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Microsleep at the wheel: small baby seriously injured in bad accident

Updated: 30.01.2022 22:08

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Probably second sleep is to blame for a serious accident: in nordhorn, a small baby was seriously injured in a collision with three vehicles.

Nordhorn – terrible accident in nordhorn in the lower saxonian county of bentheim: a seven-month-old baby was seriously injured in the collision of three cars on neuehauser strabe. This is what the police said in a report on sunday. According to this, it was on Saturday, 29. January, around 12:50 o’clock to the incident came. In addition to the little girl, three other people were injured. Investigations into the cause of the accident are ongoing – a second’s sleep cannot be ruled out.

county seat in lower saxony: nordhorn
area: 149.6 km²
Height: 23 m

Baby seriously injured in accident in nordhorn – collision probably caused by second’s sleep

According to police information, a 57-year-old driver fell asleep at the wheel of his vehicle for a short time, causing the accident. Presumably due to his second sleep, he crashed into the car of a young family, in which the baby was also sitting. the 28-year-old father and the 30-year-old mother of the little girl were slightly injured in the collision.

The 57-year-old man who caused the accident, who was also slightly injured, then crashed into another car. Its 27-year-old driver was uninjured in the accident. The police have taken up further investigations. The damage caused is estimated at around 17.000 euros estimated.

knife attack in salzgitter: two men seriously injured after quarrel in apartment building

The police in salzgitter in lower saxony had to go out on another call on saturday evening. Around 21:15 o’clock it had come to a quarrel between several people, in which two men were injured by knife stabs- one of them life-threatening. According to a statement by the police, the dispute arose at a family party in the apartment of a multi-family house. A 46-year-old man was fatally injured with several knife wounds to the upper body.

A 23-year-old, presumed to be the suspect, was arrested by the police only a few meters away from the scene of the crime. He also suffered injuries from a knife during the altercation. Both men were treated after the first aid in a hospital. The 23-year-old was then escorted to the police station by the officers.

police action in bremen: young men beat 21-year-old with wooden slat

A fight also escalated in bremen on sunday night. At around 11:00 p.m., an argument broke out between several young men at a birthday party. Some of them had armed themselves with wooden slats and baseball bats and beaten a 21-year-old man. The man was taken to hospital with serious injuries. In the evening, the police were able to arrest three suspects.

On the same evening, a barbecue party caused another emergency service operation: because the weather had deteriorated considerably in the evening, a barbecue evening had been moved to a winter garden without further ado. In the end, a total of eight people suffered smoke inhalation and had to be treated in hospital. In this context, the police had warned against barbecuing in enclosed areas.

Party guests attack 21-year-old: more blue light reports and Lower Saxony and Bremen

hurricane rages in northern germany: the storm low "nadia" has caused numerous police operations in northern germany in the night to sunday. The Bremen police even reported one seriously injured man. According to the findings so far, the pedestrian was hit by a falling tree. He was taken to a hospital in bremen after first aid by an emergency doctor. Cleanup work is still underway in bremen and lower saxony.

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