Accident on the highway: often the damage is serious

German freeways are not only with locals, but above all with foreign drivers very popular. After all, on certain stretches of road no limit to the maximum permitted speed and you can finally hit the road. Who extremely high speeds however, losing control of the vehicle often causes an accident accident on the freeway.

FAQ: accident on the freeway

First of all, you should secure the accident site to avoid further collisions. After that, she should make the emergency call and initiate first aid measures.

The warning triangle should be placed at least 150 meters from the scene of the accident. You can also move further away to alert following traffic to the obstacle as early as possible.

An emergency lane must be formed even when traffic on the freeway is at a standstill to allow emergency services access to the scene of the accident,

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The right way to behave in case of a car accident on the highway

What should you be aware of in the event of an accident on the freeway?

What to wear in the event of an accident on the freeway?

So small the probability of an accident on the freeway may also be: if it nevertheless comes consequences are usually serious. Do drivers not adhere to the prescribed safety distance or are distracted, the high speed can cause them especially at the end of a traffic jam become the undoing.

Came it on the freeway to an accident, you should first try to, keep calm. If you act hastily, you error, in such a situation fatal consequences might have. Have you recovered from the initial shock, they go as follows proceed:

If there was an accident on the highway, you should set up a warning triangle

If you are involved in an accident on the autobahn, you should set up a warning triangle.

  • Turn off the turn on your vehicle’s hazard warning lights, to indicate to following drivers that there has been a crash.
  • Drive your vehicle, if possible, on the right-hand emergency lane. This will not only avoid obstruction of the further flow of traffic, but at the same time also put yourself in safety.
  • Pull a warning vest over before they get out of the car not to be overlooked. In the event of an accident on the highway, you should always leave your vehicle on the side that is closer to the guard rail is.
  • To alert other motorists to the scene of an accident in good time, you should set your vehicle’s set up a warning triangle at a distance of up to 400 meters. As an orientation you can see the lateral delineator use, each of which is distance of 50 meters are positioned.
  • On the highway are accidents in which people are injured, usually the order of the day. Therefore you should emergency doctor and police inform about the incident and provide first aid. If necessary, you should also towing service request.
  • Under no circumstances should you be injured on the freeway after an accident sit in the car and wait there for the rescue forces! After all, the risk of being another driver does not notice your vehicle in time and rushes in.
  • Describe the course of the accident in a accident report and exchange contact and insurance data with the other party involved in the accident. Should this be too seriously injured, you can also with the respective police officers leave behind.

Accident on the highway: forming an emergency lane is obligatory

Bad weather conditions can make an accident on the highway more likely

bad weather conditions can cause an accident on the highway.

Especially if, for example, there was a bus accident on the highway, it counts to EVERY SECOND. Finally risk of injury in the event of such a traffic accident due to the the weight of the bus and the number of people in it quite high.

In order to ensure that the emergency services can reach the scene of an accident as fast as possible can reach, motorists are obligated to rescue lane to form.

If an accident has occurred on a freeway that has two lanes, drivers must drive in the left lane to this as far to the left as possible drive. The motorists in the right lane should turn their vehicles around as far to the right as possible maneuver, so that ambulance and ambulance can make their way through the accumulation of motor vehicles. In the event of a three lane highway the emergency lane is between the left and the middle lane to form.

special caution in the event of a truck accident on the highway

Was a truck involved in an accident on the highway, it plays a major role, whether this dangerous goods had loaded. In this case you may be do not approach the accident site under any circumstances – even if persons injured in the accident. Only emergency personnel specially trained trained emergency personnel it is permissible to enter the scene of an accident.

This is how accidents on the highway can be avoided

In order to prevent serious or even fatal accident on the highway occurred, they can following measures seize:

If there is a traffic jam, turn on your hazard lights to avoid an accident on the highway

If there is a traffic jam, you should switch on the hazard warning lights to avoid an accident on the freeway.

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