Washing machine cleaners in test – the best machine cleaners for the washing machine

If your laundry is already coming out of the washing machine smelling a bit musty, then it’s time to give it a thorough cleaning. Because it is quite unpleasant when the freshly washed laundry does not smell good when you put it on.

Washing machine with laundry from the drum

Especially if you want to spend wet laundry immediately get out of the washing machine, then the clothing and other textiles smell very good. If there is already a stench or a musty smell, then probably bacteria and germs in the washing machine spread out. In extreme cases there is already mold growth.

But don’t worry: you don’t have to buy a new washing machine because of it. There are good and inexpensive washing machine cleaners on the market, which can be used to clean thorough cleaning can make and again get a clean device.

In this article we show you the in our opinion best products and have us after good washing machine cleaner reviews looked around at independent magazines. In addition customer reviews read to get a picture of opinions and experiences.

And of course we have also thought of the people who only use natural home remedies for cleaning want to use the washing machine. For this we made a video showing you how to clean and clean your machine only with natural means. With drum seal, detergent drawer and the lint filter. But now let’s take a look first OUR RECOMMENDATIONS to.

Miele machine cleaner – universal cleaner with descaler

The miele machine cleaner is also suitable for other washing machines.

The machine cleaner from miele is a universal cleaner. These not only act against germs and bacteria, but also decalcify the device at the same time. How to get two functions in one.

The powder is put into the washing drum given and then the washing process started. the powder smells very pleasant and is effective against dirt residues, limescale and odors. Bacteria and germs are killed effectively. The product should be used one to three times a year, depending on the frequency of your washings.

In the package is 200 ml of powder and it currently costs about. 15-20 €. Depending on the offer and dealer.

Heitmann 3374 hygiene cleaner – good and cheap

Heitmann 3374 hygiene cleaner at a reasonable price

The hygiene cleaner from heitmann is one of the most popular products in this area. More than 50 reviews with one very good rating profile speak for the quality of the product.

Here it concerns a liquid agent, that also removes limescale, dirt and germs. In the bottle is 250 ml and you get 3 bottles for approx. 11 euro.

The agent is placed in the rinse chamber and an empty wash cycle is performed at a minimum of 60°C. Afterwards the machine smells pleasant again and germs and bacteria are history.

Sagrotan washing machine hygiene cleaner

The sagrotan washing machine hygiene cleaner is cheaper in a 3-pack

One of the best selling detergent for washing machine cleaning, the hygienic cleaner from sagrotan. The brand is known to everyone and has been proving for years that its products are effective.

This is also the opinion of the customers in the amazon experience reports. A very good rating profile with almost 300 ratings convinces us that here a thorough cleaning takes place. in the package are optionally also 3 bottles with 250 ml each included.

The liquid detergent is poured into the rinse chamber of the washing machine and an empty wash cycle is started at a minimum of 60°C. Afterwards the machine in the drum shines like new and there comes a pleasant smell from the device. This is confirmed by numerous customers in their reviews.

The agent is available in a pack of 3 for approx. 12-15 €. Depending on the retailer and offer.

Why cleaning the washing machine is becoming increasingly important

In German households are increasingly used fine fabrics and functional clothing washed. The problem: these must be very low washing temperatures should be washed so that fabrics and materials are not affected. However, these washing processes at low temperatures are in the long run a problem for the hygiene in the washing machine.

Because of this, more and more bacteria and germs as well as lime accumulate in the washing machine. Also dirt residues from the laundry can remain so in the pipes, seals and in the drum.

Cleaning the washing machine with almawin spul& washing machine cleaner – a test

In my video you can see the actual test of a more sustainable washing machine cleaner.

Saving electricity becomes a hygiene problem

Detergent and fabric softener

Another problem is the demand for increasing energy efficiency to modern washing machines. In principle, electricity can only be saved by using a lower washing temperature and more efficient washing processes. Here, the manufacturers often have to resort to low temperatures so that using as little electricity as possible becomes. What the consumer demands. Because it would like to have always a high energy efficiency class with the devices.

Hardly anyone questions whether this really makes sense. The result is that bacteria and germs can spread in the washing machine, as they are only killed at high temperatures.

Better detergents and fabric softeners

Many people believe that a very good detergent is enough to take care of the washing machine. In part, this is also suggested on the packaging of detergents so. However, this is only half the truth. Separate cleaning and decalcification is always necessary from time to time. A greasy film of detergent, fabric softener and residual moisture often forms in the drum seal in particular. Often it starts to mold.

Tilt your drum seal over and look under it. You will probably be surprised.

Why a washing machine cleaner is useful

the lint filter should be cleaned from time to time

The trend is more and more towards natural cleaning agents. In principle, we think this is a very good idea. That is why we have also made a video on how to clean the washing machine completely with natural home remedies. This you will find below. But with the hygiene of the laundry we would still not want to make any compromises. If you want to make it easy for yourself, just put a washing machine cleaner in the machine and clean the rinse chamber of your detergent drawer from time to time. If he then only unscrews and cleans his lint filter every few months, then you always have hygienic laundry.

Decalcify at the same time

At the same time, many of these products can also decalcify the washing machine. So you get both at once and the effort is really low. Washing machine cleaners are available in the form of tabs, liquids and powders. You can get it in every supermarket and of course on the internet. Look nevertheless times into our recommendations purely.

When is it high time to use a cleaner for the washing machine??

As already mentioned, you should do this at the latest when you have a a musty smell from the washing drum accommodates. If the laundry already stinks easily, then it is however highest railroad to undertake something. Sometimes you can also find gray haze on the white laundry. But we would recommend to do the cleaning regularly at an earlier stage.

The most common mistake

Many tend in this case still more detergent and fabric softener to use. This is a mistake. This makes the problem worse. Changing the detergent does not help either. Some even think about buying a new washing machine. Actually a real waste of money. Because in 99% of cases a complete cleaning will solve the problem immediately.

Why impurities occur

Most people care very little about their washing machine. It washes before itself and hardly someone worries about making clean. Also the decalcification is neglected until the device is defective. Then you just buy a new one. That’s how many think. However, this is not very environmentally friendly and does not bring any benefits to your wallet.

The impurities are mainly caused by residues of detergents and fabric softeners in the device. In addition comes the lime from the tap water and of course dirt from the washed clothes. These residues then accumulate in the hoses and pipes, as well as the seals of the appliance. This is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, germs and, in extreme cases, mold.

How to use washing machine detergent correctly

Washing machine cleaners in test - the best machine cleaners for the washing machine

Very often we receive questions about how often you should use a washing machine cleaner? We can say that it depends on the number of washing cycles. But two to three times a year should actually be enough. Unless of course you wash very often. Of course, each manufacturer indicates something different here, but we would maximum every 3 months do the cleaning once.

If you wash infrequently, for example in a single household, every 6 months should be enough. Here, however, we would take a few tips to heart, which we will present later on. This has already nipped many problems in the bud.

Is powder or liquid better?

Also a frequent question. Besides the tab, there is powder and liquid as washing machine cleaner. Since cleaning tabs are actually only a pressed powder, the same applies here as for the powdered agent.

washing machine cleaner in powder form: don’t use too much

The most important advice with the powder is not to use too much of it. Most products are poured directly into the washing drum. Please follow the instructions on the packaging. Too much is definitely not better. With this quantity, bacteria, dirt and lime are effectively removed.

If you put too much detergent in the washing machine, you could be in for a surprise the next time you wash. Because then you often find residues of the product as stains or residues in the laundry. Nobody wants that.

Washing machine cleaner in liquid form: detergent drawer is cleaned as well

Washing machine cleaners in test - the best machine cleaners for the washing machine

The rinse chamber of a washing machine

Many liquid detergents are not added to the drum, but to the rinse chamber. This means that the detergent drawer is also cleaned, which is a pleasant side effect.

However, the chamber behind the detergent drawer is not cleaned with it. Here you usually have to do it by hand. For this we would recommend the natural home remedies from our video below. With it one gets the whole fast and relatively simply cleanly. It is also hygienic.

The best washing machine cleaners can decalcify and clean

Important to know Sign

We would always recommend a product that not only combats bacteria and germs, but also removes limescale also removes the lime is. Especially if you live in a region with a high water hardness, then quite a lot of lime from the water accumulates in the machine. By the way, you can check the lime content (water hardness) with your water supplier. Some of this information can also be found in databases on the Internet.

A good washing machine cleaner should work against the following things:

  • bacteria and germs
  • Dirt and residues from the laundry
  • Residues of detergent and fabric softener
  • Mold and odors
  • lime from the tap water

Washing machine cleaners in the test – the best test reports in the overview

Test reports overview Sign

For our guide, we have of course searched for good test reports for washing machine cleaners.

Stiftung warentest

First, we have looked at the foundation warentest. Unfortunately we did not find what we were looking for. A washing machine cleaner test does not exist yet. Here are numerous test reports about washing machines and detergents.


We have also looked at oko-test. Here is no own test report on washing machine cleaners. But there are recommendations for cleaning the washing machine. Here it is also recommended to use home remedies (to the article). The favorites are vinegar, citric acid and baking soda.

By the way, we see it the same way and have therefore included our cleaning video below. However, we have to be honest: if you want to make things particularly easy for yourself, you would be better off putting a washing machine cleaner from the shops into the machine.

In fact, there are currently no test reports from independent test magazines on the subject of washing machine cleaners. If one appears, we will mention it here.

Cleaning the washing machine with natural home remedies

In our video we show you how to clean the entire washing machine with only natural household cleaning products can. For this purpose we use sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and lemon juice. With it you can decalcify, clean the detergent drawer and clean the pipes. We also show how to clean the lint filter.

Tips and tricks for a hygienic washing machine

Sign Important facts

To prevent this problem, there are a few simple tricks that can be used to achieve a lot of results.

Leave the washing drum open

This includes the washing drum after washing do not close again, but stand open. Because residual moisture always accumulates in the drum seal in particular. If you close the machine, then of course there is no ventilation and bacteria and mold then feel particularly comfortable. Therefore always leave a gap open. The residual moisture can then simply evaporate better.

Leave detergent drawer open

Exactly the same applies to the detergent drawer. Because here too, of course, it is always damp and there are residues of detergent and fabric softener on. To let the moisture dry, always leave the drawer unplugged.

Wipe the door seal

Washing machine cleaners in test - the best machine cleaners for the washing machine

There is residual moisture in the door seal after washing

Somewhat more tedious is this tip. After washing the fold down the door seal and dry it off. Because mold forms very quickly here. However, if you remove the residual moisture, this is exactly what does not happen.

Clean the lint filter regularly

Every 3-6 months – depending on the washing frequency and the amount of dirty laundry – the lint filter should also be cleaned once. This is where dirt and dirt from the laundry retained. Sometimes you can also find small change or small utensils here. Mostly a lot of lint from dust that you can drain at the bottom.

How to clean the lint filter, you can see in our video.

Frequently asked questions and our answers

Which brands are particularly recommended?

Very often it is also worth buying a washing machine cleaner from the manufacturer of your own washing machine. Because most manufacturers offer this. Here is especially bosch and AEG to mention. According to the manufacturers, these cleaning agents are then perfectly developed for their own appliances. Independent manufacturers are especially sagrotan and dr. Beckmann.
The large drugstore chains also have their own brands, of course, which can be quite recommendable. Very well known is also the brand calgon, for which very much advertising is made.

I am alex and operator of testsguide.De. I hope you enjoyed and found our article helpful. If there are still questions about this topic, then just write me via the comment box. I am also grateful for your feedback. With your assessment we can write even better guides in the future. Thank you, alex

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