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spare parts

Search for suitable spare parts now:

Find all spare parts for your BMW model

One store – many advantages

Our TOP suppliers


Born out of our love for classic BMW automobiles, we can look back on a company history spanning more than 25 years.

The focus has always been and will always be that BMW young and oldtimers are preserved permanently and continue to be visible in the streetscape.

We are at your service every day to ensure the supply of spare parts through worldwide purchases from BMW dealers and importers.

For spare parts that can no longer be procured in this way, we have them manufactured by automotive suppliers worldwide in high and consistent quality.

So we can offer you over 4.offer 500 different spare parts from these own productions. This area is constantly being expanded.

Welcome to WALLOTHNESCH.COM, its leading online spare parts retailer for classic BMW automobiles.

here, amateurs and professionals can get everything they need for their classic BMW.

No matter if complete or partial restoration, with us you will always find the right spare parts.

Quickly and easily via our online store or personally and individually by email or telephone.

Our professional staff will be happy to assist you in all communication channels.

Take advantage of the convenience of a specialized dealer in combination with an online store that is constantly evolving and always up to date.

More than 25 years of experience in the field of spare parts supply have gone into our online store and our spare parts catalogs.

Thanks to our new store layout, you can now order your spare parts from us even more easily and simply. Simple and intuitive navigation combined with an intelligent search function, clear categories and a menu structure adapted to the BMW model series will get you quickly to your spare parts.

With the mobile version of our website, you will always have the best access to the products you want, even when you are on the road, using your smartphone or tablet.

Our warehouse contains over 40.000 different spare parts. If a spare part has a price in our online store, then this article is also available and can be shipped.

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