Siemens fully automatic coffee maker test 2021

Buy siemens fully automatic coffee maker? With a siemens coffee machine you can prepare the most delicious coffee specialties at the touch of a button. Our siemens coffee maker test will help you find the right one for you.

But what do you look for when buying a siemens coffee machine – and which one do you choose?? Will it be the siemens EQ.9 plus, EQ.6, EQ.500 integral or the EQ.300? And what is the difference between the fully automatic machines?

on this page you will find all siemens fully automatic coffee machines. Since we explain what the machines can do, you can easily choose the best for you.

In addition, we explain what the specifications mean. Do you already know if it is important to prepare espresso with equal or unequal pressure?

We explain this and more below. Have fun with your new siemens fully automatic coffee machine!

Siemens fully automatic coffee machine test 2021

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A coffee connoisseur and enthusiast. I test coffee machines of all types and brands. In this way you can easily find the best for you. Enjoy reading about coffee!

Siemens fully automatic coffee machine EQ.9: test and difference

Do you know which siemens fully automatic coffee machine from the EQ.9 series is the right choice for you? Or don’t you know what the difference is in the siemens EQ 9 series?

View all models of siemens EQ 9. There are big differences in the fully automatic coffee machine – which we explain for you.


With siemens EQ9 plus S700 TI9573X9RW home connect, you will immediately have the best and most comprehensive siemens coffee machine. This gives you a so-called "barista mode", you can connect it to your phone and it has an additional bean hopper.

Since it has a barista mode, you can adjust the coffee strength, size and temperature very precisely. Do you understand coffee strength, grind and coffee temperature? Then this fully automatic coffee machine siemens EQ9 is the right choice for you.

The home connect function ensures that you can operate it from your bed. Wake up and feel like a cappuccino when you come downstairs? This is possible with this device!

With the double bean hopper you have the possibility to use different types of coffee beans. For example, an evening cafe – or a blend of arabica and robusta coffee.

Siemens fully automatic coffee machine EQ 9 S700 Connect


The siemens EQ 9 plus S500 home connect does not have an additional bean hopper. However, you can operate this fully automatic machine with the app. This siemens EQ9 + S500 also has the barista mode, which allows you to selectively determine the strength, quantity and temperature of the coffee.

This siemens coffee machine is quiet. With 62,5 db this coffee machine makes much less noise than comparable coffee machines.

Choose from 10 different coffee specialties. You can easily select this via the touchscreen display. In addition, durable parts were used to build the machine.

With the home connect app you can choose from different – exclusive – coffee recipes. The maintenance of this machine is comparable to that of the S700.

Siemens fully automatic coffee maker test 2021

3. S400

This siemens coffee maker has a milk hose included. This way you can easily prepare two milk specialties at the same time. All you need is a milk carton. Here you put the milk hose and you are done!

The siemens EQ9 plus S400 is the perfect choice for a siemens coffee machine with a variety of coffee and milk specialties.

There is no barista mode on this machine. This way you can adjust the water temperature, the quantity and the coffee strength less precisely. Nevertheless, you can adjust this yourself according to taste.

There is also no home connect control. This version is a little simpler, but you can see it in the price.

Siemens coffee machine EQ 9 S400

4. S300

With the siemens EQ9 plus S300 coffee machine, you no longer benefit from the advantages of a milk hose. Because with this siemens you have a stainless steel milk container.

Here you can put the milk, but it will not cool down. After use, you need to put it back in the refrigerator. You can also add just enough milk for your cappuccino.

This model is still built of the highest quality. In addition, this is a quieter model: 62.2 decibels. They just do not give a flat white or espresso macchiato. You can also rent this siemens coffee machine .

With automatic cleaning, the system rinses itself clean after each brew. Do you want a first class siemens coffee machine with a long lifetime? Then the EQ9 + series is highly recommended!

Coffee car

5. S100

The entry-level model of the siemens EQ9 plus series is the S100 TI921309RW. With it you still have a little maintenance. You also have the color display and can put two milk specialties at the same time.

What you can’t do with this machine is operate it via the app. It is possible to set the type, volume, strength and temperature of the coffee via the display.

There is also no barista mode on this machine. The difference with the S300? This siemens coffee machine has no stainless steel, but a plastic milk container. You will receive a notification when the milk, water or bean container is empty. Thanks to the hot water function you can also make tea. A flat white is unfortunately not possible with this siemens.

Siemens EQ 9 S100

Siemens fully automatic coffee machine EQ.6: test and difference

With the siemens EQ 6 plus fully automatic coffee maker, you go one step deeper. This gives you a cheaper siemens fully automatic coffee machine with nice features. Read the difference between the siemens EQ 6 plus S500, S700, S100 and S300!

1. S700

With the siemens coffee machine EQ 6 plus S700 you will find a good coffee machine that can brew two milk specialties at the same time. This is also a very quiet coffee machine. The noise level when making a cappuccino is only 59 db, compared to 65 db for an espresso.

Decalcification does not have to be done often by the water filter it contains. With this machine (not with the S300 or S100) you can also put the coffee grounds container, the drip tray and the milk container in the dishwasher. This makes cleaning this siemens coffee machine a breeze.

This machine is of top quality workmanship. Due to the ceramic grinding wheels they do not wear out quickly. The appearance is stainless steel, which gives the device a long lifespan.

This siemens EQ6 plus S800 offers a wide range of coffees. More than the other two versions of the EQ6 plus.

Siemens fully automatic coffee machine EQ 6 plus S700

2. S500

The siemens EQ6 S500 is a fully automatic machine that does not only prepare delicious black coffee. This is also excellent for milk specialties. You can do all this at the touch of a button.

The difference between the siemens EQ6 S500 and S300 is that the milking system is a bit more extensive. This way you can brew two milk specialties at the same time, but you can also adjust the milk volume according to your wishes.

The difference between siemens EQ 6 plus S500 and the S700 is that the more expensive model has a cup light and a level gauge in the drip tray.

Siemens fully automatic coffee machine EQ 6 plus S700

3. S300

The difference with the siemens EQ 6 plus S300 and the S700 is that this machine cannot brew two milk specialties at the same time. So you first make a cappuccino before you start with the other one.

In addition, this siemens EQ.6 plus S300 does not have a stainless steel housing, which means that the life of the siemens is slightly shorter. However, the grinding wheels are made of ceramic, which means less wear and tear.

The noise level is the same and you can also store coffee recipes for 2 people, just like the S800. Thanks to the automatic milk cleaning function, it is rinsed clean after each brew.

EQ 6 Plus S300

4. S100

The siemens EQ.6 plus S100 is a super siemens coffee machine, works fast, but also makes various delicious cups of coffee. It is very easy to use, thanks to the preset programs that are correct. Easy to clean.

We would recommend this fully automatic machine without hesitation to anyone. But if you are a real coffee lover who wants to have full control, you may feel a bit limited and other models may be better suited for you.

The difference between siemens EQ 6 plus S100 and S300 is that they do not prepare two milk specialties at the same time.

Siemens fully automatic coffee machine test: EQ.300 and EQ.500

The siemens fully automatic coffee machine test 2020 has as test winner the siemens EQ.500 integral. It is the most automatic and user friendly according to various tests.

But does this siemens coffee machine suit you?? See the different models for 2021 below. Have fun with your new siemens coffee machine.

EQ.500 integral

With the siemens EQ.500 you can make less than with the EQ6 and EQ9. Still, this is a versatile machine at a good price. Below you can see the description and see the current price and stock of the siemens EQ 500.

With the siemens EQ 500 integral you can prepare a delicious espresso, lungo or milk speciality coffee. Thanks to the extremely low noise level you can hardly hear this machine. Even less than the above series.

With this machine you have a milk tube; convenient because you just put it in a milk carton. You no longer have to rinse out the milk container or put it in the refrigerator. Do you still want a milk container? Then you can easily purchase it separately.

You can easily adjust the strength, quantity and temperature of your cup of coffee yourself. Maintenance is a bit more difficult on this series, as you will need to use the manual for that.

There are three versions of the siemens EQ 500. These are almost identical. An entry-level model, one with options for flat white and espresso macchiato and one with a cup warmer. Here you can see the prices of the entry model.

EQ 500 Integral


The siemens EQ 300 is a simple fully automatic coffee machine. With this you can also brew milk specialties, but this must be done with the steam wand. Therefore, you need a little more experience to prepare a delicious milk specialty. Read my siemens EQ 300 test.

With the siemens EQ 300 TI353501DE (with display) or without display you have a good siemens coffee maker. Making coffee through the steam line requires a little more effort.

Choose from 5 different coffee specialties. You can then adjust this yourself according to your wishes. They do this by selecting the strength, temperature and quantity. First you choose between cappuccino, espresso, lungo, latte or latte macchiato.

The water tank is quite small compared to other siemens espresso machines. With 1.4 liters, you have to go to the tap quite often. However, you can easily brew 2 espressos at the same time.

Here you can see the current price and stock of the siemens EQ 300 without display. This is the cheap version.

EQ 300

Siemens fully automatic coffee machines at a glance

Here you can find all siemens fully automatic coffee machines at a glance. Do you know the difference between EQ.9 plus, EQ.6 plus, EQ 500 integral and EQ 300 do not? No worries. In the following, we will first explain the differences so that you can make the right choice.

EQ.9 plus

EQ.9 Plus

The siemens EQ9 + is for the real barista. With many different models and functions, there is always something for you. This fully automatic machine is more expensive than other devices.

EQ.6 plus

EQ.6 Plus

With the siemens EQ 6 you can prepare coffee at the touch of a button. An ideal espresso machine for home due to its good price, delicious coffee and great ease of use.


Siemens EQ.500

The siemens EQ.500 really makes better coffee than the EQ thanks to the aormaplus functionality.300. The siemens EQ3 series offers fully automatic machines at an extremely affordable price with integrated milk frother. The series consists of two fully automatic coffee machines, the S300 and the S500.


Siemens EQ.300

The cheapest fully automatic machine from siemens is the EQ.300. This way you can prepare milk specialties but with a small water and milk reservoir. The steam wand automatically froths milk.

Main features

Below we explain in a list the most important features of a siemens fully automatic coffee machine. This way you will know exactly what to look for when you buy it. Because – as you may have noticed – they are quite expensive appliances.

Therefore, it is important that you know and understand the features and functions. Actually before you buy it. Therefore, you can read here the various most important features.

If you know the main ones and are sure they are good, you can easily buy a new siemens coffee machine. Have fun with your new professional espresso machine from siemens!

The main concepts and specifications

The most important terms when buying a siemens coffee machine are:

  • Barista mode: herewith you can adjust the temperature, strength and quantity of the coffee very precisely.
  • Home connect: the bluetooth function that allows you to make coffee easily via the app.
  • Senso flow: is the unique system of siemens coffee machines. The water is kept at the same temperature during the preparation of your cup of coffee. This gives a stable taste and prevents the coffee from burning.
  • User profiles: so you can adjust the taste yourself and save it easily.
  • Milk hose: a hose with which the machine extracts milk from the milk carton.
  • Espresso extraction process: this partly determines the flavor intensity of the coffee. Equal pressure results in a tempo, uneven pressure causes short pauses between puffs. That makes the taste better.
  • Water filter indicator: here you can see when it’s time to replace your water filter.
  • Brew group maintenance: an important part of the coffee machine. With siemens, this is often the case that you have to rinse it manually under the tap.

Siemens kaffeevollautomat kaufen? 4 reasons!

siemens coffee machines are popular because they come in a variety of types and price ranges. Whether you want a super-deluxe fully automatic machine with all the desired functions, or a simple. Siemens has it all! Read 7 reasons to buy a siemens fully automatic coffee maker.


Whether you just want a delicious cup of "regular" coffee or a coffee with milk foam like cappuccino, you can do it all with the fully automatic machines from siemens.

With most of them, the milk frother can be operated by pressing a button, or you have to hold the milk under the steam wand yourself. And the nice thing is that the coffee beans are always freshly ground, so they always make a nice cup of coffee.


Siemens has coffee machines in different price ranges. If you just want a simple machine for home that can do almost everything, you lose only 400 euros.

And if you want more functions, lose a little more, but not more than 1.000 euro. This is very advantageous for a good machine! These machines are also excellent for use in small offices, so you really do not have to lose power for a good fully automatic at work.


Siemens fully automatic coffee machines are easy to use that it could not be easier. At the touch of a button you can prepare many types of coffee. Adjusting the settings is also done in no time, so you can make a cup of coffee that is exactly to your taste.

With some others, you have to go to a lot of trouble to prepare a coffee drink with milk. This is not the case with most siemens machines. Some require you to froth the milk with a steam line, while others only require you to place the hose in a milk carton. The machine does the rest itself.


A great advantage is that the brew group is removable. This means you can rinse it off and let it dry. If this is not possible, you run the risk of mold entering the brewing group, and you really do not want that.

Furthermore, the rest of the machine is easy to maintain. Since you can set the water hardness, the machine knows when it needs to be descaled. You then only have to insert a descaling tray into the siemens, and the siemens runs the calc’nclean program itself. This also applies to the overall cleaning.

Frequently asked questions

See below the most frequently asked questions about a siemens fully automatic coffee machine.

The siemens fully automatic coffee machine test shows that the siemens EQ 9 plus was selected as the test winner.

it is advisable to buy the one that suits your coffee favorites. On this page you can find out exactly what you need. And you can read all about the different types. How to always buy the best for you!

The warranty differs depending on the service or delivery on site (carry-in warranty). In addition, the siemens fully automatic coffee machines have a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years and you have 30 days to try them out.

Prices vary between a few hundred and a few thousand euros. See here the different types of machines.

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