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Sono COO Thomas Hausch sees opportunities for car dealerships as partners of Sono Motors above all in service

It will probably be a while before the dealership's yards are filled with new cars again. The ZDK does not expect the supply bottlenecks to ease until summer 2022

Ramsperger Automobile has been a VW dealer for a good 70 years. The parent company in Kirchheim unter Teck is still active, but is now being modernized

The big car dealers 2021

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Sono COO Thomas Hausch sees opportunities for car dealerships as partners of Sono Motors, especially in service

It will probably be some time before dealers' yards fill up with new cars again. The ZDK does not expect supply bottlenecks to ease until summer 2022

Ramsperger Automobile has been a VW dealer for a good 70 years. The parent company in Kirchheim unter Teck is still active, but is now being modernized

The major car dealers in 2021

The premises of the Potthoff dealership cover more than 100,000 square meters

the major car dealers 2021

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Relatively well-utilized workshops on the one hand and closed salesrooms on the other. The latter in particular inevitably had a negative impact on the mood of many contract partners

Industry index december 2021

Thanks to the tire changing season, automotive businesses were well utilized during the last survey period

The chip crisis also had a full impact on dealers' business in October: In the past, the showrooms of many contract partners were already stocked with significantly more vehicles

Car dealer

Industry index september 2021

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Car dealer

Among other things, home offices and fewer business trips are likely to be responsible for the reduced traffic volume

Should repair shops install or reject spare parts brought in by customers? There is always debate about this in the automotive industry

Parts, parts, parts - which product is used for repair or maintenance depends largely on the workshop. Customers predominantly trust this choice

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corona loosening with falling incidences rising hopes of auto dealers

The federal emergency brake still applies almost everywhere. But because the number of newly infected is gradually falling nationwide, the first states are making plans for relaxation. But they are not proceeding uniformly.

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In some places, car dealers will soon be able to put away the barrier tapes for the time being.

Schleswig-holstein has made it, lower saxony and also hamburg: there, the state incidences are well below 100. The number of corona reinfected is also slowly falling in other federal states. From a stable seven-day incidence of less than 100, the since 24. April the existing federal emergency brake will be suspended, and the corona protection regulations of the federal states will take effect again.

Schleswig-Holstein has already introduced far-reaching relaxation measures, and Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria intend to follow suit. However, the state governments plan this quite differently. And that has consequences for the automotive trade.

Among other things, BadenWurttemberg plans to open retail stores if the incidence is below 100 for five consecutive days. The ministry of social affairs presented a corresponding key point paper on Wednesday to business associations, including the regional motor vehicle association. measures envisioned therein are to be included in the new county ordinance, which will be necessary starting in mid-may.

"for the motor vehicle trade, this means that it may be opened if the county-wide incidences are stable below 100. For the first time, we now have a perspective for opening up again," said carsten beub, chief executive of the motor trade in baden-wurttemberg. The national incidence is currently over 160. by mid may, the baden-wurttemberg ministry of social affairs expects the value to be under 100.

Bavaria only provides for relaxations for culture and gastronomy

Bavaria, on the other hand, has now presented a draft for its new corona protection ordinance, which only contains relaxations for restaurants and culture, but none for the retail trade. If the draft were to be implemented in Bavaria, the current regulations would remain in force for retailers for quite some time.

Because the retail trade may open according to it in Bavaria with an incidence of 50 to 100 of a circle or a circle-free city only by click and meet. By 150, customers must then also submit a daily negative corona test. According to the current status, car dealerships will only be allowed to open their doors to customers when the incidence values are stable at below 50. When and whether these values will be reached at all is not foreseeable. Currently, the state incidence in Bavaria is over 130.

"simply no longer communicable"

the bavarian automotive industry reacted with corresponding anger to the state government’s plans. Although one has understanding for the relaxation in favor of culture and gastronomy. "But the fact that at the same time the trade is being completely excluded from possible facilitations is simply no longer comprehensible to the medium-sized automotive guilds," said albert vetterl, president of the bavarian automotive trade.

The submitted draft of the cabinet does not offer an opening perspective and is not comprehensible. dealerships with their several 1.000 square meters of sales areas, often located in the open air, in conjunction with tried-and-tested hygiene concepts and digital contact tracking, do not drive infection. The RKI also refers to this.

Still, the roughly 7.The Ministry of Social Affairs presented a paper on this subject to business associations, including the Bavarian Association of Motor Vehicle Dealerships. vetterl said that the 000 Bavarian motor vehicle guilds are now continuing to fight for their economic survival, after an extremely difficult year in 2020 and the loss of the spring business in 2021, which can hardly be compensated for.

"the chance to now at least start the second half of 2021 with an orderly economic and personnel plan is being ruined by the state government," he said. Against the backdrop of the current collective bargaining negotiations, this is not a good starting position and is endangering the approximately 140.000 apprenticeships and jobs.

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