Car valuation – free of charge and online!

Through our input mask you can give us all the necessary vehicle data and your telephone number. We need information about the make and model of your car, the age of the car, the mileage, the optional equipment, the condition of the car, any previous accidents and repairs. Now send us the request!

2. Live car valuation

Car valuation - free of charge and online!

An expert employee will contact you to perform the live car purchase valuation with you. In this step you can discuss and clarify existing ambiguities. The 100 percent correct valuation method allows us to give you a fixed price for the car purchase. You can accept this offer within a cooling-off period.

3. Collection and payment

Car valuation - free of charge and online!

Immediately after the offer is accepted, you will receive an order in which all vehicle data and contractual conditions are recorded. Now you can tell us your preferred delivery date and payment method. The car purchase is thus completed!

Your advantages with auto purchase live

Personal contact

At autoankauf live you always have a personal contact person who is at your disposal from the first step to the conclusion of the transaction.


You can deregister your car ahead of time or hand over the work to us. We will be happy to deregister your car within two working days and send you the deregistration confirmation by e-mail.

Flexible handover date

If you wish, we will pick up your vehicle as soon as possible or at a later date of your choice. the way you want it.

Collection included

After making an appointment we will pick up your car comfortably from your place of residence. If you wish, you can also show the vehicle in our buying station.


With us you have the possibility between a cash payment or one lightning transfer to your account. You have the choice. Serious and safely!

No tempting offers – final price!

There are no annoying renegotiations and no lure offers! We evaluate your car in advance and binding on the basis of your data.

Questions about our car purchase live?

You can reach us between 9 am – 6 pm at the following telephone number:

0203 9751 3000

Or by mail to:

Car valuation with car purchase live !

You need a car valuation for various purposes? Gladly! The only question is what is your car worth?. But what is the quickest and easiest way to find out the vehicle’s value?? Exactly on this – on the car valuation or. We are specialized in car purchase. Our staff is specially trained and can tell you exactly how we value your car. For this you only have to fill out the inquiry form. You will receive a free vehicle evaluation from us as soon as possible. You will receive a fixed offer for the residual value / current value of your car!!

The car valuation depends among other things on the following factors:

Vehicle age

It is important which year of construction your vehicle has


The amount of mileage is important to determine the value of the car

Make and model

the make and model of your vehicle plays a relevant role


In what condition is your car. Where are defects?


The engine and the power KW/PS

Special equipment

Does your car have special equipment


What has been repaired on the car? Is it a new car? Accident car?


A special color increases the value of your vehicle

demand in certain countries

For some makes and models there is a higher demand in certain countries


Is the main inspection& exhaust emission test still available or due?

Vehicle age

Brand& model





Special equipment


Demand in certain countries


We take into account all details for the car valuation. However, it is not easy for a layman to look into this system and determine the exact residual value. For this reason we have our free online car valuation, with the help of which you can have your car valued and find out the current list price.

What is the further procedure and
what information is needed for a car valuation?

You are of course wondering what the valuation for your car might look like. This question is asked by many car owners who are about to change cars. In the past it was difficult to get an answer. Thanks to digital programs we have created transparency on the market and it is now possible for us to evaluate the car in a short time. In addition no registration necessary on our side. Of course, everything is free and without obligation for you. Our vehicle evaluation is not a normal evaluation, but a live vehicle valuation. Our valuable difference: no online valuation by means of a calculator, but personal contacts who evaluate your car individually and online! And the free of charge! As a result, no demonstration in a purchase station is necessary. A competent employee will contact you by phone and analyze your car together with you to make you an offer. This offer will be valid for a limited period of time. The mentioned price is a fixed price! This means that there will be no more renegotiation..

How is the car appraisal done and why do we not use an online calculator for the appraisal??

Surely you are also wondering how to calculate the car valuation in the end. The price is calculated without any online calculator! For information: in an online calculator, numerous vehicle models are compared through the database. The average value of a vehicle model is calculated. Therefore the price is mostly inaccurate and imprecise. Thereupon again a margin is put on it, whereby the customers are to be lured. This is also the reason that the online car valuation that you get can never be kept!

Therefore, we do not work with the so-called bait-and-switch strategy. That means we do not lure you with high prices! Vehicle value is determined based on the history, damage or defects of the vehicle and the equipment that the vehicle has. If you do not know the exact equipment of your car, we can check the equipment on the basis of the chassis number. The more information you have about your car, the more accurate the valuation will be. The car valuation takes place online and immediately!

Vehicle value-measuring

For the evaluation of your car you can expect among other things the following questions when selling a car:

  • Has the vehicle been serviced annually?
  • If invoices are available?
  • When is the next main inspection (TuV) due??
  • Does the vehicle have technical and/or optical defects??
  • Is your car equipped with 8 tires?
  • Is your car still registered?

By the mentioned characteristics we can evaluate your vehicle afterwards exactly.
Therefore, we ask you to tell us in advance, as best you can, all the characteristics of your car, good or bad.

What influence do damages and traces of use have on the car valuation??

You need to make sure what condition your vehicle is in before you do the car valuation. For smaller paint defects, a little smart-repair or an exterior polish from a professional is sufficient. So minor scratches and dents are removed. Of course, when selling the vehicle, it would be profitable to have the defects repaired. A fresh main inspection also increases the value of the vehicle. If major repairs are pending that cost more than the vehicle itself, it would obviously not be worth it. Then the distinction would be important, how then traces of use from defects or. Damages to distinguish are. For this we have analyzed a lot of data and created a detailed page in our blog.

If you have any further questions about car valuation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your personal contact person will be happy to have your car appraised.

Alternative methods for valuing your car:

1. Live car valuation by auto purchase live: no online prices, no bait-and-switch strategy, no unsustainable promises, absolute transparency and convenience are our key factors for car valuation! To be able to realize this, we prefer the live vehicle valuation. This means that your personal contact person takes a detailed look at the vehicle and makes you an online purchase offer without you leaving your house with the car.

2. Dekra vehicle valuation: dekra also offers a vehicle valuation service. This is however charge. For more information on the dekra vehicle valuation, please visit the dekra website (here) and visit a dekra branch near you.

3. Car valuation with the schwacke list: the schwacke-list is one way to get your car valued. However this is chargeable. We have created another page for you on this topic. For more information on the schwacke list, you can inquire here (click on the link here for more information on car valuation with schwacke).

4. Car valuation with DAT: DAT – deutsche automobil treuhand gmbh also offers an car valuation on their homepage. There you can enter your data and get an online price for your car, whereupon three options are suggested to you: have the car valued by a DAT expert, have the car repaired at a quality workshop and sell it to a dealer. If you click on the sale, you will be redirected to a bank that can buy your car. But again, the online car valuation is not binding, but the actual valuation is done at a dealership. And there the price can change again.

5. car rating via mobile and autoscout: there are two ways to rate your car via mobile and autoscout. The first option is the online valuation, which is followed by a further valuation via the dealer. However, you can only get the car valuation from the dealer on the spot. another possibility is to compare online advertisements, but for a layman it will be extremely difficult to find good references here.

6. Trade-in and valuation at the dealership: if you are about to change your car, you can also have your old used car appraised at the dealership where you want to buy your new car. However, it is usually necessary that you also buy a new car in the dealership.

7. Car valuation via online portals: there are various online portals that try to rate your car online. In most cases, however, the actual prices are far from the online prices.

8. ADAC used car valuation: the ADAC used car check or. We can recommend the used car evaluation. There, your car will be checked thoroughly and you will receive a car evaluation from the ADAC with regard to technical and optical defects. To do this, you must make an appointment with an ADAC office.

No matter how and where you want to evaluate your car, get a non-binding and free comparison offer through us. The car valuation of autoankauf live is quite accurate. Our purchasing policy is usually above the average dealer purchase price. Compare your car valuation now!

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