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Various accident situations raise several questions. In our guidebooks, you can find out how to protect yourself against this problem. B. The right way to behave in case of a dangerous goods accident, whether in case of a rear-end collision with a fine as a consequence always the rear-end driver is to blame or how to settle an accident abroad. Select your topic now:

Things to know about how to behave at the scene of an accident& for the settlement of claims

Do you have to look for always call the police in case of an accident? How to make an accident sketch and can you still have a total loss repaired? In the accident guides on bussgeld-info.De get all important information. Select your topic now:

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Car breakdown: what to do if your own vehicle breaks down?

A serious accident often results in more than just fender benders

A serious accident often results in more than just damage to the bodywork.

It happens in road traffic every now and then, that the vehicle does not want to. by ignoring the warning light of the petrol tank for too long or waiting for a cheaper petrol station you will be left behind. Or one suffers a car breakdown, which of course also leads to the immobilization of the vehicle. Often a dead or broken starter battery is the cause of this, therefore it is advisable to have this check often.

If the vehicle has actually broken down due to your own laziness or simply due to bad luck, it is important to insure the vehicle car as quickly as possible. However, you should not act in a hectic and headless manner, because this increases the risk of an accident, as does the failure to secure the vehicle. If it is still possible before the complete inoperability of the vehicle to move onto a hard shoulder or into a lay-by to steer, one should do so. parties involved should secure the scene of the accident in such a way that they can do not endanger yourself.

The passengers themselves should carefully get out of the vehicle and leave the lane completely, i.e. at best behind a crash barrier wait for help. With regard to insuring the car, it should be remembered that the warning triangle on country roads, the distance to the broken-down car is approximately 100 meters and on highways at least 150 meters. In addition, the hazard warning lights must be switched on as soon as possible, if they are fitted to the vehicle. Otherwise it is possible, turn on the direction indicators or place a warning light next to the broken down car. Is the vehicle directly coming to a standstill behind a curve should still be a warning sign set up in front of the curve, to give other vehicles sufficient warning.

Secure the car vehicle not correctly off and makes it recognizable as an obstacle, waits a fine of 30 euros on the driver.

hit and run: these penalties

Hit and run may result in a fine

Hit and run can mean a fine.

If you are involved in an accident or even if it is your own fault, you must in any case sufficient time to remain at the scene of an accident, otherwise you are guilty of leaving the scene of an accident without permission according to the stvo. You should stay there until you are able to give the other road user involved in the accident, has disclosed his personal data. if the other driver is not at the vehicle at that time, you must wait for him/her. The waiting period depends on the severity of the accident and is thus between a quarter of an hour up to more than two hours. However, if you do commit the offense of hit-and-run, you may be liable for up to three points in flensburg.

However, if such a violation is considered a criminal offense, a hit-and-run accident can also result in a fine be prosecuted for. This can take the form of a fine or imprisonment take place.

hit and run for drivers during their probationary period

novice drivers during their probationary period must pay particular attention in the event of an accident for which they themselves are responsible. Not only many violations, that could lead to an accident, such as driving after drinking alcohol, driving in the wrong direction on freeways or freeways, or coming to a complete disregarding the right of way of another road user with simultaneous endangerment represent a A-offense dar. An important point in the list of A-violations is also the hit and run. Finally, the novice drivers take responsibility for your actions, if you have caused an accident.

In addition to the fine notice the probationary period is automatically extended by two years. In addition, the participation in an advanced seminar is prescribed, which consists of four 135-minute meetings. The registration to a such training should not be neglected, as you have to wear a exceeding the time limit his driving license loses.

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accident statistics: this is how many traffic accidents happen in germany

Involved in an accident with a bicycle? This is how you should act

Personal injury in a bicycle accident is not uncommon

personal injury in a bicycle accident is not uncommon.

Fortunately, the number of bicycle accidents in germany in 2012 was higher than in the previous year a little less accidents with bicycles in road traffic instead of. Not so nice, however, is the fact that it comes with far more cyclists with serious injuries came from it, than still in 2011. In 2010 the number of of the seriously injured already decreased to 515 road users, but then increased dramatically in 2011 to 655 serious injuries. The new increase to 684 serious injuries in 2012 is not so serious, but the absolute number is frightening for some cyclists. There were also four more deaths on the road than in the previous year, i.e. a full 15 deaths.

You notice that cycling on the road is associated with a particular risk, since the number of personal injuries in the case of accidents involving cyclists are disproportionately high compared to personal injuries in general traffic accidents on german roads is. Curiously, however, there are not very many personal injuries in accidents involving electric bicyclists. Of course, the high number of injured cyclists can be explained by the fact that they are not surrounded by a protective space as is the case with cars. A fatal traffic accident is therefore statistically more frequent among cyclists.

Despite the many personal injuries sustained by cyclists in road traffic, one can not alone the supposedly careless drivers put the blame for it. Quite the opposite are slightly more cyclists responsible for accidents with vehicles. it is not particularly surprising that many of these accident causers the 15. have not yet reached the age of 18.

risk group: children riding bicycles

Children can risks not so exact after all like adults, are easily distracted and have not yet gained much experience in road traffic. The rules of the road that children learn with the so-called bicycle driving license in the school time have met, possibly either not taken very seriously or have already been forgotten.

At bicycle license moreover, it is not an official certificate and there is no obligation to do so, the cycling test to take or even pass a test at all. As a responsible parent, however, you should pay attention to the following, that the child passes this cycling test and at best you keep reminding it of important road rules. The child should also be aware that not all road users drive carefully, it should also have a good view of the traffic itself. Furthermore, it should be made clear to the child that it will not get off as lightly as the car driver in the event of an accident, as it is not surrounded by any protection. Last but not least, the child should always be encouraged to take or to wear a safety helmet.

FAQ – catalog of fines for accidents

A traffic accident can be accompanied by a series of offenses sanctioned under the criminal code. These are, for example: hit and run, failure to render assistance, negligent bodily injury or negligent homicide

First of all, the site of the accident must be secured, if possible, so that no consequential accidents occur. Therefore, motorists are required to carry a warning triangle at all times.

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