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Fair Flicker Augsburg


an event organized by konzertburo augsburg and kinoburo augsburg.

FAIR FLASHING: catapults the visitors back into the past – into a world in which one could still marvel at the films on the big screen in the drive-in cinema. Film fans, car lovers and all nostalgics are invited to this event to enjoy cinematic entertainment at its best in an unforgettable ambience.

FAIR FLIMMING is more than a drive-in theater!

In addition we have concerts and shows famous artists, like gunter grunwald, bulent ceylan, the teddy show, rolf miller, willy astor, sebastian reich& amanda, klupfel& kobr, erkan and stefan and many more. This turns a simple drive-in cinema into southern germany’s outdoor pop stage nr. 1 for concerts, shows and film highlights!

MESSEFLIMMING: the most modern technology and sound!

We project with the latest digital technology on two large screens. Best view of the respective screen. your own car becomes a surround system and you receive the sound via your car radio. The reception via FM/FM must be available in the car or. To be adjustable.

Fair flicker Augsburg

FAIR FLASHING : basic rules

the basic condition for the realization of the fair flicker is the strict observance of the currently valid safety regulations and the consideration of the currently special rules of behavior in public space.

Visit only in the car: maximum 2 persons per car. own children can be in the car in addition to the maximum of two adults. distance between cars basically 1,5 meter. Windows and ceilings are to be kept closed. The FSK and youth protection regulations must be observed. Please remember to bring photo IDs for all passengers, as there may be official controls.

There are only online/ print@home tickets. The scan of the tickets will be done on the spot through the closed car window. The payment is exclusively cashless (EC card, visa card, mastercard, VPAY, maestro).

food and drinks can be pre-ordered online. The handing over of the packed food and drinks will be done contactless.

Car (1)

car – distance: 1,50 m. We instruct you.

Car – number of occupants: a maximum of 2 adults are allowed per car families (2 parents + own children up to 14 years) children are an exception to this rule.

Car – instruction manual, brake light: take the car manual with you – important, how does the radio work when the interior lights are off?. no foot on the brake. the brake light disturbs the rear bystanders.

car – cabriolets: convertibles must keep the top closed (sorry, but because of corona this is mandatory).

Car – carsharing: use carsharing. Do not come alone, take friend/girlfriend with you. This is more fun and even without your own car you can come to the trade fair flicker.

aerial view of the augsburg trade show (top): photographer: eckhart matthaus. Image copyright: augsburger schwabenhallen messe- und veranstaltungsgesellschaft mbh.

car (2)

Car – blanket etc.: another tip: the evenings can get cold, sleeping bag, blanket and pillow belong in the trunk of the car.

Car – miscellaneous: does the windshield wiper work in rain when everything is off?? Hopefully you can leave earlier resp. Coming out by car? Spare radios? In case your own car radio does not work, we have a few spare radios for rent. In that case please only one person come to the infopoint.

car – vehicle height: on the fairground we will try to arrange the vehicles in a way that the view is not obstructed as far as possible. Should there still be massive visibility restrictions, we ask you to contact our staff on site. We usually find adequate solutions on site. Please be patient until we have filled most of the area.

Car – note to service: via flashing light.

Car – dogs / cats: are allowed if there is no other way. However, you are not allowed to leave the car!

car (3)

Car – horns: please do not honk on the premises. flasher is allowed.

Car – running heating: those who need to run the heating or air conditioning use the back rows.

Car – volume: set the volume of the radio to an appropriate level. Please be considerate of the surrounding spectators. Smartphone/external radio with headphones would be alternative.

Car – engine: the engine of the vehicle must be switched off, the headlights switched off (also no parking lights). when leaving the area, please start the engine of your cars late if possible.

Car – garbage, deposit: please do not throw garbage out of the car or. Leave at the venue. bottles will not be taken back, please return empties to local retailers.

car (4)

Car – space allocation/ reservations: we usually place vehicles according to size: smaller vehicles in the front, larger ones in the back and, if necessary, in the back. On the side. Seat reservation is not possible due to technical reasons. The vehicle parking space will be assigned bindingly by our security personnel. However, our staff will instruct you in the best possible way on site, we promise!

Car – smoking: yes. Doors and windows must remain closed.

Car – discs: windows and doors must remain closed during the entire stay.

Car – parking lights, hazard lights: no parking lights, daytime running lights etc. Please keep the hazard warning lights off.

Car – jump start: we have special foreign start kits. if your car battery goes dead during the show, please contact the service staff. We keep a limited number of mobile battery chargers available.

FAIRFLASH: admission, tickets.

Admission: admission starts 60 minutes before the movie starts, be there early. first come, first serve.

Film start: with nightfall.

Frequency sound: the sound is transmitted directly to the car radio via a VHF frequency. The frequency will be communicated on the spot. A transmission over loudspeakers does not take place.

Ticket – cancellation: tickets will only be validated contactless through the windshield. Please hold the tickets against the window when entering the cinema. just hold your smartphone with the QR-code to the closed window and we will scan it.

Ticket – FSK: the age rating/age restriction of the films (FSK) must be respected in company of an adult children from 6 years are allowed to see films with FSK 12.

Ticket – validity vouchers: vouchers/free tickets for the kinodreieck augsburg and lechflimmern are not valid at the drive-in.

Ticket – multiple bookings: when buying tickets you can only buy tickets for 1 vehicle in one booking process, if you need tickets for another vehicle you have to book a second time.

Ticket – online sale: tickets are sold online only. Please do not arrive without ticket!

Ticket – rain: the performances always take place. in case of very heavy snowfall or heavy fog, the screening may have to be cancelled. In this case, we will issue so-called ‘fog tickets’, which will give you another free entry to the drive-in cinema.

Ticket – exchange: an exchange/cancellation of tickets is not possible. but you can pass on your ticket.

Tickets – severely disabled: severely disabled persons pay the normal admission price, no reduction will be granted. Persons with a registered ‘B’ in their handicapped pass will receive a free ticket from us for their escort.

Toilets on site: a maximum of 1 person is allowed in the restroom at a time. You are only allowed to leave the vehicle to go directly to the toilet. If there is a wait in front of the restroom, please keep a minimum distance of 1.50 meters from each other.

The Kangaroo Chronicles

MESSEFLIMMERN: meals and snacks

For hygienic reasons, we do not prepare fresh food on site at the fair flickers. However, we do offer two different menus so that you can enjoy a snack during the film. You can already purchase your menu online together with your cinema ticket. In the online store, at the end of the ordering process, you can directly choose your sandwich and drink and pay for your menu from the comfort of your own home. your selection will be ready for you at the gastro pick-up station.

We offer you different menus. Info coming soon! A mobile drive-in cinema is costly. We will be happy if you show solidarity and buy the snacks together with the tickets. snacks delivery service: not possible. you cannot have pizza delivered to the fairgrounds.

FAIR FLASHERS: marketing

Advertising at the fair flicker – a good idea! You are looking for a way to do something good for your employees during these unusual times? book autokino tickets for your teams and departments or use our exhibition flicker for exclusive drive-in incentives, seminars, lectures and other employee events.

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