Changing car insurance the right way: what the experts say

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It’s not long now until the deadline of 30. November 2019. Up until this date, motorists in this country can still change their car insurance and save several hundred euros per year, depending on the preliminary rate.

Comparison portals on the web relieve car owners of a large part of the work and make it easy to change insurers. It pays to compare prices starting in the fall. Because then the insurers will be courting new customers again.

Be sure to observe the deadline for switching by the end of november

In germany, motor vehicle liability insurance is a legal requirement and, in addition to the recommended additional partial or fully comprehensive insurance, incurs high annual costs, depending on the car and the specific contract.

This alone is sufficient reason to consider a change. According to a statista survey from 2016, German citizens do this most frequently in 72% of cases because of the lower costs of the new contract.

It’s hard to believe: although a change can actually save several hundred euros a year, depending on the provider and the length of time since the contract was concluded, 40% of those surveyed in a statista poll in 2017 said they had never changed their car insurance.

This is alarming and frightening at the same time, because the cheapest and most powerful car insurances can nowadays easily be found on comparison portals on the net. The only important thing is that those who want to change their existing car insurance policy must observe the one-month notice period to the 30th day after the policy expires. November of each year. In this case, the current policy ends regularly on 31 December. December.

A good car insurance policy should meet these criteria

In addition to this ordinary termination, there are also extraordinary termination scenarios such as the ones below:

  1. The premium was increased
  2. There has been a claim
  3. A new car was purchased

By the way, there is no right to special termination of the car insurance in case of a move – even if the regional class should deteriorate.

A good car insurance policy should meet these criteria

Regardless of the type of cancellation, policyholders should take a good look at their new car insurance before switching, so as not to fall victim to any deceptive packaging.

Good insurance policies are characterized by below-average costs despite comprehensive benefits, but still include increased coverage amounts for maximum protection. In addition, the so-called mallorca policy should also be included, which raises the sum insured for rented cars in other EU countries to the German level.

Less important, but still dependent on individual preferences, are the following features, among others:

  • discount protection
  • Extended damage due to wildlife accidents
  • Car insurance

How to successfully change your car insurance step by step

If you want to change your car insurance and save a lot of money, you should check the current insurance offers for your car on a comparison portal now in the fall. Because the suppliers are already starting their bidding wars, which is pushing down prices.

For example, the practical helpers in the network first check the following:

  1. Type of vehicle
  2. Use of the vehicle
  3. Number of drivers

The most favorable suppliers are listed below. But beware: not every comparison portal has every insurer up its sleeve, so it is definitely worthwhile to use several portals.

In addition to the skeptical customer reviews of the individual insurers, it is worth noting that the most favorable provider is not always shown at the top due to sponsored entries.

The actual change is then quick: first the new contract should be concluded and confirmed. The old contract will only be cancelled in writing after the new one has been made. Whether by letter or by e-mail, each car insurer determines for itself. But modern comparison portals also do this automatically for their customers.

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