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There are a total of five racing classes in need for speed payback, for each of which there are matching cars. These are briefly presented here:

  • racers: racers are regular car racing. These take place on asphalted roads. The cars used for this class are therefore balanced allrounders.
  • Offroad: offroad is – as the name suggests – about racing in need for speed payback off the road take place. the cars of this class are also suitable for high speeds, on gravel or sand they stay stable during jumps as well.
  • drag: drag races are competitions in which the aim is to achieve the best possible results over a short distance high speeds to reach. So the cars in this class have powerful acceleration and, above all, nitro on board.
  • Drift: in drift competitions you must have a car that is fast and allows rapid changes of direction, so that you can drive it skillfully through the winding curves can.
  • runner: the runner events are mostly getaway missions, in which you will have to deal with the police. That’s why the racers in need for speed payback look discreet here, but have plenty of power and precise handling.
car dealer

screenshot from need for speed payback

The dealers in need for speed payback

For each of the racing classes, there is a suitable car dealer in need for speed payback. We tell you where to find the dealers.

Found: racer-dealers

map from need for speed payback

The racer dealer (red symbol on the map) you will find in the north of the game world, near ember peak.

location: offroad dealer

map from need for speed payback

The offroad dealer (pink symbol on the map) you will find in the desert region of need for speed payback. From the solar park to the south or from the fortune valley train station to the west, you can stock up on rally-ready cars.

location: drag merchant

card from need for speed payback

The drag dealer (yellow-orange symbol on the map) you will find silver rock in the city directly. go there to the eastern part of the metropolis to the billionaire’s row.

Where to find: drift merchant

card from need for speed payback

The drift dealer (green symbol on the map of need for speed payback) is also located in silver rock. you will find it in the western part of the city, in the district lakeside.

location: runner-dealer

map from need for speed payback

The runner dealer (blue symbol on the map) finally you will also find in silver rock. To do this, drive to the southeastern part of the city, to the rustway district, in order to stock up on carts suitable for escape vehicles.

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There are no more than these five car dealers to be found in need for speed payback. But if you still want to use the open world explore further if you want to know where you can find all the gas stations, where the billboards are hidden in the game world or where you can collect the gambler’s chips, we will tell you elsewhere.

Instead, if you’re looking for the hunt for the wracks if you want to make legendary sports cars out of them, then take a look at our guide to finding the wreckage parts.

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