Gas station car

Consists of high-pressure prewash, active foam, additional rim cleaning, underbody wash, washing& dry. Contains an additional polishing wax that gives the paint a long-lasting shine and also creates a smoothing repair effect.

Seasonal wash

Consists of a high-pressure prewash, active-foam, wash& drying. The additional rim cleaning and underbody wash protects against corrosion damage caused by road salt, especially in winter. Depending on the season, the seasonal wash includes z. B. additional insect remover in summer.

Plus wash

The plus wash includes high pressure prewash, a rim clean and wash plus wax before drying.

Basic wash

The basic wash includes a high pressure prewash, wash and dry. Here too, we use a gentle, foamed wash material that protects and cares for the lacquer.

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Shell clubsmart bonus

Score with every car wash

with the shell clubsmart card, you always get a little extra for your car wash: just show your card and collect five points per euro on the car wash 1.


Washing with perfect care

Making your car feel like new: our premium and seasonal washes not only clean your car gently and thoroughly, the underbody wash included in our best washes also ensures that dirt and salt are removed from the axle mechanics and underbody in winter. the premium wash also contains a polishing wax that gives your paint a long lasting shine. Unevenness in the paint is "smoothed out.

Everything cars love: shell car care

With shell care products, you can care for your vehicle all around gently, quickly and easily. And always in the best quality – from cleaning windshields and cockpits to caring for rims, bodywork and engine parts.

1 if you present your shell clubsmart card before paying, you will receive 1 shell clubsmart point for every full 1 euro of sales for selected store items and services. For some selected store items and services, the points credit per full euro of sales may also vary upwards. Promotional offers are excluded from this rule, for this you will receive additional shell clubsmart points. Offer details can be found in the shell app. The points at the individual stations can vary. You can find out which store items and services are eligible for points at the respective station from the station employees. Only at participating shell stations in germany.

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