Transfer a rental car and drive it for free

There are ways to rent a car completely free of charge when transferring it from A to B. For a domestic transfer you usually have 24 hours and have to pick up and drop off the car within a limited period of time.

For the car rental companies this has the advantage that they don’t need to have a paid employee to do the transfer.

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Even if these rental cars are free or very cheap, you have to pay a high deductible in case of damage with all offers. We therefore recommend that you take out additional excess exclusion insurance. Costs 6,50€ per day.


Here are the providers in direct comparison:

Provider price insurance
deductible free mileage
extra kilometers
starcar 0,00€ extra fully comprehensive insurance
distance + detour
movacar 1,00€ fuel included fully comprehensive insurance
up to 1.000 km
after that 0,16€/km
flipcar 1,00€ fuel included fully comprehensive insurance
distance + small detour
europcar 1,00€ extra fully comprehensive insurance
1.000 km
1,00£ extra comprehensive insurance
200 miles

comparison of rental car transfer providers


With starcar you don’t have to pay any rental fee and included is a fully comprehensive insurance with an excess of 650€ in case of damage.

In addition, a limited number of kilometers is free. Mostly so much that it should be enough for a decent detour. Additional kilometers are charged at 0,25€ each. The fuel you have to pay extra of course.

rent a car for free with starcar

you have to pay a deposit of 100€ with a credit card or girocard ("EC-card").

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100% free and can be cancelled at any time!


movacar offers rental cars for one euro per way, if a route is available. For this there is even usually the 1. Tank filling included. The rental companies listed are enterprise, avis, buchbinder, volkswagen rent a car and oply.

Currently you can use the following voucher code to get a 10€ amazon voucher after the return of movacar get a gift:

Most of the time you have 24 hours to return the car at the destination address. The mileage is limited, but sometimes allows for very generous detours (e.g.B. 1.000 km for berlin-hamburg). Included is a fully comprehensive insurance but the deductible is usually over 800€. Movacar offers a liability reduction, but it is much more expensive than the excess exclusion insurance.

car rental for 1€ incl. First tank of gas

another practical feature of movacar is that you can set a route alarm and be notified when there is an available ride on the desired route.


With the app from flipcar you can book a car for only 1€. Of course only on routes that are currently available. Included here is even the tank filling and a basic insurance.

Unfortunately, you can only see the routes currently on offer after you have downloaded the app to your ios or android smartphone. For this purpose, there are practical additional features such as z.B. Push nofitications with offers in certain cities.

However, your current position and acceleration values are also picked up via the app.


Europcar offers transfers for a symbolic euro. Included are usually 1.000 km and the basic protection with a deductible of 950€. Beside germany you can also find this offer in other european countries. Read more in this article:


With hertz you can also book transfers within the UK for £1 per day for up to two days:

For 1£ z. B. Travel from inverness to edinburgh

However, you will have a high deductible of up to 1.000£ for fully comprehensive insurance.

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