Turkish electric cars: suv and sedan from togg

TOGG electric sedan and SUV from turkey TOGG establishes TOGG europe

Turkey plans to launch an electric car with a range of up to 500 kilometers in 2022 as part of a national project. Two models, SUV and sedan, are coming – also to germany.

Turkish president recep tayyip erdogan was the first at the wheel of the TOGG SUV after its official presentation in december 2019. The model was still in the prototype stage; the series version is to be launched on the market at the end of 2022. At the same time, an electric sedan made its debut as a concept car, with a market launch planned for a similar timeframe. The unveiling of the first battery electric cars from turkey was broadcast live on the internet.

In the meantime, the plans have progressed further. Under the name "togg europe the establishment of a limited company in stuttgart was applied for, as several media report. The idea is to join a network of start-ups and tech companies for mutual exchange. The network called "de:hub is supported by the federal ministry of economics. One thing is certain: the turkish carmaker also wants to gain a foothold in germany. Other markets in europe to follow later.

Turkish SUV with Italian design

pininfarina is responsible for the TOGG design; the traditional Italian company beat off numerous competitors in a six-month competition. You can see that the design was done by professionals. Coherent proportions, high-end looking chrome details and sporty lines characterize the Italian style of both the SUV and the sedan. The pictures also show that cameras are used instead of exterior mirrors. However, it is questionable whether the technology will be standard equipment.

Officials say both the SUV and sedan are based on a specially developed platform whose "intellectual property rights are 100 percent owned by Turkey". This is of modular design, flexible in length and width, and completely optimized for an electric drive train. TOGG plans to offer two different battery alternatives: the lithium-ion battery, which is centrally located in the car’s floor and comes with an eight-year warranty, provides enough energy for either more than 300 or more than 500 kilometers. The electric models are to be 80 percent charged in half an hour at a DC charger. Charging from a household outlet takes ten hours. In parallel with the market launch of the TOGG suv, Turkey plans to establish a wide-ranging charging infrastructure by 2022.

One or two engine(s)

There will also be two alternatives for the number of engines. In the basic model, a 203-hp electric motor is fitted to the rear axle and is the sole power source. If desired, a second engine not only doubles the power, but also ensures all-wheel drive. The performance: in the first case, the TOGG e-SUV accelerates from zero to one hundred in 7.6 seconds; the faster version completes the exercise in 4.8 seconds.

12/2019, TOGG electric SUV

The chassis uses independent suspension all round, Macpherson struts at the front and an integral beam at the rear. With ventilated disc brakes, at least seven airbags and a rigid and crash-proof chassis, TOGG aims to achieve a five-star rating in the euroncap crash test. Electronic assistance systems such as a traffic jam assistant are also expected to help. In the first stage, the SUV is to achieve autonomy level 2+, while TOGG is aiming for "level 3 and above" at a later date aspires. 5G connectivity, car-to-X communication and over-the-air software updates to make the car fit for the future.

Up to six screens in the interior

Modern features have also been announced for the interior, which will comfortably accommodate a family of five thanks to the long wheelbase. The driver looks at digital instruments. Additional displays in the center and on the passenger side. Above this, in the area of the A-pillars, are the monitors that transmit the images from the rear-view mirror cameras to the interior of the car. The shape of the center console, which has another touchscreen and a rotary pushbutton in the lower section, is intended to be reminiscent of an airplane cockpit. augmented reality functions announced for the infotainment system.

Togg Turkey electric car SUV sedan

Many export markets in sight

Turkey’s electric cars are expected to be internationally competitive and transform the country’s entire automotive industry. From the start of production in the fourth quarter of 2022, the togg models will also be exported to germany. Italy and France are to be served later. The whole of europe is in sight at the end. togg has already been registered as a brand in the european union, the united states, china, russia, canada, south Korea, japan and azerbaijan. When production is fully up and running, 4.300 workers annually 175.000 building cars. The aim is to have produced one million toggs by 2030.

In addition, the togg automobiles are considered a technology lighthouse project. The models are not to be developed by the public sector but purely by the private sector. They are produced in the city of gebze, which is also home to turkey’s IT valley.

Turkish people’s car as its own Turkish brand

Five companies (anadolu group, BMC, kıraca holding, turkcell and zorlu holding) have joined forces to form a joint venture called turkiye’nin otomobili girisim grubu (TOGG). a former bosch manager serves as managing director. BMC is turkey’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, zarlu holding is considered one of the largest industrial and financial groups in turkey, turkcell is turkey’s largest mobile communications provider, kıraca holding is also involved in commercial vehicle manufacturing, and the anadolu group is linked in the automotive sector with isuzu, kia and honda. In total, the companies intend to invest around three billion US dollars in development.

Togg Turkey electric car SUV sedan

In 2015, Turkey reached an agreement with NEVS, the new owner of saab, to build the Turkish People’s Car on the basis of the saab 9-3. This now seems to have turned into a project that envisages an electric car on a completely new basis. At least 85 percent of the supply components are to come from turkey. A total of five electric model variants are planned: after the SUV and the sedan, a station wagon, a station wagon and a convertible are to follow.

Car production is expected to create hundreds of jobs. NEVS had taken over saab in 2012, in the meantime the chinese are building electric cars in sweden based on the saab 9-3.

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