Stock car race – ash to ash, scrap to scrap

When driving students are finally let loose on public roads with their long-awaited driver’s license in their hands, they have learned in long driving lessons that you should keep your own car away from the bodies of other road users. Accidents end in bureaucracy at best, in worse cases with way too expensive luxury cars with the polo of a shivering novice driver in the trunk. Sheet metal contact is to be avoided. Except when it’s fun. What is called demolition derby in the english-speaking world is called stock car racing in this country and aims to turn the opponent’s vehicle into the finest possible tin confetti as quickly as possible.


stock car racing is spectacular nonsense

Needless to say, stock car racing originated in the USA. unlike the nascar series, for example, stock car racing has nothing to do with the real thing on the streets. The sport has neither a history nor a heritage. It originated as a pure spectator sport, because the morbid fascination of spectators with serious accidents also ensures very high spectator numbers in other racing series. so why not invent a racing sport that doesn’t even bother with competitive driving, but goes straight to the chop? The idea certainly seemed logical at the time. The first stock car races were held on small oval tracks that were simply plowed into the nearest field. The vehicles used were cars that really only have one trip left: to the nearest junkyard, usually on the back of a tow truck. But in almost every car, even if it’s a piece of junk, there are still a few laps on the next field and a total loss does not immediately lead to financial ruin.

Controlled chaos

Especially in sports that are as violent as stock car racing, strict rules naturally apply. Despite the chaotic nature of the races, the vehicles must be heavily modified beforehand. The cars are no longer allowed to contain glass, the gas tank is reduced in size and reinforced, and cross members have to be welded in to stiffen the body. But then it can start. So that drivers of smaller cars don’t end up like the polo driver in the rear of the land rover, the drivers compete in different classes. from the trabbi to the american muscle-car-tank almost every vehicle may be flung through the dirt and into the opposing cars. Accidents that turn into horror stories on the road and minor fires are a daily occurrence despite the safety precautions taken.

/>despite the many accidents, drivers are rarely seriously injured. Jamie roach / shutterstock.Com

Stock car races are not uniformly regulated

Race rules vary depending on the event. In some races, drivers are not even allowed to ram the car, even though physical contact is expressly permitted. Other events only end when the course resembles a battlefield and really nothing can move anymore. The winner is the one who either completes the course the fastest or is the last one still fit to drive. Or who is most likely to attract the sympathies of the audience. Or who has the most beautiful ears. In fact, victory or defeat in many stock car races is a secondary matter and is decided by the organizers after the race, depending on the toughness of the race and the condition of the drivers and vehicles.

stock car racing is more popular today than ever before

Stock car racing has become increasingly popular over the past decade, not least due to widespread media attention. The sport itself could hardly be more publicized. The drivers are primarily bakers, butchers or bank employees with gasoline in their blood, but certainly not professional motorists. But they’re still a little crazy, the stock car racers.

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