How to get a credit despite negative schufa

To get a loan despite negative schufa, very many consider almost impossible. Under certain circumstances, however, it is possible, despite poor credit rating, to obtain a loan approval.

Although it is not very easy to obtain a loan from many banks despite negative credit history, there are a few ways to bridge the financial bottleneck. As a rule, when applying for a loan should be the first way to the house bank. the reason for this is actually quite simple to explain, because the bank advisor usually already knows the customer over a longer period of time and can assess quite well whether the applicant is creditworthy or not. Current accounts and account transactions can be viewed more easily.

The only disadvantage of a credit despite negative schufa at the house bank is that the banks check the entries in the schufa very carefully. Whether a loan will be approved by your own bank despite a negative credit rating is therefore very questionable.

What to do when a credit despite negative schufa is urgently needed?

A negative entry in schufa can have very different reasons. Often it is even enough if the installment for the newly purchased flat screen TV or the smartphone is not paid. Even if the outstanding debt is very small, a missed payment immediately leads to a negative schufa entry. If you then need a loan, this can be associated with very lengthy and complicated procedures.

Even if you serve the creditors and pay the debt, the negative entry still remains. Only after a few years will it be automatically deleted. If you do not know whether you have a negative entry, you can request an extract if necessary at the schufa directly. A credit despite negative schufa is however not a hopeless undertaking. You just have to choose the right way and ask suitable banks for a credit despite negative schufa. In addition, there is also the possibility to apply for a mini-credit without schufa. Sometimes you have better chances here than with a normal credit.

Exact breakdown of the finances can help with a credit despite negative schufa

As in many other areas, the external appearance and a detailed list of data can be quite helpful in a credit application. Imagine you have to decide about a credit application. Who would you rather grant a positive approval to: a person who has a regular income and who is able to make his or her payments or. can present income and expenses clearly, or a person who has a large minus on the bank account and has no idea about the monthly payments? Of course, this factor is not the main reason for granting a loan despite negative schufa, but in case of doubt such circumstances can be quite decisive.

Where can you get a credit despite negative schufa??

You can get a credit despite negative schufa at different places. A very safe way to get a loan is through the internet. The BGFE consumer portal has published a comprehensive guide on how and where to get a loan online despite negative credit history. With a credit application that is carried out online, you also have the advantage that a quick decision is made about the credit. If you receive a positive approval, you can expect to receive the loan amount as early as the next business day.

So where can you apply for a loan despite negative credit history??

1. At your local bank

3. With private persons (also via the internet and their platforms)

4. at banks, which are located abroad

Don’t rush to sign up for a loan despite negative schufa data

Even if in some special cases it may be very difficult to get a credit despite negative schufa, you should not sign the credit contract too hastily. Get at least a second offer and compare interest, fees and other costs. make sure that the rates are as low as possible and that repayment is possible at any time and without further costs.

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