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You can reach the team for questions about wheelchair transportation at:

service center cologne-porz

Our service office is open on the following
days available to you:

Vehicle order

Please keep in mind that our wheelchair vehicles are not always available immediately and order rides for fixed dates well in advance.

(bringing companions at no extra charge!)

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taxi& minicar call B.K. Service gmbh is your strong partner in the field of cab, radio rental cars and in the transport of wheelchair bound persons in cologne-porz

it is difficult for you as a wheelchair user to use a cab or rental car service?
We specialize, among other things, in the transportation of people who are dependent on a wheelchair.
We have professionally equipped vehicles in which it is possible to transport wheelchairs safely and comfortably in a seated position.
Thanks to the lift or. wheelchair ramp we can also transport you in your electric wheelchair without any problems. the low cut vehicle floor and the ramp allow you easy access to the vehicle.
trips to medical appointments, therapy facilities, visits to the cinema, trips to the family home, transportation to school or to the workplace, but also excursions, city tours, airport transfers should no longer be a problem.
We also see ourselves as a cab and car rental agency in cologne-porz which can be booked for all situations.

Vehicles for the wheelchair transport

Billing with all health insurance companies

Knowledge value

Information about the taxi& minicar call B.K. service gmbh

The taxi& minicar call B.K. Service gmbh currently supplies approx. 50 vehicles (30 independent companies) of which 5 vehicles for wheelchair transport with driving orders from the porz area. If you would also like to start your own business in the area of passenger transportation, are in possession of a valid cab or rental car permit for cologne and would like to join a central company that has been serving its customers in the Porz area of Cologne for over 50 years?
We also have to meet certain standards in order to remain competitive,
therefore your cab or rental car company should meet the following requirements:

possession of a valid cab or rental car permit
vehicle upper middle class and not older than 3 years
Should be able to accept all major credit cards
Should be able to account for sick trips.

If we have aroused your interest just contact us.

We are looking forward to your call!

Our transfer partners in cologne-porz offer a high quality fleet for passenger transportation, we arrange cabs and radio rental cars from the city area of cologne-porz. Whether limousine, business van or the simple minicar, our partner fleet is up to almost any requirement.
Up to 50 vehicles are available in Cologne-porz at almost any time of the day.

You can order the following vehicle classes from our transfer partners:

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