renewed warning of a storm surge in hamburg. The flood will be about 2.5 to 3 meters above the mean high water in the Hamburg Elbe region. Accordingly, there is still a danger of a storm surge until about 14:37.

in the course of the day the wind in the hanseatic city will also decrease further. The German Weather Service (DWD) warns of gale-force winds with speeds of up to 95 kilometers per hour until 6 p.m. (update 30. January 2022, 12:05 pm)

Initial report from 29. January 2022: this is how hurricane nadia hit hamburg- the night of the storm in the ticker

hurricane "nadia" in hamburg: deutsche bahn suspends operations in the north – stormy low causes numerous fire department deployments

according to the weather channel "kachelmannwetter" a wind speed of 106 km/h was already measured in finkenwerder around 17:20 o’clock. Almost simultaneously, the finkenwerder volunteer fire department had to respond to its second storm-related callout. First the volunteer rescuers had to cut down a tree in a dangerous slanted position, later they had to secure a massive aluminum pavilion from flying away. A trampoline, which flew through the gardens of local residents, also had to be secured. However, this managed residents themselves.

Severe storm surge in Hamburg

Storm in hamburg – you can read about the storm surge and other results here:

01:00 hrs: the hamburg fire department is still working through the last operations. The situation in the hanseatic city of hamburg is slowly easing. However, the rescuers are still at the free port bridges in large-scale operation.

At around 3:30 a.m., the wreckage of the ship was pulled out from under the bridge and towed to kirchenpauerkai. And with this we end this storm ticker for the storm night in hamburg.

00:53 hrs: the hamburger fish market is completely flooded, as a twitter video shows. Despite the late hour, a few onlookers are on site to observe the weather spectacle.

00:34 hrs: in finkenwerder, the water is already partly "over the banks" stepped. However, there is currently no danger for residents. The flooded area is far in front of the flood protection wall.

Flooding in Hamburg Finkenwerder

00:20 hrs: short scare at baakenallee in hamburger-hafencity. Several vehicles are caught in the heavy storm surge. In isolated cars, the interior lighting is still burning. A passerby calls 911, suspecting people are still in the vehicles.

Several vehicles were in the water at Baakenallee

After a quick check by the Hamburg fire department, the all-clear can be given. The lights have come on due to the inflowing water. No person in danger. However, the vehicles are likely to have suffered significant water damage. After the emergency services had checked all the vehicles, the salvage of a total of eight vehicles began.

11:59 p.m: the city of hamburg has already established the central disaster service in the interior department. Numerous measures have already been taken. police task forces have already closed roads leading to flood-threatened locations. The large flood protection gate at hamburg’s fish market has already been closed.

11:55 pm: on behalf of the hamburg police, several tow trucks are currently busy towing vehicles out of the hafencity area. Due to the heavy storm surge expected around 1 a.m., the entire hafencity could be flooded.

Flooding in Hamburg

22:39 hrs: the wedged ship cannot be pulled out by the fire department. It is stuck. Now the emergency services are trying to lower the ship with a little water in order to free it in this way.

23:04 hrs: the important towing connection that existed between the havarist and the rescue boat has now been severed. The ship is heavily wedged under the free port bridge and is in danger of sinking. It is unclear whether the bridge will be damaged in the process.

22:40 hDue to the large-scale operation and the critical situation, road traffic is now also completely suspended.

Operation in Hamburg on the Elbe

22:37 hrs: due to the critical situation of the damaged ship, the complete railroad traffic on the elbbrucken is stopped. This affects long-distance and local traffic.

22:27 hrs: with a ship of the HPA (hamburg port authority) and the large fireboat "branddirektor westphal" the havarist is secured. The damaged ship is a so-called "collapsible ship". It bears the name lemsterland and sails under a dutch flag.

Name: lemsterland
length: 51,70 m
wide: 8,85 m
DEPTH: 2,93 m
machine output: 440 HP& 355 HP
year of construction: 1927

The collapsible ship Lemsterland has collided with the bridge

22:20 hrs: storm operations in the hamburg metropolitan area are slowly diminishing. Also from the control center of the fire department of hamburg there is a "slight all-clear" in the direction of the volunteers. There would be no more open storm operations at the moment.

22:09 h: after the rescue of two people from the damaged ship, the situation on the ground has eased. The survey of the people showed that NO other person is missing in the water. The search for other people in the water is called off.

The damaged ship is secured by a tugboat and a large fireboat. It is said that the ship is unstable after the collision. The two rescued persons were slightly injured in the accident and are now being treated by the emergency services.

Operation in Hamburg. Fire department on the free port bridge in large-scale operation

21:55 hrsaccording to the latest information, the entire driver’s compartment was torn off in the ship accident. Two people have since been considered missing!

Ship accident on the elbe! fire department in large-scale operation

21:45 hrs: serious ship accident on the elbe. A ship is reported to have crashed its cab against the free port bridges! The entire driver’s cab is said to have been almost completely torn off in the process. According to initial reports, several people are injured. At least one person is currently reported floating in the water. More information coming soon at 24hamburg.De

20:52 hrs: ATTENTION! The warning for the storm surge was adjusted again. now a heavy storm tide is supposed to roll towards hamburg. The water level is expected to be around. 5.20 meters above mean sea level calculated!

Important information:

– avoid the affected area.
– get information from the media, for example local radio.
– inform your neighbors.
– leave low-lying areas, especially in the harbor, hafencity and areas near the elbe river!
– move your vehicles to higher ground! Secure lower-lying buildings from flooding!

8:47 pm: good news. U2 now resumes service between jungfernstieg and berliner tor.

8:26 pm: on oderfelder strabe in hamburg-harvestehude, the emergency services of the Poseldorf volunteer fire department arrive at about 20:25 hrs. A massive tree has fallen across the roadway. With several chainsaws and muscle power, the road is now cleared.

storm in hamburg

8:08 pm: deutsche bahn now suspends all long-distance service in the north. In an announcement it is said: "at present the long-distance traffic of the German railroad in the area Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Hamburg and Bremen was stopped.“

Tree almost falls on family car! Olof-Palme-Allee

7:30 pm: further railroad lines are closed. The mainline railroad between hamburg and bremen is now also closed due to the storm.

Disruptions to rail traffic: many connections cancelled due to "nadia

18:53 hrs: serious incident at hamburg main station. A man, who according to initial information is said to have been drunk, was hit by a subway train as it was entering the station. firefighters from the hamburg fire department are currently on the scene trying to free the man from under the train.

Storm in Hamburg and in the north

6:00 pm: scaffolding swinging on the facade of a house on werderstrabe in the harvestehude district of hamburg triggered an alarm for the fire department at around 6:00 p.m. The scaffolding was secured by several emergency services.

5:45 pm: the hamburg fire department has declared a state of emergency. The storm operations are piling up and are now being called in "bit by bit" processed

Storm in Hamburg Finkenwerder

17:20 hrs: a few hours later the units of the voluntary fire department finkenwerder move out again. This time to the finkenwerder norderdeich. A large aluminum pavilion was caught by the wind and hurled through the area. firefighters secured the pavilion with ropes.

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