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with this website you can take a look at my collection model cars in scale 1:87 (H0). The website consists of: 12118 web pages, with on these pages 24854 pictures of the 5909 models. These models,collected over the years, consists mainly of herpa, wiking, AWM and brekina rietze models. I hope you enjoy my website.


In the database you can view all the models that are in the collection, each model in the list is provided with a link to a picture that shows the model. There is a list of all models also there are lists sorted on manufacturer and brand. (database)

Latest changes and/or additions:

  • design model page modified (model)
  • Webshop full again (webshop)
  • Brochures added
    (brochures busch)
  • New show dates 2020 (exhibition dates)
  • New models added (new)


my collection consists of 25 showcases, of which 15 are directly visible, the other showcases are so called hanging showcases. In the pictures of the different showcases, you can click on the selected showcases so that an enlargement is shown. (showcases)


The HO-modelclub niederlande is an association of and for fans, collectors, builders and rebuilders in scale 1:87 (H0). The association was founded in 1986. The club publishes six times a year the magazine "HO-modelautoberichten" from.
Four model car fairs are organized per year, where you have free access as a member!
If you are a table holder and a member, the first table is free. Once a year a model building day is organized. The website H0-modelautoclub nederland is operated by the association.

From all models you can find pictures on my website. These pictures you can see in the database and on the mini-picture pages. It is worked to show 4 photos of each model. This will be gradually adapted for all models. Next there are pictures of the last added models and there are photos with certain themes. For example: (model 04050)

The fifth version of the catalog for the NL model cars 1:87 is published.
This catalog tries to list all dutch models ever published in 1:87 scale.
The catalog is constantly updated and new models are added. Every year a new version appears on my website. Under a download link of this catalog.
Catalog NL models 1:87 (version 1.4)

The next update (version 1.5) of the catalog will be published on 31 december 2022.

Let me know what you think of this catalog. I am on this link email link


Come and have a look at my newly designed online store, here I offer my duplicate models for sale. Through the different categories in the store, you can easily browse through the models and then add the models of your choice to a cart. In the store you will find among others manufacturers herpa and AWM, but also smaller manufacturers can be found there. (webshop)
(new Dutch models added:
3 april 2016)

In the photo carousel below you can see 50 models, the models give you a good impression of how the collection is structured.


With the following link you will find the dates of the model car fairs that will be organized in the next time in the netherlands. Some of these model car fairs are organized in a certain scale or specialization, like the model car fair in eefde (H0) and train fair in houten. (BORSEN]

You can u.A. You will find the following topics on this website:

  • slideshow of all models sorted by manufacturer.
  • Graphics showing the structure of the collection
  • The structure of the database fully explained
  • Which fair dates are there in the next time
  • Interesting links to collect model cars

About some topics are special topic pages available. There are pages about police, fire department and ambulance models.
This topic will be constantly expanded. At this time these pages are not ready yet.

Last models

Click on this link for an overview of the models that were last added to the collection.

Desired models

Click on this link to see the models I would like to add to my collection again.

For sale

My dobbelten models I offer, at reasonable prices for sale. Click on this link to see which models are concerned here.

Did you already know?

A passenger car in 1:87 scale has a length of about 4.5 cm.
A truck with trailer measures about 16.5 cm.

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