Car repair cost trap: german premium manufacturers take a big hit

car repair cost trap: these german manufacturers are really expensive

That the repair of a premium vehicle costs more than that of a cars of a volume manufacturer, is of course unsurprising. Nevertheless is at the CR study interesting, like the price differences are striking in part are. The data in the CR report are based on estimated repair costs from repairpal, a major provider of car repair and maintenance information for consumers in the u.s.

Cost trap for car repairs: components are often difficult to access

According to the report, it is by no means just the cost of parts that is the most important factor in the high repair costs worry. Sometimes even for the exchange common parts like starter, battery or spark plugs a enormous time expenditure required. Among other things, this may have to do with a larger engine or with components that are connected to the hard-to-reach places are installed in order to weight distribution in the vehicle in favor of good handling. "these decisions make it more difficult for mechanics to access parts," explains CR chief mechanic john ibbotson, "and can turn a simple 2-hour repair into a 6-hour ordeal." so if you buy a used luxury car with a surprisingly low purchase price could see a expensive upcoming repair be the reason.

Examined were the cost of repairs, especially would occur frequently – about the exchange of an air-conditioning compressor. In the average according to CR, 1.211 U.S. dollars (1001 euros) is due. For a BMW 750li but this repair costs 4.453 U.S. dollars (3666 euros) – that is, far more than triple. Also the lexus gs450h (3.693 US dollars) and the mercedes-benz E 400 (3.684 U.S. dollars) are well above the average here. (massive criticism of BMW grille: this is how the design chief responds to fan rage)

With the alternator the picture looks similar: here lies the repairpal average at 825 U.S. dollars (682 euros). With the porsche cayenne beats the exchange but with 2.810 US dollars (2.323 euros), with the BMW M760 ixdrive still with 2.669 US-dollars (2206 euro).

car repair cost trap: a japanese car is also ahead in one category

Must the starter motor If the vehicle is exchanged, drivers of an audi RS5 with 2.708 US-dollar (2238 euro) the deepest into the pocket. owners of a mercedes-benz GL63 AMG come with 2.695 US dollars (2227 euros) not really cheaper away. Almost a bargain is the starter motor replacement at the porsche panamera for "only" 1.376 US dollars (1137 euros). But even that is more than twice as expensive as the average price of 630 US dollars. (porsche driver without winter tires gets stuck on highway – his excuse is unique)

After all, when it comes to shock absorber and feather legs is priced at japanese at the top. While the nissan GT-R be cheaper to buy than many others super sports car – but this is where nissan goes the extra mile: 5.867 U.S. dollars (4848 euros) are paid here for a exchange due. That’s more than six times as much as the average with 937 US dollars (774 euros). The second place went to the porsche panamera made, a swap beats here with 4.808 U.S. dollars (3973 euros) to be booked. (porsche panamera all four wheels are stolen – although it was fenced by barbed wire)

So if you want the buy of a used premium vehicle plans, should inform themselves thoroughly beforehand üabout a possible maintenance backlog – and maybe the car too have your car checked by an expert. Even if it costs a few euros in the end this expertise can save a small fortune.

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