Shutdown command: shutdown, restart or logoff windows automatically

Shutdown automatically

The windows button (start menu) allows you to open the shut down, restart or log off windows system. However, this requires several clicks (3 clicks). It is not possible to delay the shutdown. With the help of the input prompt it is however possible to start with a shutdown command shutdown windows in a given time, restart windows or log off the user. Makes especially sense if you z.B. If you want to download a larger file, but you don’t have the time to wait so long at the PC. How it works I have compiled in these instructions.


Tip: how to shutdown a "mac OS X" system time-controlled is described in this article.

1. Create a shortcut on the desktop

A shortcut has the advantage that the command does not have to be entered in the command prompt. Instead, just click on the shortcut and the system will execute the stored command.

Step 1: create a link

right-click on a free area of the desktop and choose "new>shortcut" to create a new shortcut. A new window will open in which the command "shutdown -s is entered. Afterwards a name is assigned to the link (e.g.B. Shutdown).

Shortcut with the command 'Shutdown -s'

Shortcut with the command "shutdown -s"

name for the shortcut: shutdown

Name for the shortcut: shutdown

Step 2: change the icon of the shortcut

By default windows uses a common icon for an application – you can replace it with an appropriate icon. right click on the shortcut and select properties. Then click on "other icon. Now select the corresponding symbol. I have chosen the typical one to shut down the pc.

Select icon for shortcut

Select symbol for link

Shutdown symbol

Ready! When you double click on the link the system shuts down. At least almost – because by default windows does this in 30 seconds. If you want to adjust the time, you can follow the shutdown-command with a customize parameters. The parameters for the shutdown-command I have described below.

2. Shutdown commands and parameters

Besides "shutdown -s", the CMD command can also be customized with individual parameters. I have compiled a number of useful shutdown commands and parameters for you.

  • Shutdown -s -t 120
    (PC will shut down in 2 minutes)
  • Shutdown -i
    (show a graphical interface, parameter must be first option)
  • Shutdown -a
    (report shutdown computer from)
  • Shutdown -l
    (current user will be logged out; not in connection with -m)
  • Shutdown -f
    (running applications will be closed)
  • Shutdown -m \\computer
    (remote computer shutdown, restart, abort)
  • Shutdown -r
    (computer will be shutdown and restarted)
  • Shutdown -c "enter comment here
    (with -c a comment is assigned to the shutdown; maximum 127 characters)

3. Shutdown timer: tool for shutdown commands

If you find this too complicated with the shortcut and the parameters, you can use the freeware "shutdown timer". The program can be downloaded here for free. In free version time/date and tasks can be defined. The premium functions also include commands for increased network traffic, CPU temperature, CPU load, etc.

Shutdown Timer Freeware

With this tool you can not only reboot or shutdown your PC, but also put it into standby mode time controlled. Even the monitor can be put into sleep mode. Just try the tool – there is even a portable version available.

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