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  • third party liability with a high coverage amount
  • comprehensive and theft insurance o. Excess (refund d. excess)
  • Fair fueling policy – pick up full and drop off full
  • free mileage
  • glass and tire insurance

In vivid contrast to this are the exhibits in the art museum monastery of our dear women. In this former monastery building from the 11. In the 19th century there is a collection of sculptures worth seeing from antiquity to the Middle Ages to modern times.

For a break in the sightseeing program, there is a choice of the elbe stairs not far from the cathedral to. You can sit on stone steps directly at the river and look at the lift bridge, a historic railroad bridge beautifully illuminated after dark. Or you can drive directly to hasselbachplatz. because of the numerous trendy bars, the rustic pubs and the many restaurants, the quarter is considered the hub of magdeburg’s nightlife.

Highlights in the surroundings of magdeburg

With a rental car from the car rental in magdeburg, the numerous destinations in the surrounding area are easily accessible. Very original and entertaining is a visit to the ostrich country nedlitz. On the large farm area you can admire about 60 ostriches, which live here largely free in natural surroundings. in the well sorted farm store everything from the bird ostrich is offered. ostrich ham and ostrich egg liqueur are funny souvenirs from the trip. from the car rental in magdeburg to nedlitz it takes about half an hour by rental car.

If you are fascinated by technical highlights, you will love a trip to the waterway junction magdeburg enjoy. here the mittellandkanal is crossed over the elbe by a huge water bridge.

Magdeburg as the capital of the federal state of saxony-anhalt is very conveniently located and is also a good starting point for a longer trip with a rental car from magdeburg. For example, to the spectacular car city in wolfsburg or to idyllic potsdam with the magnificent sanssouci palace, the splendid summer residence of the prussian king friedrich the great. both destinations are only a little more than an hour away from magdeburg.

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Find a car rental magdeburg

Discover magdeburg by rental car z. B. From these selected car rental companies:

  • Enterprise rent-A-car, thietmarstrabe 16A, 39128 magdeburg
  • Europcar car rental gmbh, lubecker str. 85, 39124 magdeburg
  • Avis car rental gmbh& co. KG, railroad station street 69, 39104 magdeburg
  • Hertz car rental, liebknechtstrabe 77, 39110 magdeburg

Where to find other car rentals in magdeburg? The overview of all rental car stations in magdeburg will help you to choose the right rental location for your rental car.

van hire in magdeburg
renting a van in magdeburg is hassle free. Many car rental companies in magdeburg rent not only cheap rental cars, but also different sized rental vans for small and large moves. accordingly you can rent vans and sprinters in magdeburg. In the city, you can also rent box vans and the 7.5 ton trucks, which are the loadmasters among the moving vans.

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