Where are the most expensive toll roads in europe??

Tolls in Europe

If you’re going on vacation by car, planning the route is part of the travel preparations. In europe, you have to pay a toll in almost every country. Here you can find out which.

Other countries, other tolls.

In general, traveling in southern european countries is more expensive than in the far north. Unless you are on the spectacular oresund or storebelt bridge in denmark. For a simple car, the toll is around 50 EUR, and for a car with a trailer or the size of a camper van, it is as much as 100 EUR. However, such connections to an island or peninsula belong to the area of sightseeing and offer you a unique experience. In general, tolls for highways in europe are the rule rather than the exception. even germany is not completely free: the car train to sylt z. B. Considered the most lucrative route of the german federal railways.

tolls in europe.

Toll roads in Central Europe

Here, drivers are often asked to pay for vignettes and tunnel trips.

Did you know that the annual vignette in hungary costs a whopping 138 euros??

Toll roads in Southwest Europe

The spanish highways are on average among the most expensive ones.

In scandinavia, on the other hand, you rarely have to pay a fee.

Toll roads in Iceland

Here only the hvalfjorður-tunnel is subject to tolls. It connects reykjavik with arkanes in the north.

tolls in Great Britain

With the exception of a section of the M6 freeway north of Birmingham, freeways in Great Britain are toll-free.

The freeway toll in turkey is calculated according to the distance traveled.

Tunnel tolls in the alpine region.

Nothing in europe is as expensive as a kilometer of tunnel. You also have no free alternatives in the alpine region. In winter, the high alpine passes are closed; in summer, the most beautiful and spectacular pass routes in austria cost an extra toll. the swiss cover a large part of their costs with an annual vignette, which is essential even for one-day use of swiss highways. In austria there are tourist-friendly vignettes in 10-day and 2-months-portions. However, it is full of additional highways and tunnels that cost an extra fee. Those who have already been on the road by car in the alps more often, however, are hardly annoyed about it. And at least alpine tourists can enjoy the free ride through the st.-look forward to the gotthard tunnel.

The most expensive tunnels in the alpine region:

  • Montblanc tunnel (chamonix-aosta): 46.30 EUR, round trip: 57.80 EUR
  • Frejus-tunnel (modane-susa): 46,30 EUR, round trip: 57,80 EUR
  • Big st.-bernhard tunnel (martigny-aosta): 26.90 EUR, round trip: 43.10 EUR

tolls in southern europe.

The routes to the most popular vacation coasts or most-visited tourist destinations in southern europe are also among the most expensive toll routes in europe. If you are traveling on highways and expressways in france, italy, spain and portugal, you will definitely need a generous toll fund. If one wanted to talk about real toll traps, then a stretch of 160 kilometers for 38.30 EUR could be at the top of the list of the most expensive toll routes in europe. You will find them in greece on the peloponnese, if you drive with your motorhome from corinth to kalamata. The criteria according to which tolls are levied for a route seem to follow the principle of supply and demand. Cars without trailers can still get away with just under 11 EUR.

France remains the most expensive toll country in europe. Provence fans should know that the fast routes within the haute provence and côte d’azur regions are among the most expensive toll roads in europe. Here, even short stretches of freeway, for example the 180 kilometers from aix-en-provence to Nice, cost a steep EUR 17.50 for the smallest 2-lane vehicle. In addition, drivers of motorhomes or cars with trailers pay double to triple the normal car tariff.

Countries with distance-based tolls:

  • France
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Croatia
  • Macedonia
  • norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • serbia
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • Belarus

our tip: calculate tolls in advance.

On the website of the ACE (auto club europa) you will find a download file for each european country, which informs you about the exact prices for vignettes, all toll roads and other toll connections.

Here are 3 examples of typical routes that german vacationers like to take by car. The non-binding costs are for cars and the most direct and fastest route from germany via freeways.

Example routes and their toll costs for cars:

  • From baden-wurttemberg to the côte d’azur
    mulhouse-lyon-aix en provence-marseille: ca. 110 EUR (round trip)
  • From weil am rhein to the ferry to sardinia
    basel-mailand-livorno: ca. 93 EUR (roundtrip, incl. swiss vignette, without translation to sardinia)
  • Across the Brenner Pass to the Italian Adriatic Sea
    rosenheim-brennerautobahn-rimini: ca. 85 EUR (return journey, incl. 2-month-vignette for austria)

Tolls when driving through countries.

measured by the maximum kilometers you can drive on a transit in a small country like switzerland, it might also be considered the most expensive one. But in return you will get masterly services in road and tunnel construction. For winter sports travelers, tunnel tolls to the ski regions of france, austria, italy and switzerland are part of basic budget planning. The alternative routes over the pass roads are largely closed in winter – and by no means toll-free in summer. In austria, you pay an additional special toll for particularly beautiful pass roads, for example the grobglockner-hochalpenstrabe. The same applies to numerous "racing routes like the brenner highway or the arlberg expressway.

Countries with compulsory vignettes.

In descending order, you can see the cost of an annual toll sticker for cars with and without trailers, or for cars with a trailer. Motorhomes:

  • Slovenia: 110 resp. 220 EUR (for vehicles higher than 1,30 meter)
  • Hungary: 120.79 EUR
  • Austria: 91,10 EUR
  • Czech Republic: 35,60 EUR
  • slovakia and bulgaria: 50 EUR
  • Switzerland: 36,50 EUR
  • Romania: 28 EUR

Among the countries subject to tolls, Switzerland and romania are the cheapest. However, they do not offer monthly and weekly vignettes for through drivers. Otherwise it is cheaper to drive within the vignette countries than in the countries with toll stations between the individual route sections.

The cost of a country in terms of tolls to your vacation budget depends on whether you are passing through that country in transit or exploring it as a destination country. in a country with a flat-rate vignette obligation, you are largely spared further costs – apart from additional tunnel and bridge tolls, especially in the alpine regions.

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