The schwacke list – dealer’s guide to car prices

In germany there are about seven million car changes from different vehicles. To ensure that buyers and sellers can achieve a fair price, a vehicle valuation must be carried out beforehand. A used car valuation can be used by the schwacke-list take place.

A vehicle valuation by Schwacke is based on average values

a vehicle valuation by schwacke is based on average values.

The car valuation by schwacke is done by a analysis of purchase and sales prices of the respective vehicle determined. Meanwhile, the list from schwacke provides information on the value of 70.000 models.

Schwacke’s vehicle valuation is not limited to cars, but also includes motorcycles, caravans and boats, for example.

It is more or less a manual that car dealers can use to read off the residual value of vehicles.

Yes, a vehicle valuation by schwacke is also possible for private individuals. How to do it, you can read here.

deutsche automobil treuhand also offers a vehicle valuation service. In addition, there is the possibility of having a value appraisal prepared.

The schwacke list can generally be viewed by anyone, but is intended for dealers. Schwacke is however not free of charge. how the schwacke car valuation is done, when and how this company was founded and what alternatives there are to the list, you will find out in the following guidebook.

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The origin of the schwacke list

the frankfurt car dealer hanns W. Schwacke brought 1957 the first schwacke list out. At that time it comprised 40 car models. schwacke got the idea from a U.S. soldier. This person wanted to trade in his car at schwacke and had no idea how much the car was worth. The soldier then consulted the "blue book" of the u.s. car dealers’ association. In the book was a table with residual values different vehicle types contain.

Schwacke took up the idea, the schwacke list was born. Today’s publisher is the company eurotaxschwacke gmbh based in hesse (therefore sometimes referred to as eurotax-liste). Since the 1990s, the list has also included available online.

In addition to creating the list, the company is also active in other areas. It operates as a service provider in the automotive industry and offers software solutions for determining residual value at. Also for the areas residual value management and damage calculations software solutions are offered by eurotaxschwacke gmbh.

Vehicle evaluation by schwacke – the procedure

From the Schwacke list, values of different vehicles can be read

the schwacke list shows the values of various vehicles.

The values determined by schwacke are not determined randomly. Around 700 employees evaluate different data to determine the vehicle value. The collection of the data takes the biggest amount of work.

Supply and demand form the basis for the analysis of individual vehicles. The employees collect data from daily and trade press, the car trade and the internet. classified ads, commercial advertisements, internal price lists and company car portals of manufacturers specifically serve as data suppliers for vehicle evaluation.

Around 700.000 displays are made in this way monthly registered. In addition statistical data evaluated for new registrations, standing times, stock numbers and ownership transcriptions. The price and value information of the individual vehicles is entered into a large database and compared per computer evaluated. He thus calculates an average value for each vehicle type.

In the next step, these specifications must be matched with reality become. This is intended to better cover regional differences. A VW model, for example, is not worth that much in wolfsburg, where there is an oversupply of cars.

the evaluation by schwacke always involves average values of average models. Individual vehicle data (mileage, special equipment, date of the next main inspection, etc.) can be found on the schwacke list.) are not taken into account.

To make up for this difference there is correction tables. Here you can calculate percentage surcharges and deductions. In the overview you will find the mileage, the date of first registration, special equipment and the like.

As mentioned at the beginning, the schwacke list is not only available to dealers. Theoretically, a private person can also schwacke subscription contract. Included in the subscription is a monthly overview of the residual values of various vehicles. However, this subscription is very expensive, so that it is not worthwhile for a one-time car sale.

For vehicle owners who need a used car appraisal, schwacke offers online vehicle valuation to. There you enter the data of your vehicle into a system and receive a comprehensive evaluation of your vehicle as a PDF file based on your data. This service costs 7,90 euro.

The schwacke list is not accessible free of charge. You can take out a subscription and receive the list every month. For a one-time individual car valuation by schwacke you pay 7,90 euro.

Further offers from schwacke

Schwacke offers other services in addition to a vehicle valuation

schwacke offers other services in addition to a vehicle valuation.

In addition to the monthly list and the individual vehicle valuation, schwacke also offers other services. In this way schwacke can provide a residual value forecast for your car be handed in. For 4,90 euro the expected residual value of your car, with a total holding period of six years and 200.000 km mileage, determined. However, this forecast is no security and is based on statistics. You cannot rely on this information, it is not binding.

Another service "key date valuation". Here you can calculate the value of your vehicle at a certain point in time. The data goes back to the january 1980. This service can be important for the settlement of an accident claim. The service costs 40 euros, the result will be sent to you by mail.

For the past 13 years, auto bild and schwacke have chosen the annual "wertmeister". The 39 models with the highest residual value in 13 vehicle classes are awarded a prize. For the winning model, the highest remaining residual value is assumed for the next three years.

Alternatives to the vehicle valuation by schwacke

Online there are numerous alternatives to vehicle valuation by schwacke. Also a value appraisal by the TuV or DEKRA is possible. In the following you will find three alternatives listed:

  • Car valuation onlinemany portals offer the service of schwacke free of charge. Here, too, you enter your vehicle data and the residual value is calculated. However, this information is not as reliable as the information in the schwacke list. Not so many different data are evaluated.
  • The German Automobile Trust (DAT): DAT is a market researcher in the automotive sector. The analysis of the vehicle value is done on the basis of ca. 70.000 purchase and sales values of the dealers are made. It is therefore a statistical evaluation that is not individually tailored to your vehicle. The car valuation by DAT is free of charge.
  • Have a value appraisal drawn upTuV, DEKRA, ADAC and also private providers can provide you with an individual valuation for your vehicle. All relevant data for the vehicle are analyzed and evaluated. The appraisal can be made at a branch of the provider or at the vehicle location. The price varies between 125-200 euro per appraisal.

Determining the value of a car through the schwacke-list can be an important support to define your price expectations. However, always to decide in each individual case, which method of valuation do you choose?. All mentioned variants offer advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, it all depends on the expected residual value of your car.

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I would like to buy a used car, but I do not have
idea of what the many offers are worth.
Can you buy a list to look it up?
Of course I pay for it.

Hello rudi,
the schwacke list contains information on the values of used cars. However, this is only available to entrepreneurs. Alternatively, you will find many suppliers online who will provide a used car evaluation. Keep in mind, however, that some of these offers come at a cost.

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