Smartwatch test 2022: apple leaves the competition behind – samsung catches up

Smartwatch test 2022: Apple leaves the competition behind - Samsung catches up. The Apple Watch is once again the test winner at Stiftung Warentest. (Source: imago images/ZUMA Wire)

Too late for the last smartwatch test – now with a bit of a delay: the stiftung warentest tests the apple watch series 7 and the samsung galaxy watch 4. They are the top models of the two rivals. Apple stays ahead, but Samsung catches up and achieves good scores for the first time. These are the test results.


They motivate to move more, count steps and forward messages from the cell phone. Smartwatches can do much more than normal watches on the wrist. With interchangeable wristbands and their own dials, they are also a fashion accessory. The small computers for the wrist are increasingly popular. stiftung warentest tested current smartwatches in december 2021. For the "test-issue 02/2022 the apple watch series 7 and the samsung galaxy watch 4 have been added to the list.

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Smartwatches in the test: this is how the stiftung warentest tests them

The stiftung warentest has already examined a total of 65 smartwatches between 50 and 600 euros. Eight new models were added in the last major test. As a latecomer now also the apple watch series 7 and the samsung galaxy watch 4.

the most important criteria of the testers were the fitness functions (40 percent), the handling (30 percent) and the communication (15 percent). In the fitness functions, the focus is on the accuracy of the information on, for example, pulse, calories burned and distance run. In terms of handling, the user manual, ease of use and battery life were assessed. In the communication category, the stiftung warentest tested functions such as answering calls, displaying messages and playing music. Other test areas were stability (5 percent), data protection (10 percent) and pollutant content.

The test winners: these are the best smartwatches

The test winner with the grade "good (2.0)" is the apple watch series 7 . It convinces with good to very good results in fitness functions and communication. On the second place lies with the "test"-quality rating "good (2.1)" the smartwatch garmin fenix 6 pro . Cheap alternatives are the apple watch SE and the samsung galaxy watch 4 , both the overall grade "good (2.4)" Reach.

The test winner: apple watch series 7

The test result: like its predecessor, the apple watch series 7 achieves the "test"-quality rating "good (2,0)" and is therefore the current test winner. The smartwatch convinces with extensive functions, an accurate measurement of the fitness data and good handling.

Product details: compared to its predecessor, the series 7 has a larger display, a dust-proof case and charges faster. the latest top model from apple has many innovative fitness functions. It measures heart rate, can make an ECG, detects falls and blood oxygen level.

Apart from the fitness data, the model also convinces with a bright OLED screen, GPS, good performance and the option to install additional apps. With siri, you also have apples voice assistant on your wrist and with the optional LTE reception, you can be online and receive phone calls and messages without a cell phone. However, this costs extra.

The battery life of one day with intensive use is in view of the many functions in order. With the huge selection of matching bracelets, you personalize the watch depending on your outfit and occasion.

All the good scores, however, have one limitation: without iphone, no apple watch. It can only be paired with the apple smartphone. Android users will have to look at other manufacturers.

Sports watch in 2nd place: garmin fenix 6 pro

Test result: the garmin fenix 6 pro gets the "test"-quality rating "good (2.1)" and impresses above all with its ease of use.

product details: the garmin fenix 6 pro is a real all-rounder. On the one hand, it is a good fitness tracker, and on the other hand, it allows you to use it as a smartwatch in everyday life. Especially the music playback is very good on this model. Thanks to the numerous functions such as navigation with GPS, altimeter and the correct display of distance, the smartwatch is also ideally suited for hiking or other activities.

In everyday mode, the battery lasts up to 14 days, in training mode at least 24 hours. With this watch, you can also keep an eye on important health data. The fenix measures heart rate, determines oxygen saturation in the blood and monitors the current training load. Unlike the apple watch, the 1.3-inch OLED screen is round and therefore more reminiscent of a classic watch.

Cheap alternative to the test winner: apple watch SE

The test result: the apple watch SE lands with the "test"-quality rating "good (2.3)" just behind the leaders. the watch scores above all with very good communication and good handling.

Product details: the apple watch SE is the price-performance tip among apple watches. It offers many of the functions of the series 6, but is much cheaper. The compromises are also well chosen: the SE has the same OLED display with up to 1.000 nits brightness, the same dimensions, interchangeable wristbands, is waterproof and monitors heartbeat. The battery lasts 18 hours according to the manufacturer. As with the sister models, watchos is used as the operating system.

Compared to the series 6, it lacks the always-on display, the ECG function and the sensor for measuring blood oxygen. Since not everyone misses the possibility of an ECG in everyday life, the SE is a good choice. It is an excellent smartwatch and the right choice for iphone users who can do without additional sensors.

Price winner: samsung galaxy watch 4

Test result: the samsung galaxy watch 4 achieves the "test-quality rating "good (2.4)" and is thus the first galaxy watch with good test results. However, the testers complain that the watch measures the pulse inaccurately when exercising.

Product details: the samsung galaxy watch 4 has a bright OLED display and is available in two variants and sizes. Only the galaxy watch classic has a rotating bezel that makes it easier to use. Those who opt for touch controls in addition to the two buttons on the side can save money and opt for the standard model.

Both models have the same sensors and measure pulse, blood pressure, ECG, blood oxygen and body composition. The watch analyzes water content, skeletal muscle, body fat, muscle mass and calculates BMI.

Google’s wear OS is used as the operating system. The system runs on many other models and has the great advantage that many dials and apps are available. The battery lasts 53 hours on one charge, which is a very good value. However, it takes a little longer to charge, at two hours.

similar to apple, samsung now also excludes other operating systems. The galaxy watch 4 is only compatible with android phones. Blood pressure measurement and ECG even work only with samsung smartphones.

the conclusion of the smartwatch test

test winner with the most functions and features is the apple watch series 7 . For iphone users, the model is the first choice. the predecessor also remains a recommendation. The price-performance tip is the apple watch SE with likewise very good equipment and bright display.

Samsung is catching up in the test, however, and achieves the highest galaxy watch 4 good marks for the first time. The smartwatch scores with many functions and a long battery life. If you need even more and more precise fitness data, reach for the garmin fenix 6 pro .

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