What kind of travel do you choose for vacations in italy?

Italy – no other european travel destination has been as popular with german holidaymakers as the "boot" for decades. even grandma and grandpa drove their beetle over the burner. Today there are many travel options to choose from for your vacations in italy. We would like to briefly present the most important ones with their advantages and disadvantages.

By car over the Brenner

Many holidaymakers in italy decide to travel by car. the Brenner autobahn is the fastest connection between austria and italy and easy to drive.

However, there is a toll charge in austria and italy. Even those who travel via switzerland pay tolls.

As a german tourist you have to pay the following prices for the car tolls in austria, italy and switzerland:


Ten-day vignette 8,00 euro
two-month vignette 23,40 euro
annual vignette 77,80 euro


Italy has a very unique toll system, divided into the closed and open toll system.

The closed toll system is calculated by distance and is applied on most freeways.

Here are 5 euro per 100km calculates.

In the open toll system, a lump sum is paid and is binding between:

  • Como-milano
  • Varese-milano
  • Torino-bardonecchia airport
  • Morgex-aosta
  • Roma-civitavecchia
  • Napoli-salerno
  • Messina-furiano
  • Cefalù-buonfornello airport

Since these prices change regularly, it is a good idea to check the current toll rates for italy shortly before your vacation (z.B. at the ADAC).


In switzerland there is no staggering of the tolls. Also travelers must purchase an annual vignette.

Annual vignette 33 euro

Notice: extra charges also apply for some tunnels and when traveling on a car train!

Attention: anyone traveling without a valid vignette pays a fine of around 65 euros in switzerland!

In general, the following advantages and disadvantages can be seen for traveling to italy by car:


  • Variable departure time
  • Well passable route
  • The beautiful landscape makes the drive and the breaks a real vacation experience


  • Danger of congestion at the Brenner and at the swiss and austrian border crossings
  • toll
  • High fuel prices in italy

The following statistics show that gasoline prices in italy are even higher than in germany. The costs of a car trip are correspondingly high.

travel italy by train – bag and baggage on the rails

For the way to the vacations, vacationers can also safely leave the car and take the train. there are direct connections from german cities over the brenner as well as over the gotthard pass in switzerland.

If you don’t want to do without your car during your vacations in italy, you can also travel by car train. Get on the train in the evening, have your car transported on the train and arrive well rested. From germany there are connections to many regions of italy.


  • Relaxed travel
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low prices for early booking
  • No toll and fuel costs


  • Inflexible travel times
  • Often overcrowded trains
  • bulky luggage hinders relaxed travel
  • Often delays

Flights to italy – take to the air

The fastest way to get to your vacation in italy is to take a flight. Many airlines depart daily from germany. Flight time is between one and two hours depending on the region.

Here is a list of all the airports served by international airlines:

  • Airport alghero
  • ancona airport
  • Mari airport
  • bergamo airport
  • bologna airport
  • Airport brescia-montichiari
  • brindisi airport
  • Airport cagliari
  • catania airport
  • Airport crotone
  • Cuneo airport
  • Florence airport
  • Airport forlì
  • Genoa airport
  • lamezia terme airport
  • Lampedusa airport
  • Milan-linate airport
  • airport milan-malpensa
  • Naples airport
  • Olbia airport
  • Airport palermo-punta raisi
  • pantelleria airport
  • Airport parma
  • Airport perugia
  • pescara airport
  • pisa airport
  • reggio calabria airport
  • rimini airport
  • rom-ciampino airport
  • Rome-fiumicino airport
  • Airport trapani
  • Treviso airport
  • Trieste airport
  • Turin airport
  • Airport venice-tessera
  • verona airport

On the map you will find an overview of the main italian airports:

Of course, air travel also has its advantages and disadvantages. The following apply to Italy.


  • Short flight time
  • Low prices
  • No toll


  • Flight cancellations and delays when Italian air traffic controllers go on strike
  • environmental impact

Many roads lead to italy

Italy has been one of the most popular vacation destinations for Germans for decades. If you are not sure whether italy is the ideal vacation destination for you, here is some more interesting travel information. But you’re definitely on the right track with "the boot", because italy is still the german’s favorite vacation destination next to spain:

vacationers who want to spend their vacations in italy usually choose to travel by car. As you can see, Italy was among the most popular destinations by car in 2012:

The advantages are obvious: you can determine the time of departure yourself, and if you drive carefully, you can save fuel. Holidaymakers who want to arrive quickly at their destination are better advised to switch to the plane.

Which mode of travel do you choose? Or have you already made experiences with trips to italy? Then write us and tell us what kind of trip you prefer!

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