10 Best milk frothers 2022 in test

milk frother test – best products 2022 in comparison

The best milk frother should not only fit your budget, but also be tailored to your personal needs. The type of milk frother, its intended use and cleaning are of particular importance here. In our test we have compiled the 10 best milk frothers 2022 for you. We have already done the research work for you, so that you will be able to find the right product for you in the shortest possible time and then purchase it. As our test winner, we present the severin milk frother SM 9684, which convinces above all with its convenient cleaning and functionality. The bodum 1446-01 milk frother was also convincing, not only because of its elegant appearance, but also because of its manual operation.

Comparison table

1. Place

10 best milk frothers 2022 in test

The severin milk frother SM 9684 convinces with an uncomplicated operation, three different functions and excellent results. It produces excellent milk foam and is easy to clean.

The price of the model is relatively high. Another disadvantage is that this model is not suitable for latte art.

The milk frother is suitable for both private and commercial use, the interplay of strong performance, functionality and attractive appearance make this model our test winner 2021.

2. Place

10 best milk frothers 2022 in test

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This milk frother with the noble glass jug is our best manual model. The bodum milk frother 1446-01 is particularly efficient and produces powerful foam by muscle power.

The technique requires dexterity and practice. With the manual milk frother, the milk must also be heated separately beforehand.

The model produces high quality foam in the shortest time, is easy to clean, and is therefore a compact, functional device with a noble design

3.Also interesting

The philipps senseo milk frother CA6500/10 has a particularly attractive appearance. Hot or cold milk foam can be produced within two minutes. The model is space-saving and convinces with creamy foam.

Cleaning the milk frother is more complicated than with other models, as not all parts can be separated from the technology and cleaning by hand is therefore necessary.

the model is a small and space-saving device, an eye-catcher in every kitchen and suitable for occasional use.

Buying advice for milk frothers

If you want to enjoy a latte macchiato or a cappuccino with perfect milk foam, then you should not do without a high-quality milk frother according to our recommendation. But there are numerous details to consider when buying a suitable model. In addition to the different types of milk frothers, a price comparison, the ease of operation and, of course, the intended use are of central importance in order to find the right milk frother from a wide range of offers.

Types of milk frother

Experience with milk frothers shows that they differ both in the way they are driven and in the way they are operated. The choice of the right model therefore also depends on the desired area of application and the available budget. In addition to manual milk frothers, which work in the classic manual mode, there are the following types of automatic milk frothers:

Electrically operated milk frothers: models with this mode of operation heat the milk within a few minutes and can produce fine milk foam at the same time. These models usually have a high capacity and can also froth large quantities of milk. However, these models also take up more space than manually operated models. Electric milk frothers can also be a little more complicated to clean, as not all of them are suitable for the dishwasher.

Battery-powered milk frothers: these milk frothers have a motor-driven small whisk. This transforms the hot milk into milk foam. However, as with manual machines, the milk must first be heated separately in a stainless steel container. These models are often so-called rod whisks. Batteries are necessary for the start-up, so that no cable interferes during the preparation of the milk foam.

Milk frother induction: with induction milk frothers, the milk container is placed on the induction base. A whisk is located inside the milk container, and the milk is foamed at the touch of a button. However, these models take up considerably more space than manual models or stick frothers. They are therefore particularly suitable for use in larger kitchens, this should be borne in mind when considering a purchase. A particular advantage of induction milk frothers is that they produce delicious milk foam easily and conveniently in just a few minutes. No separate vessel is required and cleaning is usually uncomplicated as well.

Steam nozzle milk frothers: milk frothers with integrated steam nozzle are particularly suitable for professional use, for example in the catering industry. Many fully automatic coffee and espresso machines have an additional steam nozzle for milk foam. To create creamy milk foam, the steam nozzle is dipped into the jug of milk. the vacuum created by the steam nozzle forms a solid milk foam in the milk jug.

The characteristics of milk frothers

Which model is best for you depends, among other things, on whether you want to froth milk occasionally or whether you are looking for a frother for professional use. In order to reliably assess the quality of the milk frother, these characteristics are the most important:

consistency: although preferences occasionally diverge when it comes to the texture of milk foam, a fluffy yet firm milk foam is often preferred. In any case, a high-quality milk foam should be fine-pored and not too runny.

Maximum fill quantity: anything from 100 ml to 350 ml is possible here. Thus, for larger households, a device with a higher capacity is recommended. In general, you should keep in mind that about half of the filling quantity remains liquid and cannot be converted into foam.

Preparation time: with electric models, the preparation time is much shorter compared to manual devices. However, even with electric milk frothers, there are deviations between two and five minutes.

Other purchase criteria

Purpose of use: you want to enjoy a latte macchiato or cappuccino without paying a lot of money or having to visit a cafe all the time? With your own milk frother, you not only save a lot of money, you can also prepare your drink the way you like it best at any time. Both manual and automatic models are suitable for home use. If you want to enjoy several hot drinks with milk foam every day with your entire family, then an induction model or an electric milk frother with a high capacity might be suitable. If you enjoy an occasional cappuccino, a manual milk frother or a battery-operated whisk may be more suitable.

Handling: it is important to you that the device is easy and quick to operate? With electric milk frothers and induction milk frothers, you can create perfect milk foam in 2 to 3 minutes at the touch of a button. Manual and battery-operated models require a bit more dexterity and time to use. Milk frothers with steam nozzles, on the other hand, are more suitable for the professional sector.

Cleaning: in general, it is advisable to choose milk frothers with an anti-stick coating, as cleaning is usually easier. Some milk frothers are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher, while other models require cleaning by hand. Stainless steel milk frothers are particularly easy to clean. Battery-powered hand-held devices can usually be cleaned of dirt with hot water and a brush. Manual milk frothers with lids are usually dishwasher safe. Cleaning electric and induction milk frothers is often a bit more time-consuming. Care is sometimes required, as the sensitive electronics must not come into contact with water. For some frothers, it is best to clean them immediately after use to avoid stubborn milk residues that make cleaning unnecessarily difficult.

10 best milk frothers 2022 in test

In the following test report you will find an overview of the test winners we have determined, in our comparison we have determined the 10 best milk frothers 2022. An important role was played here by the functionality, the price-performance ratio, but also the appearance and workmanship of the appliances. With our selection, we would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you make the best choice for you.

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