Car hire mallorca: car hire in mallorca made easy

With these tips, car rental in mallorca is a success

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Discovering mallorca with a rental car is easy and optimal to explore the popular vacation island extensively. We show you how easy and uncomplicated it is to rent a car in mallorca and what you should know and keep in mind about the rental car.

Why you should use a rental car in mallorca

Mallorca is varied and diverse. It is a pity to spend your family vacation in one place only. There are bus connections, but the routes are long and not so easy to use without knowledge of spanish. A car rental in mallorca offers some advantages:

transport your luggage in the rental car at the airport and drive relaxed to your accommodation.

✓ explore the island individually, be captivated by different vegetation and beautiful bays and beaches.

absolute flexibility and explore the balearic island at your own pace. if you or the kids don’t feel like it anymore, it’s easy to go back to the accommodation.

with the rental car you can reach almost any destination on the island and are independent of the limited and sometimes complicated bus connections.

excursions with a rental car are comfortable and save you unnecessary lugging of beach or other excursion equipment. Because what you do not need at the moment, you simply lock in the trunk. Also you have bought snacks and drinks always directly with on board.

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where to rent a car in mallorca?

The easiest and most common place, to get a to rent a car in mallorca, the palma de mallorca airport. Here you can pick up the vehicle directly after your arrival in walking distance.

Alternatively, you can rent the car near your accommodation. In there are car rental companies in every major vacation resort on mallorca. car rental is possible in alcudia, cala d’or, cala millor, cala ratjada, can picafort, paguera, palma de mallorca, sa coma and santa ponsa, among others.

renting a car directly at your vacation destination makes sense, for example, if you already have a shuttle included in your booked (package) tour, or because you only need a rental car for a few days of your vacation. The place and the duration you can determine quite flexible yourself.

Another possibility is that you can get the rent a car directly to the hotel let. some providers offer this free of charge, with others you pay a surcharge.

providers for a rental car on mallorca

If you have been on the road with a rental car before? Do you have any experience with car rental companies?? Otherwise we advise you to rent a car from reputable providers, so that no unpleasant surprises or unexpected costs await you on site.

On the balearic island there are numerous, well-known rental companies, where you can rent a car. We personally have always had very good and uncomplicated experiences with tuicars*. Alternatively, there are also providers such as AVIS*, europcar* and sunnycars*.

what to look for when renting a car in mallorca

When renting a vehicle, make sure that you have the required minimum age, otherwise the rental car will not be handed over to you on site. In addition, it makes sense to rent a enter additional driver to let (which is often even possible free of charge). It can happen on the way always times that the driver for example umknickt and can not continue to drive.

When renting a car you should also have the right vehicle class in mind. Make sure that the car not only has enough seats for all travelers, but also that the luggage finds place, if you want to pick up the rental car directly at the airport. a small trunk is not a good idea for a family of four.

Take a look at the free kilometers indicated. Estimate your planned routes. even if mallorca is not huge, the driven kilometers add up fast. The additional payment of kilometers is possible, but relatively expensive. Accordingly plan the kilometers generously or choose an offer with unlimited free mileage.

Depending on the age of your children, consider beforehand whether the rent from child seat or a booster seat makes sense for you, or whether you take it from home. Then you can already use it on the plane. If you want to rent child seats, you can indicate this directly when booking the rental car.

Take a look at the fuel regime. As a rule, the most customer-friendly refueling arrangement is to take over a fully fueled car and return it in the same way. As the day of departure can quickly become stressful, it is best to check in advance where you can refuel the car before dropping it off, otherwise you may incur substantial additional costs.

When renting a car, make sure that you have a adequate insurance cover choose. A small scratch can happen quickly and can be quite expensive. With an included fully comprehensive insurance without excess you are on the safe side.

A last tip deposit must often be deposited by credit card. Make sure credit card sufficiently covered is and you can pin your.

Tips for driving a car with children

The driving in mallorca is by and large relatively relaxed. The traffic rules are simple and so is the navigation.

Some stretches on the island are quite curvy, these include the coastal road MA-10 in the west of the island, the route through the tramuntana mountains or the road to cap de formentor. If you know that your children will not tolerate it well, stock up on travel tablets/gum in advance and administer them before you start your trip. Note here that fatigue can occur as a side effect.

The driving a rental car in mallorca with children is actually not much different than driving a car with children at home. drinks, snacks (preferably not crumbs) and entertainment should be stowed within easy reach.

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Useful information for a family vacation in mallorca

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