Viewing the schwacke list online free of charge: is it possible??

If you want to sell your car or if you are looking for an orientation price for a used car, you will find in the so called "schwacke-list" a very good price for your car information about the value of a vehicle. Schwackelists are now available not only for used cars, but also for technical equipment.

The value in the Schwacke list is based on the vehicle type, year of manufacture, mileage and equipment and is geared to the German used car market. Schwacke lists for technical equipment are suitable z. B., if you want to sell your old iphone.

Schwacke list: see vehicle prices online

  • The term "schwacke-list is derived from hanns W. Schwacke, which published such a list of used car prices for the first time in 1957.
  • Especially in the private car trade, the schwacke list is regularly used to obtain a guide value for the price.
  • In addition to cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles are also included in the price list.
  • Since the nineties you can view schwacke-list online.
  • You can check the price directly with the provider of the schwacke list for a fee of 7.90 €.
  • Schwacke.De offers you a comprehensive and independent vehicle valuation on the internet.
  • All special equipment is also taken into account here. you get among other things information on current prices of cars VW golf, BMW 3 series, VW passat, opel astra, audi A4 and much more.
  • A free estimate of your own vehicle value is available from wirkaufendeinauto, among others.De.

Using the appropriate field, you can determine the guide price for your vehicle from the black list both with and without the vehicle registration certificate. Simply enter the make, model and year of the car or fill out the form with the vehicle registration data.

Beware of cell phones and navigation systems in cars: these are the penalties:

Smartphone- and Navi ban in the car: This 7 points threaten us

Smartphone- and Navi ban in the car: These 7 points threaten us

Schwacke list: free alternatives

On the net you can find some alternatives to the schwacke-list, which can be viewed for free.

  • At wirkaufendeinauto.De you can determine the value of your car online for free.
  • First select the brand of the vehicle there.
  • In addition, the current mileage and the date of first registration are requested.
  • If you have entered detailed information about the vehicle such as the subtype, engine and body, you will be shown a price for the car according to the specified conditions.
  • Please note that the prices shown are, of course, only approximate values.
  • You can also offer your car for sale right here.

Note, however, that the free providers on the schwacke list often act primarily in their own interests. The verbraucherzentrale, for example, also sees it that way:

If you want to get an idea of the price of your used car without paying the fee for schwacke, you can of course also search for a model similar to your car on various online platforms for vehicles such as ebay kleinanzeigen. You can use the prices listed there as a guideline for negotiations at the next dealer or offer. Here you can also find a car sales contract as a template to download.

Alt="screenshot-adac" width="399" height="" /> screenshot: adac.De

Furthermore, the ADAC online offers you the possibility to call up the schwacke-listenersatz free of charge. Enter the necessary information about the vehicle here, such as vehicle type, first registration and mileage, and you will receive a price overview for your vehicle.

If you want to find out for free how much you could still get for your used car, you can also take a look at the online service wirkaufendeinauto.Throw De. Select your model here, including registration year and other additional information. After entering a valid e-mail address you will get an evaluation of the possible price for the car. the online service not only offers an overview of possible prices, but anyone who wants to get rid of their car can also do so directly via the portal. Nevertheless, one should first compare price suggestions with other price lists.

Note that the prices given are approximate values. Buyers and interested parties can have their own ideas, but legally there is of course no claim to achieve this price in a car sale.

Original article from 16. December 2014, last updated 06.12.2017

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