Buying an accident vehicle: tips for buying a used car

test the used car thoroughly at the time of inspection!

Who a used vehicle wants to buy, must take into account many factors. If the car has been involved in an accident, it is important to look very carefully: safety and price should be the most important criteria in this case. We tell you what you need to bear in mind when buying an accident vehicle.

analyze market offers

  • At the beginning is the market researchbefore you shortlist an offer, you should look into the classified ads on the internetor vehicles offered at the car dealer take a close look. The research will help you to get a comprehensive overview of the market offer to procure. A methodical procedure facilitates the search: choose a model, submit the age of the vehicle firmly and go! according to the law, sellers are obligated to declare an accident vehicle as such (however, the dark figure is very high) caution is advised). As accident car apply vehicles in an accident with a damage value of over 200 euros; the obligation to tender as an accident vehicle exists from an excess of the damage value of 1.500 euro.
  • Find out what percentage will be deducted from the normal selling price (after all, it is an accident car). It can also be advantageous to contact a insurance expert be the one to provide you with tips on fully and partially comprehensive insurance gives and explains how the vehicle is to be classified. As useful here can also read up in appropriate internet forums to the insurance coverage prove.

Buying a car

ask for any documents related to the car!

  • At the final sales talk you have to ask the seller detailed questions about the existing damages. How to successfully negotiate down the price, find out here. you are also entitled to present invoices, repair documentation and damage report to require. the damage report documents all vehicle damage. The repair summary will tell you if all the damage has been repaired. If the dealer is unable to provide you with any of these documents, it is safe to assume that the car has not been thoroughly inspected or professionally repaired. From the purchase in this case is strongly discouraged! If the vehicle has not yet been repaired, the selling price is often very favorable hobbyists should take action here.
  • After you have examined the documents, you need to do a test drive make. Test various features such as steering and braking performance on heart and kidneys. It also can’t hurt to go to a testing organization like the TuV or ADAC to have the car inspected here. For 50 to 150 euros, you can get a representative, meaningful statement on the condition of the vehicle.
  • If you are interested in an accident car, you should rely on the knowledge of a professional. experts you will find at TuV or dekra. Consideration can also be given to a specialist of your trusted car dealer come. The appraisal of an accident car by a (neutral) expert should be obligatory. If the expert gives the green light, you can buy the car and save (a lot of) money on the purchase.

Attention warranty!

There is a significant legal difference between a private purchase and a purchase from a dealer: when buying privately, the buyer has no right to warranty. You buy the car as you have seen it or as you bought it. As it is described in the purchase contract. All the more you must look closely at the inspection and ask specific questions about the condition of the car. Exception: in the case of fraudulent misrepresentation, d. H. That the seller has demonstrably concealed defects knowingly, you have the chance to return the car and get your money back. If you buy the car from the dealer, you must be guaranteed for the period of one year that the car was handed over to you free of defects. Any (new) faults and subsequent repairs must be paid for by the dealer.


Picture of checklist

make yourself a checklist with all the important questions!

The following list is intended as a guide to protect you from hidden defects:

  • the seller seems serious? What is the reputation of the dealership?
  • Is the car checkbook complete? repair overview and damage report are available? Have the service requirements been met??
  • mileage check: does it seem plausible given the age of the car? Low mileage on an older car indicates speedometer manipulation.
  • Are the tires worn on one side? This constitutes an indication of a warped track or. A misaligned chassis represents. A distorted track is also visible during the test drive: the car pulls to the right or to the left.
  • test drive: does the steering have play? Does the car accelerate and brake well? What condition are the shock absorbers in??
  • Can all doors be opened and closed silently?

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