You want to sell a car? – this is how you proceed

Every year, dozens of vehicles are registered or re-registered in Germany. This is accompanied by a large market for car sales. It’s no longer just car dealers or large car dealerships that act as sellers, the private car trade is steadily increasing.

The sale of the car must be well planned be, so that the highest possible price can be achieved.

there are many different options how to sell your car. You can find out which ones here.

Here are some points you should consider when you are a private person drawing up a purchase contract.

There are different methods of evaluation. You will receive an exact value if you have a value appraisal carried out.

The following guide answers the question "how to sell my car?" and gives valuable tips, when and where selling a car in germany is worthwhile and what is involved in the purchase contract to note.

Before you sell a car – the vehicle valuation

the car sale in germany is often from private to private.

Before you sell old cars, you should check the determine the value of the car leave. In the case of a car valuation all relevant parts of the vehicle are examined and assessed for their condition checked. For this you have different possibilities, which can cause however costs.

Would you like to free of charge to determine the value of your vehicle, offer car exchanges online at. In the popular portals you can look for cars that are in a similar condition to yours and are similar in model and type and that are compare offers.

But caution: these prices may be initial orientation serve to exact value however, they give not to. you must always keep in mind that most of the people who create such ads are amateurs.

Therefore, the car prices can fluctuate greatly and sometimes be set too high or too low. Some suppliers calculate them online free of charge the vehicle value from. But even in these calculations not all the special features (for example, value-enhancing accessories such as leather seats, etc.).) considered become.

Schwacke list and DAT

Before you sell a car, a vehicle valuation is useful.

The german automobile trust (DAT) is a market research company in the automotive sector and evaluates approx. 70.000 purchase and sale prices of vehicles from. On the basis of this analysis, a vehicle valuation for different models.

This evaluation can be done on the DAT website and is not available to the user free of charge.

However, it is statistical analysis, which do not take individual factors into account and therefore rather give an average value.

Since 1957 exists the so-called schwacke-list and is now an important factor in vehicle valuation. The company employs around 700 people, who can have supply and demand on the vehicle market investigate. The data is obtained from the daily and specialist press as well as the auto trade and the internet.

This results in a monthly volume of around 700.000 indications together. In order to also be able to evaluate the situation on the market, additional statistical data on new registrations or also recorded inventory figures.

This information will be entered in the database and by a computer program evaluated. In addition, the values given are compared with reality, for example to take regional differences into account.

Through so-called correction tables the individual vehicle data are taken into account. The mileage, the date of first registration or the vehicle equipment play a role here. Whereas the schwacke list was initially intended only for dealers, since the 1990s it has also been available to available online.

So now also private individuals a vehicle valuation by schwacke if you want to get rid of your old car, you should have the following carried out. The principle is the same as with the DAT or other online valuation systems. The data are entered and on the basis of them the value of the vehicle is calculated.

In addition to this valuation, schwacke also offers other services to. For example, you can residual value forecast have their new car appraised or have it appraised by reporting date valuation find out how much your car was worth on a certain date.

The value appraisal of an automotive expert

before selling a car, it is helpful to have an appraisal done of the value.

The schwacke-list can therefore give as realistic a value as possible for the car you want to sell. However, it should also be borne in mind that the valuation not 100 percent tailored to your vehicle and therefore not all individualities can be taken into account.

In order to determine the exact car value, a value appraisal to be made by a car expert.

This service is offered by DEKRA or TuV. Also private persons earn their money by car appraisals. It is always important that "publicly appointed and sworn motor vehicle experts" acts.

This will make a comprehensive examination of your car and then prepare a detailed report. following points will be be taken into account:

  • vehicle type and type resp. Model
  • manufacturer
  • Date of first registration
  • number of seats and doors
  • Engine capacity and power
  • mileage (read and estimated), engine fuel type and emission class
  • number of previous owners
  • Date until the next main inspection (HU)
  • color and paint
  • Empty weight and permissible total weight
  • condition and type of tires
  • Number of axles
  • Standard equipment and possible extras (air conditioning, leather seats, etc.).)
  • completeness of the vehicle documentation (owner’s manual, etc.).)
  • If the car is damaged, the expected repair costs will also be calculated
  • Expert opinion (general condition, paint thickness measurement/testing, vehicle identification, inspection conditions, test drive, test run, road safety, value-preserving/increasing repairs, repaired previous damage, special/other)

With this appraisal you have reliable source about the vehicle value. Furthermore, it can be used as a basis for negotiations used in the sale of the car. However, this service is high cost connected.

Therefore, a value appraisal is usually only recommended if a high residual value of the car to be expected. The cheapest way is if the expert opinion during the HU is prepared. In this case you pay 50 euro extra.

Otherwise the TuV 125 euro. Should the vehicle valuation be done on vehicle location carried out, costs fall in the amount of 150 euro to. The DEKRA does not offer this service, an appraisal can only be done in a branch for an 142,21 euro to be made.

Car sale – different methods

in the case of a car, the sale can be made to a dealer or from private to private.

If you now have an idea of the price, you can start selling the car. There are different models, how to do it selling a car can. all options are possible, from private sale to trade-in and offsetting with a new car.

It also depends on whether the sell car fast must or if you can take your time with it. The time of year can be decisive, if you want to sell an old car.

For example, a convertible will sell better in summer than in winter. So when you sell your car can be a decisive factor. Also regional can be demand varies greatly.

For example, a VW-golf in wolfsburg will sell for less than elsewhere. The offer in the autostadt is simply too high to achieve a good price.

As already mentioned, the car sale in germany offers different possibilities. How to sell the car private sell or to a dealer. What you have to pay attention to, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, read the following.

sell car online private

If the car is to be sold privately, the question quickly arises: "how to sell a car?". in the last few years the private car trade has undergone a transformation. In the past, advertisements were placed in the newspaper or notices were attached to the vehicle to be sold, online a car to sell.

For this exist countless car exchanges on the internet. With these, the ad can usually be placed free of charge. For this you need to visit all leave relevant data of the vehicle and a contact information deposit for possible interested parties.

The contact can be made via the phone as well as about E-mails take place. you can make the settings according to your wishes. Try the vehicle if possible accurately and truthfully to describe.

To support your advertisement visually, you should use take high quality photos. It is advisable to make a test drive in advance car preparation to be made. The first impression is often decisive in an online advertisement, so that a thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior of the vehicle is worthwhile in any case.

In order to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible, you should include the ad place on different portals. Thus a larger range can be achieved.

inspection and test drive to sell the car

when you sell your old car, a test drive is usually essential.

If your ad meets with interest, you will be potential buyers you contact and if necessary further details to the car request. If this information corresponds to the expectations of the interested party, an appointment will usually be made for the visit agreed.

It is advisable to have all the relevant to have documents ready, so that you can show it if necessary.

If a meeting then takes place, usually a test drive requires. This should be made possible for the potential buyer. have to do the following points are taken into account be:

  • If the vehicle has already been deregistered, two short-term license plate be affixed before it may be driven.
  • Before the interested party takes the test drive himself, you can have his show driver’s license.
  • If the drive is made without your presence, get a hand over the deposit, in order not to run the risk of the car being stolen.
  • Makes the interested party not a good impression on you, you have to drive to the sample do not agree.

If the car is found to be good for sale, the next step is to start the price negotiation. Here it is important to in advance a set pain threshold, under which you do not want to sell the car.

so do not agree to a price that does not meet your expectations. It is in the nature of things that in the sale of a car is traded. Therefore you should make in advance the set the price a little higher, so that a certain room for negotiation exists.

Selling your car the right way – what you should consider when selling a private car

If the price negotiations are successful and the interested party makes a good impression, there is nothing standing in the way of selling the car. For this purpose a contract of sale are put on.

If this is filled out completely and the sum is paid, the advertisement is placed handover of the vehicle and the papers. The following must be handed over:

  • All car keys,
  • registration certificate part I (vehicle registration document),
  • Registration certificate part II (vehicle title),
  • report of the last general inspection and possible repair receipts,
  • inspection checkbook (if available) and
  • The user manual.

Important: hand over these documents first from, after get full purchase price have. As payment method is a cash payment recommended.

The term "accident vehicle" applies to all vehicles that are involved in an accident were involved in a traffic accident and a damage over 200 euro have carried away. If you sell such a car, it is important that you have the accident damage communicate openly.

Otherwise it can be fraudulent misrepresentation act on your part and the sales contract becomes legally voidable. In the worst case you have to vehicle then take back and refund the full purchase price.

Sell vehicle to a dealer

the car sale to a dealer is usually faster than a private sale done.

As described, it can be very time consuming to sell a car privately. The sale to a dealers can be significant faster to take place.

In return, you will have to accept that this method usually involves a lower profit is achieved. Especially if you want to sell the car quickly, the dealer sale can offer a good option.

Some advertise with business cards, left at potential objects of purchase. Such dealers are usually through a cell phone number uncomplicated to contact.

A appointment for viewing can be agreed in a short time. If an agreement is reached on the purchase price, the sale can be done in a few minutes.

If you sell your old car because you want to buy a new car, you can sell your old car at most car dealerships or dealers give in payment. The value of the vehicle is then deducted from the purchase price.

Another advantage of a dealer sale is that it usually take care of all formalities for you will. This includes for example the re-register the vehicle. the sales contract is usually also drawn up by the car dealer.

Selling a car privately or to a dealer – the advantages and disadvantages

Now the question arises "where best to sell the car?" – the possibilities are mainly limited to the sale to a dealer or the private sale. In the following, for both variants the advantages and disadvantages listed:

Selling the car to a dealer


  • A quick purchase transaction is possible.
  • you do not have to worry about the formalities.
  • Some dealers leave business cards and come directly to the vehicle location.


  • You usually achieve a lower profit.
  • you usually have to contact the dealers yourself.

Car sales from private to private


  • The ad can be advertised free of charge on many internet sites.
  • you can choose the buyer of the vehicle yourself.
  • This method usually yields higher profits.


  • This method is very time consuming.
  • You have to take care of everything yourself.

How to sell a car without an MOT?

How to sell my car without MOT?

If a vehicle has reached a certain age, it must be weighed up whether it is still worthwhile to present it for the main inspection. Are possible repair costs too high, often the decision is made, no HU more to be carried out.

Then the question arises: "what do i have to consider when selling a car without a MOT??"

Generally, the sale of the vehicle runs according to the same pattern from as with a vehicle with valid HU. Whereby in such a case mostly rather a dealer than potential buyer comes into consideration.

You should be aware, however, that if you sell a vehicle without MOT no high sums be able to achieve. Another hurdle comes with a legal regulation added: since 1. April 2015 can be valid short term license plates only for cars be purchased, which TuV sticker own.

This will avoid a possible transfer of the car considerably more difficult. The buyer would then have to sell the car with an trailer removal.

Selling a car without a vehicle registration document is in germany not possible. You must be able to report to registration office and apply for new papers. Only if these are present the car can be offered for sale.

Where can I sell my car with engine damage?

If there is a engine damage before, it is often "economic total loss" the talk. This means that the repair costs the residual value of your vehicle exceed would. So from an economic point of view, a damage repair does not make sense.

However, this does not mean that you have to scrap the car. Also for car with engine damage there is a market in germany. The sale is only clearly defined here more difficult and in case of doubt they have to wait a longer time for a suitable offer.

Some car dealers and hobbyists are specialized in buying broken cars and use the old cars to remove spare parts for other cars. Such providers can be found on the internet. At the same time you can use the vehicle also on the common online exchanges advertise.

Make however clearly, that one engine damage presentt and the car is no longer roadworthy.

Can I sell a car with financing now?

It is also possible to sell the car with financing.

Nowadays almost every purchase financed from pieces of furniture to motor vehicles, the possibilities are almost limitless.

A financing means that the purchase price paid off in monthly installments will. For people who cannot afford a large investment at once, this is a popular model.

however, a vehicle can be sold during a current financing? In principle this is possible, there are two different variants: the financed car at a car dealership in payment and be offset against a new car or the sale of the car with financing.

However, the latter is only possible if the financing goes through your bank. If a leasing contract with a car dealer, so the vehicle can be only with its consent sold and the leasing contract is taken over by the buyer.

You must contact your bank and find out how much you still owe it. Accordingly, the agreement of the credit institution to be obtained, so that a sale can be realized.

Are these formalities clarified, you can car quite normal sale. make it clear in your advertisement that it is a car with financing.

sell classic car

From a certain age, this factor has a value-increasing effect on a vehicle. It can then be classified as a classic car. According to § 2 vehicle registration ordinance (FZV) at "vehicles that first came into circulation at least 30 years ago, are as close as possible to their original condition, are in a good state of preservation, and serve to maintain the motor vehicle cultural heritage.".

Since march 2007, in order to classify a car as an oldie, it must have a expert opinion are available. § 23 road traffic licensing regulations (stvzo) defines the extent of this:

to classify a vehicle as a classic car within the meaning of § 2 number 22 of the vehicle registration ordinance, an expert opinion from an officially recognized expert or examiner or test engineer is required. The appraisal must be carried out in accordance with a guideline published in the traffic bulletin with the consent of the competent supreme state authorities and the appraisal must be carried out in accordance with a model specified in the guideline. Within the framework of the appraisal, an examination in the scope of a main inspection according to § 29 must also be carried out, unless an expert opinion according to § 21 is prepared at the same time as the appraisal. For the issuance of the inspection sticker applies § 29 paragraph 3.

Motor vehicles that meet these requirements usually arouse the interest of collectors a great interest. Accordingly high are also the sums, paid for oldtimer. The sale is similar to the sale of a normal car.

In the case of an oldie, it is particularly advisable to have its value determined. A classic car appraisal can provide valuable information in this regard. The vehicle is described with condition notes from one to five Valued. These have the following meaning:

  • grade 1a vehicle that does not have any visual or technical defects and is in the same condition as when it was first delivered to you.
  • grade 2: slight signs of use are visible, but the car is visually and technically largely in original condition and ready to drive.
  • grade 3: these oldies are roadworthy and roadworthy. but show signs of use and slight defects. traces of rust are also.
  • grade 4: the car can be driven, but is in need of major repairs. The parts are preserved, but defects and rust through are also visible.
  • Grade 5: these vehicles are mostly only so-called "spare parts". Not all assemblies are present, defects and rust are clearly visible. fitness to drive does not exist.

contract of sale when selling a car – what you have to pay attention to

to sell a car, a sales contract is essential.

no matter which method you use to sell a car, at the end of the price negotiation there is always the drawing up and signing of the purchase contract.

The following information should in any case be include be:

  • name and addresst of both parties to the contract (check the buyer’s details against his identity card)
  • A description of the vehicle and a list of existing defects
  • The total price
  • The agreed payment method

To protect yourself from fraudsters, it is always advisable to take a cash payment. you should always hand over the vehicle documents and car keys only after you have received the full amount.

The warranty

If it is a car sale from private to private, it is usual to have a warranty disclaimer clause to include in the contract. This prevents you from being liable for defects in the vehicle for two years.

A frequently used formulation for this is for example "bought as seen". However, only defects included, the after the sale occur. If these were previously present, this clause is also of no use to them.

paragraph 444 of the civil code (BGB) obliges you to inform the purchaser about the fully inform about all existing defects:

an agreement which excludes or restricts the buyer’s rights because of a defect cannot be invoked by the seller if he has fraudulently concealed the defect or has given a warranty as to the quality of the goods.

Do you have a damage fraudulently concealed, can the contract for void be explained. In this case, you would have to take the car back and refund the full purchase price.

selling a car – tips and tricks

In the following overview you will find useful car sales tips, so that nothing can go wrong with the sale of your old car:

  • Weigh, whether you want the car private or to a merchant want to sell.
  • A vehicle valuation online by schwacke or a valuation are useful if you want to set a suitable price for your car.
  • Advertise you the vehicle on different portals, in order to achieve a greater range.
  • Clean you the vehicle thoroughly and make high quality photos. The first visual impression is decisive.
  • The condition of the vehicle must be detailed as possible described become. All information should correspond to the truth.
  • defects may not concealed become. You must also indicate if the vehicle is an accident vehicle.
  • Have before a test drive absolutely the driver’s license of the test driver show.
  • Arrange a payment in cash.
  • keys and papers you should only hand over the vehicle as soon as receive full purchase price have.
  • In the case of a private sale you should warranty disclaimer clause integrate into the purchase contract.

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