Skoda superb scout 2.0 tdi 4×4 in the test

Skoda superb scout 2.0 TDI 4×4 with offroad look even more talented?

Last year, skoda gave its extremely spacious superb a major model update and came up trumps with a new variant: the robust scout. We find out what it can do in our top test of the 190 hp diesel variant with all-wheel drive.

You have probably already read and heard about the advantages of the superb combi. These include plenty of space and comfort, for example, smart extras or high practical value at affordable prices. Apart from its length of 4.86 meters, which is impractical for parking spaces, the large skoda can only be criticized for a few things – perhaps, until a while ago, for its rather conservative appearance.

But since the model update last summer, that’s been a thing of the past. At least against extra payment. Since then, the superb, 90 percent of which is sold in Germany as a station wagon, has also been available as a scout. Silver-colored underride protection elements at the front and rear and gray plastic planks all around give the car a more robust appearance. skoda also gives the scout the bad road package with 15 millimeters more ground clearance and a rather thin engine guard – helpful for anyone who occasionally wants to go to the cabin in the mountains or on field paths. But please don’t get cocky: the ground clearance is only 14 centimeters. A kodiaq with 19 centimeters is in a better position.

In any case, permanent all-wheel drive and the most powerful two-liter units together with the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission ensure traction in keeping with the company’s standards. A fine combination that unfortunately pushes up the base price considerably: the test car, a scout 2.0 TDI with 190 hp, costs at least 46.150 euro.

The range of extras is large, but expensive

at least the LED-matrix-headlights, known from the VW touareg and used for the first time at skoda as well as recommendable, are included in the price. as well as automatic air conditioning, heated steering wheel and seats, keyless entry and an electrically operated tailgate.

The interior can be further enhanced with leather alcantara seats with strong side support (1.480 euros), which offer plenty of legroom. Since the update, an intelligent adaptive cruise control is supposed to provide more safety in driving, which also includes speed limits, but did not implement this too reliably during the test period. Also new on board is a virtual cockpit (390 euros), which is easy to read and very helpful, especially when a map is displayed. smartlink as standard makes smartphone docking easy too. That’s why the expensive infotainment systems aren’t really necessary. Who 2.230 euros invested in the mighty columbus can look forward to an inductive charging cradle and a permanently installed SIM card that enables permanent online access. Disadvantages? Quite: operating the buttonless system requires too much attention at first, and parallel navigation with smartphone and built-in navi is not possible.

On the other hand, there is something new to report from the much-vaunted simply-clever ideas – 31 in all, according to skoda. A crossbar that can be moved on the charging surface increases the practical benefits, as does a plastic tray in the underfloor compartment. In the huge cargo area (660 to 1.950 liters) hardly any luggage tumbles around any more. It’s just a pity that most of the typical station wagon extras are only available at extra cost. Even the obligatory separating net or the variable loading floor cost extra.

New TDI is powerful and economical

But now to the handling of the unchanged spacious station wagon. Here, the newly developed by VW and 190 hp 2 astonishing.0 TDI initially has a pronounced starting weakness, but then gets going all the more energetically – in view of the rich torque of 400 nm, anything else would also be a surprise. The well-stepped seven-speed DSG works as smoothly as usual, and the desire for manual intervention rarely arises. Acoustically, the diesel engine is restrained, as is its fuel consumption: in the test, the 1.770-kilogram station wagon averages 7.3 liters per 100 kilometers. Even when the superb is chased along the highway with a full load, its diesel consumption does not rise above nine liters – absolutely exemplary for such a weighty station wagon with all-wheel drive.

Traveling in comfort without compromise

Equally praiseworthy is the high level of riding comfort. Because the superb is not only quiet on the road and comfortably furnished, it also skilfully springs and dampens. It takes transverse joints and rough road surfaces in its stride, without bothering its occupants or rocking too much. Of course, this is also thanks to the optional adaptive suspension, which can be adjusted in three modes (850 euros surcharge).

It’s clear that the more robust appearance of the new scout variant does not translate into rougher handling. The skoda superb remains an excellent station wagon even as a scout.

advantages and disadvantages

  • The skoda offers ample space both in the front and in the rear. Add to that the large trunk and high towing capacity – and you’ve got a great car.
  • The suspension comfort is exemplary, as are the low driving noise and the comfortable seats, which are, however, optional.
  • Hardly anyone offers more useful detail solutions that really help in everyday life. The only thing missing is a three-piece rear seatback.
  • The station wagon needs just eight seconds to sprint to 100 km/h. Top speed is not a dream, but achievable.
  • The superb is not only comfortable, it can also be driven swiftly and precisely through curves. The diesel engine should push a little earlier.
  • Whether it’s first-class headlights or state-of-the-art assistance systems, the modified superb is once again at the top of its game.
  • Despite DSG and variable all-wheel drive, the fuel consumption of the strong 2.0 TDI very within limits. An SCR cat ensures clean exhaust gases.
  • As a scout, the superb is really no bargain. If you don’t need the looks, you can safely opt for the conventional superb combi.


As expected, the superb is also a comfortable station wagon in its scout suit, and since the update it can be equipped with even more sensible and safer features. But for a lot of money.

Technical data

base price

exterior dimensions

trunk volume

displacement / engine


top speed

0-100 km/h


test consumption

skoda superb scout 2.0 TDI 4×4 scout
46.156 €
4863 x 1864 x 1511 mm
660 to 1950 l
1968 cm³ / 4-cylinder
140 kW / 190 hp at 3500 rpm
223 km/h
8,0 s
4,9 l/100 km
7.3 l/100 km

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