Finding a tracking device in a car – here’s how it works

Tracking devices are designed to determine the position of the transmitter.

If a tracking device is hidden in your car, the person who put it there will always know exactly where it is by tracking it. By real time tracking via GPS satellites he then permanently monitors them.

Either a battery feeds the tracking device or it uses your car’s power circuit. It uses GPS (global positioning system) to determine its current position.

The tracking device includes a SIM card. If there is a new position, the tracking device simply sends it out via SMS. A location portal or a smartphone receives the SMS and reads out the coordinates. In this way others can see the exact position with a normal app on the phone. The offender can also connect the app to google maps to see the position immediately.

The surreptitious use of a tracking device to transmit personal data is prohibited. It is different if a vehicle owner has installed it himself on his vehicle. In this way he protects his car better from a theft. If someone steals the car, you can track the location immediately.

If someone tracked you without your consent?

Since mini GPS trackers are tiny and can be purchased cheaply, misuse is commonplace. More and more people are being secretly monitored with such tracking devices.

Do you have any signs that someone is secretly tracking the position of your car?? Then the first thing you do is look under the vehicle. check if you can find a mini box attached there. The catch: good trackers are now so small that they can no longer detect them without help. In this case, the only thing that can help is a check by a specialist.

Anti-eavesdropping equipment

We check your car for hidden GPS transmitters

Who wants to check a car completely, needs on the one hand an expensive equipment, on the other hand a lot of know-how.

We first inspect your vehicle comprehensively from the outside. We use a lift to be able to check all cavities in the underbody as well.

bug search on the car

Exterior of the car offers opportunities for hiding

Because it’s easy as it is, perpetrators often stick a GPS tracker in the area of the rear bumper. By magnet it holds there bombproof. the steel of the bumper is perfect as a holding surface for the magnet. Because the shell of the bumper and also the tailgate are made of plastic, it offers a very good transmitting performance. The GPS tracker then has no problems receiving signals from GPS satellites in decent quality without shielding by metal.

The next weak point: the rear apron cover. It is easily removable and offers space. Especially a device to pull a trailer offers space. These and similar cavities are preferred hiding places for GPS technology.

Another hiding place would be the apron under the front bumper. There are inlets for the air flow. These can also be misused like any other hollow space.

There are also flat GPS trackers, which fit behind the holders of the license plates. This means: free view to the satellite.

Also the underbody beams are often used as a hiding place. This works because the signals are reflected from the road and can be located. However, this location is not as precise as with a clear view of the satellite, but the perpetrator accepts this as acceptable. After all, it does not depend on a few meters.

Finally, the side rails are also well suited for installing the technology.

Therefore, during an inspection, it is necessary to visually inspect these areas. This works quite well with a special mirror as well as with the use of endoscope cameras.

Checking the interior

In the vehicle itself we use video stethoscope. We lead them into all cavities, which offer space for the GPS transmitter. These are areas like the interior trim, especially the cockpit trim and the flaps under the glove box.

To "wake up" the trackers, we create simulation situations during the check. These are to get the hidden GPS tracker to transmit data via GSM. This transmission we then measure in technical form.

The interior of the car is searched for bugs and GPS transmitters

Which technology do we use?

During the check a number of devices are used. In particular, this is also a device that detects GSM signals. GPS direction finders work via GSM. We can detect these signals. In this way, any cell phone can be detected in the same way as illegal GSM communication. The device detects 2G, 3G and 4G mobile communications, i.e. GSM, UMTS and LTE.

Since these are the usual standards for sending a text message, we can always detect the illegal use when the device is transmitting.

Search for signals from bugs

Other measuring devices:

  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Detector for mobile communication
  • Near field detector
  • Omnidirectional antenna
  • Directional antenna
  • Endoscope
  • Videoscope

We also check other vehicles

Tracking by GPS works not only for cars. That is why we also check other vehicles for GPS trackers, such as motorcycles, boats, trucks or bicycles.

Spectrum analyzers are used in an eavesdropping defense

Inform yourself without obligation

Monitor a person? Then call us. Learn what we can do for you to detect mini tracking devices that transmit in real time and bugs.

It is forbidden to locate vehicles by tracking devices, smartphone apps or trackers and to read the GPS data without the decision of a judge. So that you are also safe from such criminals, we check your car or motorcycle on GPS tracker.

Use now the confidential conversation with a specialized detective. We know what opportunities offenders use and protect them and their ways:

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