Unold breadmaker backmeister 68456

UNOLD bread maker Backmeister Edel, 550 W, 750-1000 g bread weight, ceramic coating, 68456 -

The unold backmeister 68456 automatic bread maker comes in a chic stainless steel design and features a backlit display. Due to the generously processed stainless steel, the bread baking machine not only looks noble, but also definitely belongs to the kitchen appliances that you like to have on your work surface. A large program selection as well as settings for special baking requirements round off the concept of the model. As in some bread baking machine tests before, I would also like to take a close look at the backmeister 68456 today.

Design and first impression of the unold breadmaker backmeister 68456

Unold bread maker Backmeister 68456 test

The housing of the backmeister 68456 consists mainly of high quality brushed stainless steel.

The bottom of the bread maker is made of a sturdy black plastic. on the right side of the 68456 is a large backlit LCD display, under which are 9 stainless steel push buttons.

The lid has a sturdy handle and a viewing window. this even allows you to watch your bread baking. Inside the lid there is a heat resistant inner lining.

A lamp is unfortunately not in the baking chamber. Below you can see a product video of the manufacturer.

On the lid are all 16 programs of the unold breadmaker backmeister 68456. The automat itself, as well as the coated ceramic baking pan, make a high quality and stable impression

Technical data of the unold breadmaker backmeister 68456

  • weight: 7 kg
  • dimensions L/W/D/H: 36,9 x 26,7 x 30,6 cm
  • bread size: 2 bread sizes selectable 750 and 1000 grams
  • browning degrees: 3
  • retractable dough hook: no
  • keep warm function: yes
  • Personalized manual programs: yes
  • Housing material: stainless steel
  • Coating: non-stick ceramic coating
  • number of programs: 16
  • Nut and raisin dispenser: not available
  • Power max: 550 watt

On the top of the lid are all 16 programs of the model in a clear listing.

Features of the unold breadmaker backmeister 68456

The following programs are included in the unold 68415 backmeister baking machine:

  1. Basic program
    standard program for white and mixed breads
  2. basic gluten-free
    for baking gluten-free breads
  3. wholemeal
    for baking wholemeal breads rich in fiber
  4. wholemeal extra
    for wholemeal breads made from home-baked flour
  5. Wholemeal fast
    very fast preparation of a wholemeal bread
  6. Basic fast
    for quick preparation of mixed and white breads
  7. Basic super fast
    very fast preparation of small breads
  8. Dough
    for the preparation of dough without baking function
  9. dough fast
    for quick preparation of dough without baking function
  10. Dough super fast
    for a very fast preparation of dough without baking function
  11. dough gluten-free
    for the preparation of gluten-free dough without baking function
  12. pasta dough
    delicious pasta dough for individual pasta production
  13. jam
    for cooking jam and marmalade
  14. Own program 1
    set the program sequence yourself
  15. Own program 2
    set the program sequence yourself
  16. Baking
    pure baking program without dough production

other functions of the unold breadmaker backmeister 68456

For each of the baking programs, you can select one of two different bread sizes on the unold 68456 backmeister. The sizes are 750 g and 1000 g. For an individual crust, the backmeister has a total of three adjustable browning degrees.

with the digital timer the baking programs can be programmed up to 13 hours in advance. With the help of the timer the baking machine provides a wide range for individual bread making.

the timer is programmed using the time+ and time – buttons located on the control panel.

In the scope of delivery of the 68456, besides the bread machine itself, there is also a measuring cup and a measuring spoon for adding salt, sugar or dry yeast, a hook for removing the dough hook, a kneader as well as an extensive collection of recipes in the well-structured user manual.

Unold breadmaker backmeister 68456 in practical test

Unold Breadmaker Backmeister 68456 Operation Test

For my first loaf, I decided to bake a mixed loaf using program 1.

To do this, I lift the handle of the baking pan a little, turn it slightly to the left and remove the baking pan from the machine. Now I plug in the breadmaker which is included in the scope of delivery dough hook fixed on the shank of the baking pan.

In the next step, all liquid ingredients such as water and sourdough, yogurt, milk, etc. Into the machine, sugar and flour follow subsequently. Now the baking pan is put back again. Then, with the help of the menu key select the appropriate program 1 in the upper left corner.

The time required to finish the bread is shown directly on the display of the bread machine. Now I select the appropriate bread size with the "bread size" button and finally decide on one of three selectable browning levels. Now press the start/stop button and off you go with the bread setting.

The baking result is convincing and the bread has exactly the crust I chose in advance. You will achieve the best baking result if the bread is baked on a grate 15 to 30 minutes can cool for a long time before being cut by them.


The unold automatic breadmaker backmeister 68456 makes it easy and convenient to produce delicious breads. The recipes listed in the manufacturer’s instruction manual are also recommended, as they are specifically designed for the automatic baking machine. The bread baker is definitely recommended.

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