Breadmaker facts test& comparison 2022

Panasonic breadmaker with 2 dough hooks SD-ZB2512 (38 baking programs with special programs for bread, cakes, pasta dough and jams, stainless steel)

Our testbaron top 3 breadmaker price winners 2022

Panasonic breadmaker with 2 dough hooks SD-ZB2512 (38 baking programs with special programs for bread, cakes, pasta dough and jams, stainless steel)

  • Delicious and varied bread baking with 20 different programs (z.B. rye bread, wholemeal bread, mixed bread, olive bread)
  • Convenient dough or jam preparation with 17 additional programs (z.B. pizza dough, franz. Baguette, sourdough culture, compote etc.)
  • Timer-controlled raisin-nut distributor and separate yeast distributor – mixing ingredients at the optimum time
  • Warm bread at the desired time thanks to 13-hour time preselection
  • baking on demand with three selectable bread sizes and browning degrees

ROMMELSBACHER Breadmaker BA 550 - 13 programs, automatic ingredient compartment, 2 bread sizes (700 g / 900 g), adjustable browning level in 3 steps, also for gluten-free bread, stainless steel/black

  • Housing made of high-quality stainless steel, backlit LCD display, automatic ingredient compartment for nuts and fruits
  • For 2 bread sizes (700 g / 900 g), browning degree adjustable in 3 levels (light / medium / dark), separate button for manual baking, 13 hours start pre-selection
  • keep warm function 60 minutes, viewing window, removable 2 liter bread baking pan with removable dough hook and high quality 3-layer non-stick coating
  • Included: measuring cup, dosing spoon, hook for removing the dough hook
  • 13 programs for versatile enjoyment: 6 programs for baking different types of bread / 1 special program for gluten-free bread / 2 programs for cakes / 1 program for stirring and 1 for baking. Kneading of dough / 1 program for the production of jam / 1 program freely programmable, for individual recipes

Princess 152009 bread maker bread maker, 15 programs and gluten free baking program, up to 900 grams bread weight, 600 watts power, timer and keep warm function, black

  • flexible capacity of 680-900 g for 8-14 slices of bread
  • Fresh bread every day thanks to digital timer and keep warm function
  • Safe to use thanks to heat resistant housing and overheat protection
  • Easy to clean baking tray with non-stick coating
  • 15 preset baking programs and one gluten-free program

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our testbaron top 3 breadmaker pro recommendations 2022

Panasonic breadmaker with 2 dough hooks SD-ZB2512 (38 baking programs with special programs for bread, cakes, pasta dough and jams, stainless steel)

  • Delicious and varied bread baking with 20 different programs (z.B. rye bread, wholemeal bread, mixed bread, olive bread)
  • Convenient dough or jam preparation with 17 other programs (z.B. Pizza dough, franz. baguette, sourdough culture, compote etc.)
  • Timer-controlled raisin-nut distributor and separate yeast distributor – mixing ingredients at the optimal time
  • Warm bread at the time you want thanks to 13 hours of preset time
  • on-demand baking with three selectable bread sizes and browning levels

CalmDo stainless steel bread maker, automatic toaster with 15 menu options, 500g-1000g bread weight, homemade sandwich, cake, baking, jam and dessert etc, bread maker test winner 2021

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL HOME BREAD MAKER: 15 preset programs will suit your different baked cuisines from east and west, including bread, sandwich, cake, gluten-free, dessert, dough, jam, etc. Or use the DIY home made to customize other tastes
  • MANY loaf sizes and loaf colors: create the perfect bread for any occasion with 3 loaf sizes of 500g, 750g or 1000g and 3 crust colors (light / medium / dark). Uniform texture and excellent taste
  • GET THE FRESH BREAD EVERY TIME: 15 hour delay start timer, 1 hour automatic heat storage, 10 minute recovery after power interruption; just put your ingredients in the bread maker and you’re done. Wake up to a delicious fresh breakfast
  • MORE EARNING THAN TRADITIONAL MANUAL BREAD: the innovative heating tube 360 ° surrounds the inner non-stick ceramic bucket and bakes up and down evenly.Made bread is softer and holds more nutrients
  • INTELLIGENT AND FRIENDLY DESIGN: stainless steel bread maker features an intuitive LCD display, rotary knob and portable handle for easy operation. With glass windows you can observe the situation during the baking process

MooSoo breadmaker with 25 baking programs, 3 baking colors and 3 bread sizes, approx. 2L, with heat retention, all-glass surface, multifunctional breadmaker with observation window

  • 【1000 g capacity& 25 baking methods】600W high performance baking. When a baking mode is selected and all the necessary raw materials are prepared, the breadmaker is then responsible for further processes until the delicious food is ready for baking. Only three steps in total. Apart from the nutrition preservation, the baking becomes much faster. For different types of bread there are 25 professional automatic baking methods.
  • 【15 hours timer& 1 hour heat retentionun】with the 15 hour timer, you can make an appointment in the desired mode before going to bed. After getting up in the morning you can enjoy easy, delicious fresh bread. When the bread is cooked, automatically triggers the heat retention within 1 hour. In case of power failure during the baking process, the breadmaker remains switched on within 10 minutes.
  • 【3 baking colors& 3 bread sizes】3 available bread sizes to choose from, large capacity of 1000 g, which is enough for 6 people byw a family. And there are 3 burnt colors namely 3 flavors to choose from. If desired, one of three bread sizes (500 g, 750 g, 1000 g) and one of three bread baking colors (light, medium, dark) can be selected. Due to the built-in turbomotor, the dough is kneaded stably. The mixing paddles supplied are used to extend the contact surface of the dough.
  • 【digital touchscreen】the intuitive digital touchscreen allows you to follow the baking process in real time, namely to watch the bread being made and to satisfy your curiosity about the bread being made. The MOOSOO bread bin has the best all-ceramic coating on the market, which is safe and hygienic non-stick, easy to clean and produces no pollutants.
  • 【safe purchase and worry-free use】MOOSOO offers a policy of 1-year warranty, if you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact us. We treat you within 24 hours and make every effort to help each customer!

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What is a breadmaker?

this is an electric kitchen appliance used for baking breads. This function can also be extended to some extent. Some models have additional programs, so that also doughs for rolls, baguettes or even just the yeast dough can be produced wonderfully.

According to a survey, the per capita consumption of bread and baked goods in germany is around 82kg. A considerable quantity that you can now bake yourself with the help of a high quality breadmaker.

No one can really resist the wonderful smell of fresh bread, and when it comes from your own kitchen, it’s a little paradise on earth.

scenery picture from the product world of bread baking machines

What to do with a breadmaker?

With the help of a bread maker can be baked very different breads themselves. The effort required was much less than for baking in a traditional oven. Ready-made baking mixes allow not only a wonderful variety to be created, but also for inexperienced and untalented bakers to obtain fresh bread. In addition to baking bread, some models have other programs that can even be used to make jam.
The breadmaker gives you the opportunity to bake fresh bread as often and whenever you feel like it.

As the breadmaker comparison shows, there is exactly the right model for every requirement. So even singles can benefit from such a vending machine.

Testbaron editor’s tip

Bread has been a staple food for people for thousands of years. More than 30 years ago.000 years ago, people started to grind plants and mix them with water. About 10.000 years ago, people began to grow wild grain, grind the grain and mix it with water to make a paste. The dough was finally made into patties on flat molds over the fire or in the ashes. For the nomadic peoples, this was the only way to preserve the porridge and carry it with them.

The invention of the oven also revolutionized the way bread is baked. In order to bake a loaf of bread, it must be surrounded by heat. The first rather primitive ovens were nothing more than clay pots turned upside down, which were filled with the bread dough. The development of the first proper ovens, however, laid the foundation for modern baking.
With the discovery of yeast, bread became more versatile and, above all, more durable.

A leap into the 19. century, to be more precise in the year 1895 is a first milestone in terms of modern bread maker. It was the US american joseph lee who applied for the patent for the first bread machine.

It was finally in 1986 when the today’s company panasonic registered the patent for the first fully automatic bread baking machine. This former form is comparable in its basic idea with the modern bread baking machines, which today also take over the mixing, kneading, leavening and finally the baking completely.

What should you consider when buying a breadmaker?

Before you blindly set out to buy a breadmaker, you should first take a closer look at the breadmaker facts test. It’s not just a matter of checking out good prices, but also of finding the best price-performance ratio. Because each one has very different requirements. These are ultimately the decisive factors for a sound purchase decision.
These facts play an important role when buying a breadmaker:

The bread size

In the comparison of bread baking machines, it can be clearly seen that the different models bake bread with different weights. Therefore, before buying is quite important to know how large the desired bread should be in the end. As a rule, the weights are between 650g and 1.5kg. For families, in any case, the models that can bake breads over 1kg are recommended. In a single household, the smaller expenses are quite sufficient.

The shape of the sandwiches is always the same. Here you do not need to look for special forms.

The programs

The performance

This is given in watt. It should always be borne in mind that the machines do not operate permanently in the maximum range. Therefore, breadmakers with less power are not always the most economical. Here it is helpful to have a look at the exact power consumption. In general, the performance of the models is quite close to each other. Breadmakers between 700 watt and 1.000 watt have proven themselves so far.

The dough hooks

The start time preselection

The cleaning

In the meantime, most devices are equipped with an anti-stick coating, so that the subsequent cleaning is no longer such a hassle. Nevertheless, this is a point that it is better not to underestimate. How extensive and intensive the cleaning of the breadmaker really is, should best be clarified before purchase. If such an activity turns out to be too intensive, many quickly lose the fun of fresh bread.

How does a breadmaker work?

The functionality of a breadmaker is very simple. Basically, such an automatic oven consists of a coated baking pan inside and a heating plate underneath it. Then there are one or even two dough hooks and a display on which you can set the desired program.

depending on the model and design, different breads can be baked. It is possible to add the ingredients, such as flour, water, yeast and salt yourself, or you can use an inexpensive and usually even easier to implement bread baking mix. These are available in a really wide range in all supermarkets. However, it is important to make sure that the machine is designed for the quantity of bread to be baked. The baking mixes therefore usually indicate how many kilograms or pounds of bread can be baked with them.

The breadmaker takes care of the mixing, kneading, resting and finally the baking all by itself.

How this can look in detail, you can find out here:

What are the different types of bread makers and what distinguishes them??

In fact, the only difference between breadmakers is in their additional features and characteristics. Therefore, there is no significant difference in the design of the machine. If you want more programs and more options, choose an appropriate appliance. For others, a simple breadmaker is sufficient, which is primarily suitable for mixed breads.
Of course, as part of the breadmaker comparison, here is a list of what are probably the most important features of a breadmaker:

The breadmaker can bake breads between 600g and 1.500g bake. Depending on the requirements and model. The power is usually between 700 watts and 1.000 watt. Another criterion is the degree of browning. There are differences here as well. Many have three stages. But there are also bread baking machines that can offer five different browning levels.

Furthermore, the different back programs and additional programs are sometimes quite different. Some bread makers offer special dough programs for making yeast dough or other specialties. Even for cooking jam is a device suitable.

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