Credit without schufa searched?

Mutuel finance is your specialist for credit without schufa entry. With us, you can obtain a credit-free loan up to a loan amount of 50.000 ruro.

credit without schufa

Mutuel finance is the nr. 1 for credit without credit assessment in germany!

credit sought without schufa? Mutuel finance is your specialist for credit without schufa entry . Mutuel finance works with leading credit banks in the country and abroad, has excellent contacts – and therefore always offers you the right solutions to meet your credit needs!

The credit without schufa from mutuel finance:

  • uncomplicated loans without schufa up to 50.000 euro
  • no entry in the schufa about your credit
  • variable and free special payments possible
  • early repayment at any time
  • installment suspension possible in case of payment problems
  • strictly confidential and discreet
  • even with negative credit history and discharge of residual debt
  • free use
  • fast processing – even on weekends
  • credit inquiry at mutuel finance: always without obligation and free of charge

in addition to the credit without schufa, we also enable all-purpose loans of 5.000 ,- EUR up to 1.000.000 – EUR, you determine the purpose of use yourself. We focus exclusively on services for private customers. not for nothing is mutuel finance one of the largest financial service providers and providers of credit without schufa in germany!

As your trusted contact in matters of credit without schufa, the customer service of mutuel finance is available to you around the clock. We are also happy to advise you on site, so that you feel completely at ease before, during and after the loan process. this includes personalized advice and an easy to understand credit without schufa application form.

From them we need for the offer of credit without schufa only the signed credit application and the copy of the last salary statement . to be eligible for a mutuel finance you must be at least 18 years old.

What is schufa?

The credit without schufa know many, but what exactly is the schufa and what are their tasks?

  • the schufa is the protection association for general credit protection.
  • schufa is a private german credit agency.
  • it stores data on consumers and companies with regard to their creditworthiness.
  • the information is submitted by the contractual partners of schufa.
  • the schufa does not know about the credit without schufa!

Schufa data

The data includes deviating payment behavior such as missed payments when shopping online, misuse of accounts and credit cards (such as long-term overdrafts), data from public records, and some types of finance requests. This can be an inquiry about a vehicle financing or a consumer credit on installments.

In addition, schufa stores name, address, previous residences and date of birth of the respective consumer or borrower. schufa’s contractual partners include not only savings banks and banks, but also telecommunications providers, mail order companies and leasing companies. Information about the credit without schufa is not deposited.

Often the institution schufa is thereby occupied with negative facts , not least because data on installment payments, bank accounts or payment defaults are supplied by contractual partners and stored by schufa. In many cases, schufa also has a "good" effect, for example, when its data helps a business partner to assess or a new credit with schufa can be disbursed, since the files show that a previously obtained loan or financing was repaid in a proper settlement.

Sometimes it is assumed, but schufa denies it: schufa does not have information about a person’s occupation, existing assets or whether he or she is single or married. even the personal income situation is not known to schufa . Thus "the schufa entry" is not to be regarded as a nuisance in every case. If you think your schufa data is not presentable, or you do not want a note on the credit in your schufa file, you can apply for a credit without schufa at mutuel finance .

where the schufa data comes from? Many thousands of companies, such as mail-order companies and energy suppliers, are schufa partners and pass on information and customer data to the credit agency. A lot of information comes together: well over 600 million pieces of information are collected by schufa. information on credit without schufa is of course not part of it.

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