Change car insurance

A change can be very worthwhile
if you order by 30. If you change your car insurance in November, you may save a lot of money. When and how you can change, you can find out here.

Cancel your car insurance in due time

The 30. November is in most cases the deadline for customers who want to change their car insurance. This is the day until which policies can be cancelled, subject to the end of year cancellation period (read more here). However, not all contracts can be cancelled on this date. In recent years, some providers have stopped aligning the insurance year with the calendar year. These policies can be cancelled annually on the date of the conclusion of the contract. In case of doubt, it is therefore advisable to take a look at the contract.

Why it is worth changing?

Almost every motorist can save money by changing their car insurance provider. The market is fiercely competitive, prices are in a constant state of flux. Even if you switched to the cheapest provider last year, you should still compare rates. Last year’s cheapest provider does not necessarily have to be this year’s cheapest provider! In addition, numerous providers are wooing new customers with discounts, some of which are substantial. These new customer discounts alone are often enough to make changing car insurance seem lucrative.

Change of car insurance by special right of termination

In numerous situations you can also change your car insurance at other dates. However, you must then make use of your special right of termination. This is possible, for example, if you want to decommission or sell your insured vehicle. In this case, immediate cancellation is possible. There is then freedom of choice when selecting the insurer for the new vehicle. In the event of a claim, both sides have a special right of termination; in this case, both you and your insurance company can terminate the contract without notice.
Extraordinary cancellation is also possible if your insurance company increases its prices. This is true even if the price goes up only because of the classification in a less favorable type class. In such situations, you can always cancel your current insurance and switch to another insurance company.

A change is quick

If you want to change your car insurance, you can cancel your old contract without hesitation, even before you have decided on a new provider. The insurances are subject to a contracting obligation, so a new provider can always be found quickly. Please use our car insurance calculator for your search. with this calculator you will find the cheapest insurance with just a few clicks.

if you want to register a new car, you should start looking for a new car insurance before you cancel your contract. Because in order to register the car at all, you need an insurance confirmation card (double card) from your new insurance company.

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