Traffic: slippery roads in germany – hundreds of accidents, two deaths

Slippery roads in germany – hundreds of accidents, two deaths

W ith winter-slick roads, many motorists have been involved in traffic accidents in the north and south of germany. At least two people have died and many others have been injured since Thursday afternoon. In a large proportion of cases, people got away with a scare and a tinny.

But there were also dead. A 19-year-old driver died in a collision between two cars in the mecklenburgische Seenplatte district, for example. The driver of the other car was seriously injured. The two vehicles involved in the accident collided head-on in a curve on a slippery country road near Reinberg in the afternoon for reasons that have not yet been explained.

Another serious traffic accident in the district of stade in lower saxony claimed the life of a 15-year-old girl this afternoon. Presumably, her father, who was driving the car, had lost control of the vehicle, which was occupied by five people, due to slippery road conditions. It skidded, left the road, hit a tree and skidded off the side of the road. According to the police, the driver, his two children aged 4 and 8, and a 15-year-old boy were taken to hospital, some of them with serious injuries.

Train drivers also affected

In addition, at least 190 traffic accidents were recorded in schleswig-holstein alone following snowfalls. Until late in the evening, stormarn, the duchy of lauenburg, ostholstein and lubeck were particularly affected – there were almost 70 accidents due to icy roads, as a police spokesman said. "almost all tinny, few light injuries."

But it wasn’t just car drivers who were hit hard by the snow – train passengers also had to adjust to the winter weather in schleswig-holstein. On long-distance and regional services, for example, it caused train cancellations and delays. German railroads expect train services to start running without disruption at the start of operations on friday, said a railroad spokesman.

Bavaria: 20 cars involved in nine accidents on the autobahn

Further south in the upper palatinate in bavaria it also became slippery. On highway 6 near amberg, a total of 20 cars were involved in nine accidents over a section of about one kilometer. six people were slightly injured and taken to hospitals. The A6 has been reopened in both directions after a temporary closure. In nearby regensburg, a line bus drove into parked cars.

also in lower bavaria about 45 traffic accidents were recorded. In one of them a person was moderately injured and in the rest there was only property damage, according to the police. Three roads were closed because they were impassable due to icy conditions.

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