Buy reimport vehicles – new cars at a low price

Reimport cars: advantages and disadvantages of EU vehicles

Buying a cheap car: a reimport from another european country can be a real bargain.

A new car is the dream of many car fans. The plus points are obvious: its equipment can be configured and so adapt it to the buyer’s needs, it hasn’t been driven by anyone else, it has the latest technology, and they benefit from the new car warranty.

But buyers also have to pay a lot for luxury dig deep into your pocket. For example, you can get a brand-new audi A4 from 31.650 euro, a VW tiguan from 26.575 euros and a mercedes-benz c-class from 31.868 euros. Even if there are now many ways of financing a car that can pay off such a sum in installments, it is nevertheless a matter of a major investment.

When looking for options to save money when buying a car, many interested parties stumble across offers for reimported vehicles. But what exactly does this term mean? In the following guide, we explain which advantages and disadvantages what to look out for when buying a reimported car, and how much money you can save.

FAQ: reimport

These are vehicles that were intended for sale abroad, but were returned to germany after the sale.

As a rule, the price level in the country in question and local taxes are decisive. Read here how much can be saved under certain circumstances.

When buying within the EU, the same rules apply as in Germany. It is important that the warranty certificate is available and that certain entries are in the service booklet.

You can buy a reimport both directly from a german dealer (e.g. a car dealer) and from a car dealer (e.g. a car dealer). B. At europe-mobile.De) as well as through an intermediary. The latter often only arranges contact with foreign car sellers, so that foreign law applies when buying a car. If you buy the reimport from a german dealer, german law applies. What advantages and disadvantages this has, you can find out here.

Specific advice on the subject of reimport vehicles

Car from a country in the EU: There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to new car reimports

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Used car reimport: Buying such cars involves a lot of administrative work

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If you buy a reimported new car, you can save a lot of money

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What is a reimport car?

It's not just the piggy bank that's happy about a reimported vehicle

Not only the piggy bank is happy about a reimported car.

A reimport vehicle is a vehicle that is not of the same quality as the original vehicle was manufactured in germany. Originally it was intended for sale abroad and was transferred there for this reason. However, the car is then brought back to germany – for this reason the process is called car-reimporting.

As a buyer, you have on the one hand the possibility to, driving abroad yourself, to buy the desired reimport car there and then bring it to germany. However, this process is involving a great deal of administrative work, which we will discuss in more detail later.

On the other hand, there are many dealers who specialize in selling such vehicles, which we will discuss in more detail later and also make offers for its financing. When you buy a reimport car at a dealership or through an agent, there is no need for the big administrative work for you – the dealer takes care of all the formalities, but of course expects payment for this. You should inform yourself in advance about different dealers and contact them so that you can make an informed decision.

Why you can save so much on car re-imports?

Probably the biggest advantage that you profit from when reimporting a vehicle is that some of the great discounts for new cars lure. As a rule you can get save 25 to 30 percent, sometimes there are – depending on the manufacturer and model – even up to 40 percent in it. But how does this big price difference come about??

First of all, it is important to note that the more favorable price for reimported cannot be justified by an inferior quality of the vehicles. The vehicles in question, such as a reimported SUV or van, are checked with the same care and attention to detail made in the same factories like their counterparts that were intended for sale in germany from the start.

Rather it is other factors, which make favorable reimports possible. This includes the following points:

  1. The price level in the country concerned
  2. The value added tax there
  3. Possible additional taxes

In contrast to many other EU countries, wages in Germany are quite high. As people have more money to spare, manufacturers can raise the price of cars accordingly. In countries where people live on average get lower wages – for example in poland – on the other hand, the prices are somewhat lowered. This is how manufacturers ensure that their vehicles can be sold in these countries as well. If new cars were too expensive, their sales would plummet.

Reimportation from Denmark or other EU countries is so cheap because of the differences in VAT

A reimport from Denmark or other EU countries is so cheap because of the differences in value added tax.

Another reason why you can save on a car re-import is because of the vat justified. In germany, this is 19 percent. However, in many EU countries this is higher, as the following list of some selected countries shows:

  • Denmark: 25 percent
  • Finland: 24 percent
  • Italy: 22 percent
  • Netherlands: 21 percent
  • Poland: 23 percent
  • Sweden: 25 percent

But why is this an advantage for german buyers?? Vehicle reimportation the buyer does not pay the value added tax of the country from which the car is imported, but that of the state in which the car is registered. If, for example, you buy a reimported vehicle from sweden, you do not pay the 25 percent value-added tax that is due there, but rather the the german rate of 19 percent – a saving of six percent. With a purchase price of 32.000 euro you could spend just over 900 euro – a considerable sum.

In countries like the netherlands or denmark however, there is one more point to consider regarding taxation. There, not only the value added tax is levied. It there are other additional taxes. In denmark, for example, a special registration tax applied when buying a new car. This is up to 180 percent and places a heavy burden on car buyers. So that the vehicles remain affordable there and the manufacturers can sell their cars to the man or woman, the net prices are mostly significantly below the german level.

Buying a car: the administrative burden of reimportation

You should not forget that the purchase of such a vehicle as a re-import requires you to go to the tax office in a timely manner

you should not forget that you have to go to the tax office promptly after the car reimportation.

Although the main reason for buying a car as a reimport is the great savings potential, you should not forget that the purchase of such a vehicle always involves a certain amount of administrative work. If you buy the car abroad and take care of the formalities yourself, you will have a lot of work to do.

First, of course, they have to take care of transfer of the car take care. A german short-term license plate is not recognized abroad. rather they have to get an export or transfer license plate from the country of purchase. Without such a tax they only have the possibility that to transfer the vehicle on a trailer. Only very few people own such a trailer and the rental costs can be high.

In order to register the reimport vehicle, you must contact the following take care of the insurance promptly. Without the electronic insurance confirmation (evb), your car cannot be registered. Among other things, you must submit the following to the registration office present the original purchase receipt, the COC papers are also indispensable.

After you have transferred the vehicle, you will also have to register it in contact the responsible tax office. Within ten days after the car has arrived in germany, you must pay the pay the vat due on reimports. For this you must present the original invoice.

Intermediary or dealer: who should you buy a reimported car from??

If you do not want to buy the reimport car yourself, you can turn to a professional. This is either dealer or agent. What are the differences between the two groups in this respect??

If a german dealer sells a reimported vehicle in your own name, applies to the buyer german law all about the purchase. If, for example, a defect is discovered that existed prior to the purchase, you can benefit from the german liability for material defects, which is valid for new cars for two years, benefit. The seller must then repair the damage at his own expense under warranty.

However, if it is only a intermediary, close the purchase contract with the foreign authorized dealer from. In such a case then the foreign law is valid. It is also important to note that you must assert your claims in the relevant country. Accordingly, you may have to travel long distances to be. If you do not speak the language, there may be communication difficulties. Also you are confronted with a different legal system. If you want to be on the safe side, you should make sure that the dealer does not act as an intermediary, but that you conclude the purchase contract with him.

Is there a warranty for reimported cars?

Small cars, sedans, SUVs, vans: Reimport vehicles come in all classes

Small cars, sedans, SUVs, vans: reimport vehicles are available in all classes.

An important topic around the re-importation of passenger cars is the warranty. Do you have the vehicle purchased in an EU country, benefit from the same warranty regulations as for the purchase in germany. You can assert your claims at any german contract workshop.

However, it is important to in possession of the warranty certificate must be. In addition certain entries in the service booklet be present. This includes the delivery and. the date of delivery and the chassis number. Furthermore, the booklet must be stamped by the foreign authorized dealer.

How long the warranty lasts and which services are included can be found in the warranty conditions. For this purpose there are no blanket rules, why you should study the terms and conditions carefully. Also check, at which point the warranty runs. In some cases, this begins when the vehicle is brought to the dealer, but in others it begins when the reimport car is delivered to you.

New car: does a re-import have disadvantages??

besides the already mentioned high administrative effort, there are further disadvantages to be considered when re-importing a car. Among other things, you should be aware that the basic equipment of the same models in different countries can differ greatly from each other. While winter equipment is usually standard in Scandinavian countries, air conditioning is indispensable in southern European countries.

Since the safety regulations in many countries differ from the german regulations, it can also come to that common safety features are not installed in our vehicles. Also, a electronic immobilizer not the basic equipment in every country. In germany, however, this is required by most insurance companies.

reimport or annual car: what should you choose??

Reimported cars are often particularly well equipped

Re-imported cars are often particularly well equipped.

Another favorable option when buying a car is the purchase of a so-called annual car. This is a young used car, whose first registration is less than 12 months ago. Also, no more than one year must have passed since its manufacture.

Frequently leasing returns – thus around vehicles, which were driven for a certain time against a fee and then again returned to the salesman. In many cases, these are service vehicles that are changed regularly. Since the loss in value of a car is particularly high in the first year after registration, these still relatively young and mostly little-used vehicles are offered at reasonable prices.

However, it is still a used car – the buyer is not listed as the first owner in the papers. Furthermore they can no longer benefit from the full new car warranty, when you buy an annual car. A reimport vehicle, on the other hand, is often even cheaper, has no kilometers on the speedometer and you are the first owner.

A big disadvantage of the reimoprt is not mentioned at all. The long delivery time. Who needs a car quickly times, for it will be nothing.

This is completely wrong what you are saying.
Is exactly the other way around, with a new vehicle from Germany you can usually wait 3-5 months until he is there.
The EU vehicle is usually already at the yard where the dealer is.
So you can take it right away .

That is completely wrong what you say there.
Is exactly the other way around, the new vehicle from Germany can usually wait 3-5 months until he is there.
With the EU vehicle is usually already at the yard where the dealer is.
So you can take it right away .

It is and remains to be noted that there are very well qualitative differences. These are partly already very large and that justify the price difference! I am talking here about galvanized sheet metal, cavity sealing, missing equipment components etc… even with the brakes there are differences!

A question to the experts here,
if i buy a reimport from the dealer, will i incur additional costs? taxation etc?
Or does it remain with the pure purchase price.

After the purchase in february 2020 – after only 3 months waiting time! – a skoda scala style 1.0 DSG with additional options (quartz gray metallic, electric tailgate operation, style-plus package with ACC – side assist – rear traffic alert – rear view camera, park steering assistant, DAB, trailer hitch swiveling with electric. unlocking) and 5-year warranty(!) I can report the following experiences. After long research and price comparisons, the offer from EU-mayer proved to be the best ever. The price difference to offered "German" vehicles was enormous, 35% less than German list price were reality. With the same configuration other EU-dealers could not keep up with the price, especially since not all of them could offer the mentioned options. The website of EU-mayer enabled a very clear configuration, whereby the storage of different variants was very advantageous. Questions that arose in the course of configuration and purchase preparation were answered quickly and knowledgeably by e-mail. The specified delivery period was adhered to in such a way that the shortest delivery time was realized.
Special praise deserves the accommodating delivery. Due to personal circumstances it was necessary to change from delivery to pickup and back to delivery again. As a result, the papers were sent in advance, although this is actually only intended for the case of pickup. After registration and issuance of the registration certificates, the purchase price was transferred and the vehicle was delivered after appointment with transfer license plate in perfect condition as ordered. The driver mounted the license plates as arranged.
Another peculiarity turned out during registration – the vehicle was a new car without registration. After this was certified on the invoice, the registration took place without any problems, without the vehicle having to be presented at the registration office after delivery. I was the first registered owner, which is certainly not a disadvantage for a possible later valuation. Shortly after delivery, the vehicle was registered at the VW car center on site for service and a "marderschreck" installed. At the opportunity they also confirmed the 5 year warranty.
Conclusion: researching and comparing may take some time, but it is worth it, especially when you find a reputable and reliable dealer like EU-mayer.

If I imported a vehicle that was built for the german market (COC) paper etc. But has never been registered here… From when does the first registration count? Do I pay the car tax according to today’s law or according to when the car was produced and registered in a foreign country??

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