Free vehicle evaluation of used cars?

A larger car is needed due to the addition of a new family member. But maybe a smaller car is enough because the children are out of the house now? There are many reasons why you buy a new car. Usually, however, the old used car has to be sold first. However, since a car sale is not an event that takes place with any regularity, very few car drivers are practiced in selling the vehicle in an uncomplicated manner and at a good price. Anyone who now wants to part with their faithful companion should pay attention to a number of things – above all, the correct used car valuation plays a decisive role.

Many drivers do not know what the value of their own car still is, and it is difficult to assess this objectively. This is due to the many different factors that make up the value of a car. Of course, the technical criteria such as car make, model, kilometers driven and age are decisive in the first place. Without precise knowledge of the current used car market, however, it is difficult to evaluate these elements for a valuation. If additional items such as special equipment like xenon lights, seat heating, rain sensor, on-board computer or extra accessories like roof racks, a second set of tires or bicycle trailers are added, a professional valuation is indispensable. For example, statistical valuation lists, the ADAC, TuV or an appraiser as well as modern purchasing companies are suitable for this purpose.

1. Valuation via estimate list

When looking for a way to find out the value of a car, many people inevitably come across the schwacke list, which was developed in 1957 by hanns W. Schwacke for the valuation of vehicles. While the first list had a volume of just under 40 models, there are now around 3000 vehicle models and over 30.000 types of cars, off-road vehicles and vans. In addition, you can choose from more than ten million equipment features. If you want to use this list, the provider charges 7.90 euros per valuation. After entering the most important vehicle data, customers receive a well-founded evaluation in PDF format. The assumption here is always that the vehicle is free of defects, ready for operation and roadworthy, with average wear and tear and a general inspection of at least 12 months. Many car owners will wonder if the schwacke price list is available free of charge. This is not the case, but alternatively you can use the DAT valuation list.

2. Car valuation at ADAC and TuV

ADAC members who want to sell their used car have the advantage of receiving a free car valuation from their automobile club. Either you log into the online account and enter the type of vehicle, first registration, mileage and other data about your car and you will then receive an estimated car value or you go to your local dealer for a personal vehicle check. A used car inspection by an expert from the ADAC costs 65.50 euro for members of the club. Non-members pay 89 euros for the car check. It is always an advantage that the actual condition of the car is checked during a personal inspection in order to optimally estimate the vehicle value.

When the next general inspection is due, many vehicle owners choose the TuV as their inspection station. This offers for some years also a used car evaluation. In the north, the association charges 89 euros per valuation. If you combine the inspection with the main inspection, the price of 49.90 euros is significantly lower. TuV sud charges 67,90 euro for the used car certificate and 56,30 euro in connection with the compulsory inspection.

3. Car appraiser& modern car appraisers evaluate the car

Look up the yellow pages, choose a car appraiser in the area, drive there, have the car appraised and get a solid appraisal. For many motorists, this is the only way to get a personal, expert, and independent review. Here, all factors, including condition and paint color, are thoroughly checked and included in the valuation. However, this method often incurs high fees in the three-digit range. Less costs a vehicle evaluation with modern purchase enterprises as for example wekaufendeinauto.

The concept is simple: you enter your data into the valuation tool from the comfort of your own home and receive an approximate estimated value free of charge, based on statistical data from the used car market. If you want to know more precisely and have this estimated value specified, you can then book a no-obligation appointment at one of the branches throughout germany. In a branch near you, car experts will check the used car for all possible value elements free of charge. After that, the customer receives an offer and can sell the car immediately. All valuation steps are free of charge and the sale is mandatory. The advantage is that after the sale, purchasing companies take care of all the other formalities, such as deregistration from the registration office or the replacement of the financing.

In the end, it is up to each individual to decide which type and method of car evaluation to choose. However, it should be important that you do not pay unnecessarily much money for a valuation of a car that is to be sold anyway.

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